Lee Min Ho in Modern and Sageuk Garb in Latest Filming Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea

I’m getting really familiar with Lee Min Ho‘s casual light blue cotton tunic top and white linen pants, what with the steady stream of fan snapped pictures of him filming Legend of the Blue Sea in Spain wearing that outfit in what appears to be scene after scene. Good news is that he looks great in it, and it makes him look his age which is greatly appreciated since I still suffer the after effects of aging Min Ho-sshi down to a petulant high schooler in Heirs. Even though Jeon Ji Hyun pulled off noona-dongsaeng pairing with Kim Soo Hyun, who looks younger than Lee Min Ho actually, it still helps that the two leads are going to be styled in a way that complement their visual chemistry. There’s also a new picture of Lee Min Ho wearing Joseon officer garb filming against a green screen, it’s not the first time Lee Min Ho has done sageuk but Faith was set in more warrior wild days of Goryeo while Legend puts him in the more civilized Joseon era. He’s definitely rocking both looks.


Lee Min Ho in Modern and Sageuk Garb in Latest Filming Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea — 14 Comments

  1. LOVE Lee Min Ho Soooo much. We missed you so much in the past three years. Whenever I see a new update from Legend of the blue sea filming, I so jump for joy. Love Lee Min Ho’s charisma in his dramas. I especially Loveee his chemistry with older actresses. How I loved Gu Jun Pyo chemistry with Lee Min Jun in Boys Over Flowers. I am shipping them for an on-scree couple in future. Don’t know if it is possible..
    Love Gianna Jun. She is amazing.

    • the thing about boys over flowers and why ppl love that classic is because jun pyo and jan di really went at it seriously it was as if tho they had sex not only that but several orgasms in the drama together it was just crazy and unexplainable tho. the standard he set for himself is high and the expectations is high on here as well. hope he delivers to satisfy the wider viewers.

      but for me i would have to wait and see how this plays out and JJH is one hell’va of actress.. so all in all we will have to wait and see

  2. That mermaid in the Joseon/bluescreen photo, is it JJH?

    I’m excited for this. Reminds me a bit of Arang. I feel like I haven’t seen a proper rom-com in a long time.

  3. I clicked this post thinking the headline read: “LMH wearing a modern sageuk garb”

    I clicked wondering what kind of garb makes a MODERN SAGEUK garb?!

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