Kang Dong Won Goes for Suit with Parachute Pants and Extra Long Center Bang in Movie Promo Circuit

Resident of Funky Town K-actor Kang Dong Won hasn’t moved his abode out of said satorially odd address just yet, as evidenced by his ensemble while promoting his upcoming aging up movie Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned. It’s nowhere as edgy and off kilter as the various outfits his draped over his lithe leggy model frame earlier this year while doing the rounds for A Violent Prosecutor, but it certainly bears a glance and gander. Wearing a suit is theoretically a no fail choice, but this one has parachute pants so it’s clearly beyond traditional suiting aesthetics. He continues to pull off fashion forward looks like this with his quiet masculine confidence, which makes him sorta the acting version of G-Dragon if you ask me. That they both belong to YG Entertainment might not be a coincidence.


Kang Dong Won Goes for Suit with Parachute Pants and Extra Long Center Bang in Movie Promo Circuit — 18 Comments

  1. I’m really puzzled why he is so popular. He’s not that great looking plus he has a weird sense of fashion, though he can pull it off with his confidence.

      • I’m not too sure about that. Lol. I read many articles who always mention that netizens find him good looking. He’s not ugly for sure and quite a good actor. I don’t dislike him or like him. It’s great that there is an artiste who dresses as he pleases. He has his own clout so he doesn’t need to please anyone.

      • I’m not too sure about that. Lol. I don’t like or dislike him but I’m glad that there’s an artiste who dresses as it pleases him. He has his own clout so he doesn’t have to care what others think.

  2. Omg. He looks hideous. He is like the Asian male version of Lady Gaga back during her early eccentric years. And I don’t get his appeal at all. May be he is a good actor idk. At least GD appears to be fashionable while KDW is total fashion mess.

  3. Looool I swear, he’s truly beyond awesome. It takes balls to wear the outfits and haircuts he does, and then he actually manages to be non-chalant and to make them look far better than they have any right to. That’s called skill. I can’t think of anyone else who could pull it off. It’s always completely ridiculous yet it suits him.

  4. Oh and it’s so so obvious he has tons of fun doing it. He’s my idol,I want to be able to have such an attitude and make fun of myself without a care 🙂

    • hahahHa. The hair style is ridiculous but he is so confident in wearing it. And is still manly. The dress is fine, in line with the oddities of contempoirary fashion.
      Is he single, taken ? Never heard any gossip about him.

  5. Juliesean, his popularity should come from his acting credentials. He’s really good at his job, weird sense of style aside.

    • I agree. I’m not bashing him or anything. Good actors doesn’t mean they automatically have good sense of style. Or should we blame his stylist?

  6. You know what, more power to him, he has fun with what he wears and he’s not looking to satisfy anyone else other than his own sense of style. It is so obvious he is comfortable wearing all these diverse, out-there outfits and is not simply trying too hard to be some fashionista or shock. I can respect anyone who has his own fashion and wears it confidently. The fact that he’s a truly great actor who’s come a long way from his early days and does his projects out of genuine interest and love for the craft and not for a paycheck just adds to his charm. Why would anyone talk crap about someone like him is beyond me. After seeing most of his works it is pretty easy to get why he is so popular.

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