Hu Ge Quietly Confident as a Dapper Gentleman for GQ China and Esquire China Summer Editions

Classy is the word that best describes the maturing aura of C-actor Hu Ge, gracing the cover and pages of both GQ China and Esquire China in the same period. He played doofy characters in the early days when he first broke into the entertainment industry, period dramas like Chinese Paladin and The Little Fairy were cute but nowhere near tapping his thespian potential. Those roles also didn’t showcase his lean angular looks well but in the decade since he’s really grown into his own style as a handsome star as well as built up his acting resume with tour de force type performances such as in The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire. Can’t believe the dumb stalwart Guo Jing in Legend of the Condor Heroes 2006 can be the same man as Mei Chang Su in NiF.


Hu Ge Quietly Confident as a Dapper Gentleman for GQ China and Esquire China Summer Editions — 8 Comments

  1. So sexy and charismatic. Hu Ge is the man who finally broke through my Kdrama only wall with his brilliant performance in Nirvana. Now I cannot get enough of him.

  2. He’s a fine looking man. I have been so used to using Korean actors as a standard that I had forgotten what a manly Chinese man without PS looks like.

    • Chinese actors are giving Korean ones a run for their money. I noticed they’ve gotten really handsome and manly. They’ve also gotten really tall. Korean ones tend to be pretty. Never expect to get hot under the collar with Hu Ge, Wallace, Nick Wang, Chen Xiao, Yang Yang, Willlam Chan, Zhang Mingen (that guy who acted as Lt. Zhang with William Chan in The Mystic Nine), etc.

  3. Hu Ge! I absolutely love him! I’ve loved him for eight year years now, and my love for him only grows stronger. I actually bought that GQ magazine (the first photo in this post) when I was in China. XD

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