Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki Intense and Sporty at the Professional Bowling Trials


In what has turned into the most widely covered professional bowling trials in South Korean history, popular Korean star Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki donned their bluest bowling shirts and hit the lanes this weekend before a packed media. KIm Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki are trying out to become professional bowlers, and their standing after the first day of competition is 10th place for Kim Soo Hyun and 27th place for Lee Hong Ki, enough for both to move on past the preliminaries into the second day. They looked intense and in fine form in these pictures, Lee Hong Ki having a dark green bowling ball with Kim Soo Hyun sporting a pink and black one. This might be the most unexpected form of cosplay but for both posting decent scores and looking mighty serious about it. Good luck boys, and I hope you both keep your days jobs to churn out more acting and music projects for me.


Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki Intense and Sporty at the Professional Bowling Trials — 22 Comments

  1. Impressive that at least these celebs have healthy lifestyles instead of those that frequented the clubs and got into troubles. I miss Lee Hong Ki on screen and Kim Soo Hyun is so good in almost everything he does.

  2. I’m not sure if I should be happy for KSH as a fan, or upset. How much will he really act if he takes this up professionally. Does someone know because I don’t and as far as my sporting knowledge goes, athletes dedicate themselves day in and day out to their sport. So how exactly will he be filming anything at this point? KSH was never into acting in the first place. He took it up to be more extroverted so…

    • Naaah dont worry. I know Lee Si Young does pro-boxing but she still acts. Let the guy have his own way of life. I do think he enjoyed both acting and bowling and he’ll manage to do both no worries. As a fan i’m just glad he’s doing well for himself.

  3. This is so deja vu for me because I was a competitive youth bowler for 10 years before giving it up due to simply being tired of the sport (still bowl with friends occasionally though). Its so weird seeing korean celebrities I am a fan of participating in the sport.

    • How does professional bowling even work tho? Is it something close to swimming/tennis or the likes? Mostly, is it a fulltime thing or more like an occasional parttime?

      • Its more like a part time sport competition are a bit different than other sports they tend to b a weekend every so many months.

  4. Having mixed feels. Glad KSH abd LKH are into healthy sports rather than frequenting unsavoury massage parlours. But not too much that the sport will take these two away from drama land. Maybe a savvy PD will make these two star as rivals in a bowling drama since the visuals are already so good!

  5. interesting… I know that KSH is left-handed but he used right arm to hold the ball whereas LHK was using his left arm. wow. i’m left-handed myself and can’t hardly bowl with my right arm lmao. good for them I’m sure they doing for passion as they already have tons of money.

    • Haha, I was going to say the same thing. I’m also left-handed and can’t even bowl properly with my left(!) hand…maybe that’s the magic trick, I should try using my right hand next time. Lol

    • Came to the comments to talk about this ^___^

      I also wonder why they used their non-dominant hands… is that a bowling thing?

    • I don’t think so. The face and hand is the same colour and when u do sport, mostly your face will glow because u are sweating

  6. Wasn’t Hyun Bin playing bowling in a suit just last week?
    It seems to be the current ‘trend’ in Korea and also a sport, that koreans can understand. A competition, points, strict rankings, also visuals and skills – I see everybody trying it in the next month or two 🙂

  7. About them looking mighty serious, well these are the random pics I like most, giving us a glimse of their real selves. Unlike pics taken during photoshoots or red carpets when they are covered under layers of bb cream. KSH has that no-nonsence demeanour which really fits for roles as an emperor.

  8. Hongki is ambidextrous. He mostly use his right hand, like writing and eating, but he’s doing sport with his left hand. Both Hongki and KSH passed the 1st round test and will do the 2nd round on 29-30 Oct 2016. Though I’m really proud Hongki determine to do this and will adding to his profile: singer – actor – songwriter – composer – producer – radio dj – pro bowler, but as a fan I also felt so worried this sport will used up all of his energy since he already had tons of activities: asia tour concert, radio program (every day) and musical. Still, i wish all the best for Hongki and Kim Soo Hyun.

    • KSHroll, I would love to throw your rubbish words straight back to the buffy face of your coward idol. Is it ok? A coward fan like you of a coward actor would never have a chance to see such a behavior from KSH. Keep that in mind, and shut your shitty mouth up.

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