Gong Yoo Share Scenes with Goblin Male Leads Lee Dong Wook and Yook Sung Jae

K-actor Gong Yoo may be playing an immortal mystical Goblin in the titular fantasy tvN K-drama but he’ll be having male competition from both the human and inhuman sides. His roommate in the drama will be played by Lee Dong Wook, who isn’t your average roomie and in the just released stills above show a contentious first meeting with Gong Yoo. Lee Dong Wook plays a grim reaper who has amnesia, the first time amnesia is used in a K-drama not as a lame plot device. How his memory loss came about and what it will lead to is certainly fodder for great narrative angst. Things look less complicated between goblin Gong Yoo and chaebol cutie Yook Sung Jae, as seen in a new BTS still showing the two actors filming a meal scene. I love them both but I want whatever they’re eating more lol.


Gong Yoo Share Scenes with Goblin Male Leads Lee Dong Wook and Yook Sung Jae — 10 Comments

  1. I have no mood to comment honestly….we just face saddest and scariest day ever in lifetime…pray for muslim, immigrant, black people and LGBT people now….

  2. Yes, for our friends, our family, and for all of us here who must live dealing with this horror. I ask that every other country in this world that must also be subjected to this please forgive us. The Canada immigration website crashed last night-no joke.

  3. less than a month is left!! everytime I see Gong Yoo-ssi’s still or news about this drama I end up smiling widely!! 😀 hope the drama turn out to be a good and successful one!! 😀

  4. Huh? Everyone is talking about the vote and not Gong Yoo??? I pray for America from over the Atlantic. It is time for a change so it might not be that bad.

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