Jeon Ji Hyun is a Mermaid Out of Water Swimming into Lee Min Ho’s Heart in 4th Preview for Legend of the Blue Sea

Whatever screenwriter has Park Ji Eun has in store for her second fantasy themed K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea, it will certainly involve lots and lots of active acting from leading lady Jeon Ji Hyun. I thought she was the heart and soul of alien-movie star romance drama You From Another Star but she did merit some get some critique for slightly overacting even if her character called for it. It appears the same is being called up here as the 4th preview for the drama shows her mermaid Shim Chung in her own comedy titled fish out of water foreigner acts weird. I don’t mind watching Jeon Ji Hyun ham it up if the role calls for it, but there are shades of her YFAS character here and that is slightly frustrating because it feels like she’s being typecast. At least Lee Min Ho shows zero shades of his Heirs character, so I’ll just be content watching them bike off prettily through the streets of Spain.

Fourth preview for Legend of the Blue Sea:


Jeon Ji Hyun is a Mermaid Out of Water Swimming into Lee Min Ho’s Heart in 4th Preview for Legend of the Blue Sea — 25 Comments

  1. So I wasn’t the only one who felt there were similarities with her character, but I do have to point out her eyes are much softer here, which is a small but significant difference.

    The scenery though is so beautiful.

  2. I also noted the similarity between her character here and in YFAS. The first teaser was intriguing because of the melancholy feel but I lose interest after watching the second one because of the similarity. JJH is captivating in YFAS but to be watching her in role with similar vibe is somewhat tiring. The drama will do well I believe based on their starpower and the writer as well as PD are a pretty solid team. I will check once it is halfway of its run.

    • dull???? they have the most unique promotional strategy. Asking fans to create a poster for drama, releasing BTS pics, videos. Making a fake magazine. ANd you call that a dull promotions. please

      • You can do all that and still be dull. HD visuals doesn’t equal innovative.

        The fake mag didn’t leap out at all btw – the effort to stuff with the pretty is painful to see.

  3. I think she’s definitely different from MLFTS character as she has to adapt to human life and not arrogant as her MLFTS character or ambitions which is different and you can kind of sense that she is truly different despite being funny. Just because she is also funny here dosen’t mean the same. Even her look and style is totally different.

    LMH comes off extremely different from character to character usually.. look wise, vibes and everything. People who don’t know him by name thing his different guys in his different characters

    • The character is different but the vibe is quite similar-feisty and sassy. She is a good actress but I find her typecasted in this type pf role. She took on more diversified roles in movies, though.

    • This. I had my expectations grounded and not to careless and I wanted to pass this despite all the hype but I’m completely dumbfounded. The cinematography is out of this world and the scenery is breathtaking. a large budget is written allover

  4. The first thing when i saw the teaser was the outstanding cinematography. Beautiful scenery perfectly captured here. Wow. Can’t wait to watch it! One week to go!!

  5. I love Jeon Ji Hyun, but I hate how she is being typecast as the “sassy” girl. I also see hints of her MLFAS character here, so I hope it’s not too similar. Ughhhhh.

    • I agree with you, used dont like her b cos of her over act, specially in MLFTS, really dont like the drama…i hope this will be different, btw i watch drama just b cos of Lee Min Ho

  6. I found some similarity to her character in YFAS but I believe we will see new sides from her as well since her character is different here plus Lee Min Ho is giving me a great feeling now and makes me can’t wait for the drama to start!! I didn’t love Heirs but I can feel that I’ll Love him here and I’m happy that I’m feeling that way again!! 😀

  7. Apparently C-Dramaland is also coming up with a drama about undersea creatures, but in the C-drama it’s a Merman instead of Mermaid. It’s starring Feng Shaofeng and Hayden Kuo based on a novel written by Tonghua.

    The novel was published in 2015 tho, and the drama has already finished filming (way before TLoTBS in case anyone is thinking of plagiarism again..). I’m interested in seeing both K-drama and C-drama’s take on the same mythological creature. Looking forward!

    • Thanks for telling me about this.. But woow Feng Shao feng has an eye for scripts. I rarely see that man picking uninteresting roles and projects

  8. I still will lower my hypes for this drama though, i’ve had a lot of disappointing dramas this year and I hope this won’t be the next. I don’t watch dramas based on ratings either

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