Night Light Drops Intense Long Teaser with Lee Yo Won Stealing the Show


I think Lee Yo Won may hog the spotlight in upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama Night Light (Illumination), but then no one will mind because she’s doing it not on buzz but on substance. Sure there are the other two leads Jin Goo and UEE, but neither suck the air out of the screen when they appear the way Lee Yo Won is bringing it in her alpha female power player role. There’s shades of Choi Ji Woo in Temptation, which was all sorts of messed up in concept and writing, but which actress wouldn’t want a chance to dig into a meaty role of the active puppet master rather than always being reactive. The latest drama still showing Lee Yo Won holding a gun to her head like those HK movie gangsters do makes me lub her more for her take no prisoners girl boss ways.

Long preview for Night Light:


Night Light Drops Intense Long Teaser with Lee Yo Won Stealing the Show — 11 Comments

  1. Another twisted version of the K2 in terms of who’s gonna be the focal point of the plot!!!!???? There is no way for veteran actress to be sidelined before they retire from the industry anyway.

    • Lee Yo Won is top billed, which isn’t really a surprise anyway. She takes female centric roles almost exclusively. The focal point of the publicity is also on her and UEE’s relationship; this is also evident in the trailer. From the start womance was the focus. Plus, I don’t think there’s a need for veteran actresses to be sidelined. That’s a really “interesting” way to think about things. Why should they be sidelined? It’s not like promising actors are not getting chances (PBG, KYJ, YSH, KSH are all getting lead roles left and right). The argument is especially weak (as we’ve discussed before) when you are talking about Jin Gu being a rising star. He’s not at the age to qualify as a rising star, and there’s no way a “veteran” actor like Lee Yo Won will take a backseat to him. Tbh, I was wondering also why UEE isn’t second billed since imo she plays a more important character and she’s had way more leading roles under her belt.

      It’s also perplexing why the K2 was brought into the picture. SYA was actually second billed after JCW, which I’d argue shows that she’s already being sidelined because generally you won’t expect SYA to play second fiddle to most actors.

      • Your justification of “sidelined” or not is about the pay offered to actor. Mine is about the screen time and whether that gives justification to an intriguing plot. There aren’t particular reasons why I think veteran actresses shouldn’t be always the centers of plots. It’s just my personal preference to want younger or junior cast at their prime time as main leads and more romance focused on them. And I believe many K drama fans are on the same page as I. Since Jin Goo is the only male lead, shouldn’t I expect to see him more if I want to have more romance-focused plot? I just don’t give dang sh*t to “womance.” Why should there be any logic behind my personal preference? LOL…It’s totally not down my alley to watch aging actresses take away more screen time from those whom I really want to watch, namely OTP. Yeah I know veteran actors have experience and surely most of them can act. But I just don’t care. I’m a sucker of young and pretty. LOL…I watch Asian dramas to be entertained. Personally I think romance between OTP will most likely entertain me more than whatever relationship between the same gender. Although Jin Goo isn’t considered “young”, well he still has a late career take off given immense popularity of DotS in S. Korea. In that sense based upon his rising popularity, he is indeed considered a rising star since a lot of Kdrama fans want to watch him more.

        LOL….Don’t be so serious to the extent you’re even perplexed by the mentioning of the K2. Why can’t I bring up K2? I really don’t get your logic, man! That’s even more interesting that JCW was offered the highest pay but his screen time was substantially less than SYA. K2 would have been more fun to watch and the storyline would have been more balanced out if they had fleshed out more details about the OTP. I’m not interested in another drama focused on middle-aged heiress’ power struggle anyway.

  2. Like the title of this article suggests, Lee Yo Won is stealing the show. Why do i feel like this is the adult version of Cinderella’s Sister. minus the whole sister thing.

  3. I tried on that red dress two days ago. It’s from Zara’s new collection, absolutely gorgeous <3
    I must say the trailer is a bit confusing. Doesn't help that I don't speak korean

  4. Excited for this drama. Being honest, none of mon-tue drama interesting for me. That Romantic Doctor is too dramatic, noisy and overacted while Sweet Stranger and Me lost their cutie touch (though I love Soo Ae).

  5. This looks awesome! Finally, a strong female lead gansta style but with the brains to be corporate Executive. I loved the teaser. Can’t wait to see this drama. Lee Yo Wan will steal the show no doubt and everyone will play second fiddle to her. She stole the show on her last drama, yes even though she is the lead, but she made her un-likeable character likable and you can see why the three ex husband still loves her.

  6. K-Entertainment should make more films and drama that has a strong female lead character. I don’t understand why they don’t make more. Look at the Chinese Hon Kong Markets, they have so many dramas and Movies that are about Strong Women leadership like Wu Zhe Tian and many other Kings concubine stories that make the Women take charge of their own lives even if their life are second to the King.

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