K-stars Attend 2016 Asia Artist Awards in in Safe and Pretty Fashion Choices

Last week was the 2016 Asia Artist Awards, which was by all accounts a giant steaming mess with ceremony glitches and a hodge podge of categories that made the very award seem superfluous. With that said, this awards ceremony managed to get a good showing of popular K-stars that skewed younger, with the biggest ladies being Suzy, Yoona, and Park Shin Hye, while current year It male celebs included Park Bo Gum, Park Hae Jin, Seo Kang Joon, and Ryu Jun Yeol. The attire was once again safe and underwhelming but at least the dresses fit well and the suits were impeccably tailored. Suzy and Yoona went for bridal gowns while Nana went the opposite route with a va-va-va-voom little black dress and for once I prefer that sleek chic over too much volume.


K-stars Attend 2016 Asia Artist Awards in in Safe and Pretty Fashion Choices — 31 Comments

  1. PSH is such a beautiful girl but once again, she’s proven how much she loves dressing up like a grandma but I always respect her for not showing too much skin and remains classy.
    Another one is KYJ. Such a pretty doll spoiling her look wearing a garbage bag.

  2. Best dressed for me is Nana…her build really pulls it off.

    Worst is undoubtedly PSH, did her stylist forget she’s in her 20s? The girl is young, give her some life goddammit!

    • I love Nana’s too, though I think it would look even better as a full length gown with that amazing collar being the focal point. PSH’s is Chanel with a split in the front. I actually like the dress, but she has to pay particular attention to the the styling while wearing that brand or it can easily come off as mature.

  3. Kim Yoo Jung – it looks insane but it’s rather unconventional and interesting, and the ruffles work nicely with her young looks. Plus it looks comfortable!

    Suzy, Yoona – boring and generic.

    Nana, Kim Ji-won – thumbs up, at least they branched away from the ‘red carpet bridal/princess gown’ formula. I like the neckline details on both their dresses.

  4. I lost my breath for a second when I saw Nina’s pic! She is hotness and that dress is sexy but not unflattering or attention seeking like you see sometimes at Korean award shows. I have such a crush on her.

    The rest are prom dresses and Kim Yoo Jung’s dress literally looks like a walking tear in time and space? I feel like I’m literally looking into deep space here. How dare you make me point and laugh in jest at Kim Yoo Jung, unknown stylist?! *shakes fist*

    Park Shin Hye… I think you need to stop being so nice to your stylist. This is the second fashion fail she has had in what, a month? It actually might be sabotage at this point.

  5. I liked Suzy and yoona dresses, but what happened to park shin hye really what was she wearing (ya i know its big brand dress) but she looks old and dull in it, what the hell her coordi was thinking.

    • Park Hae Jin has been through it this past month or so. I know at one point he was publicly connected to the huge presidential scandal in Korea.

  6. KYJ she is super cute and pretty no doubt but her stylist is messing around by putting her in such awful dress. i like her natural makeup though.
    PSH dress was a mess. Lately Psh looking so dull i don’t know cuz of working load or what. Psh need to focus on her dressing as its 2nd time in row a disaster experiment, her makeup stylist also need to put attention on her makeup, in presscon of her movie her face color, hand and feet color were all different.I know she like wearing gowns on red carpets with deep neck and sleeveless but now why dress like ajumma.

  7. Horrible horrible pictures, all of them. Everyone looks old and tired. It’s like they are all attending the funeral of their youths.

  8. PSH,three words;fire ur stylist
    Yoona and Suzy’s dress looks like ur usual high school prom dress.the gown would’ve looked better on Suzy but girl’s chest is too flat.
    KYJ,what are u wearing?
    best dress goes to Nana.I like her confidence. enough with d bridal/prom dresses on Korean redcarpet.

  9. Young actresses, please show off your legs like Nana. Suzy & Yoona, cut the big dress, make it short & fitting. PSH, make the long baggy trunks into shorts. KYJ, shrink your witchy cover into mini dress please… ?

  10. Aww park bo gum is such a cutie. Perfect complexion today…didnt over do the bb cream this time. This ajumma wants to pinch his cheeks!

  11. Yoonas dress is by far the most elegant, she looks every poised and classy. Suzys dress is ill fitted and honestly it looks cheap. PSH needs to get rid of those bangs but i kinda liked the dress ,it’s interesting. Nana looks hot but that dress is a bit inappropriate, it’s a clubbing dress ,not red carpet dress.

    Who ever told Kim Yoo Joung that dress was a good idea needs a slap on the wrist.She looked awful.

  12. Going to be honest, Nana looked like she was dressed to start work at Macys or Nordstrom. Suzy and Yoona’s dress are too standard but still pretty. but Suzy’s dress did come across ill fitted, chest loose and waist big. I don’t remember Suzy being bulky but the dress made her look like she had no waist. KYJ was just dressed too maturely.

    but the worst dress award has to go to PSH, she looked so much older.

    • No, you are one of millions out there who think PSH is the most eye catching star that night because she is wearing her confidence, elegance, vitality and intelligence. Matures fans and intelligent fans are all go for ParkShinHye.

  13. Park Shin Hye looks very elegant , and the dress suits her well. A Queen that always presents herself appropriate. Her acceptance speech to the point. She never forgets to acknowledge God as the almighty that is guiding and giving her strength to continue doing what she loves, that is acting and caring for others. From makeup to shoes just classy and elegant, a true lady, and kind heart for allowing herself to be used to media play others artists, and made them noticeable in international spotlight. Even on the group picture you could see her star power, shining, royalty aura, overpowering the others. The artists from others countries had nothing to say then praise her, how beautiful, elegant, educated, refine manners, friendly, approachable she is, even offer to translate to english from the event staff to the artists that did not speak Korean. Indeed, a gold girl, knows how to present herself for all occasions. It is too much for cheap minds to understand.

  14. Best dress is Nam Ji Hyun’s red lace dress. So pretty and great fit.
    I also like Nana’s and Lee Si Young’s dresses. The cutouts on Park Shin Hye’s jumpsuit gives it a different look, still don’t like it. Also, I would have expected bridal style from Kim Ji Won too, that dress makes her look so old.

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