Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun Shine in New Joseon Era Stills for Episode 5 of Legend of the Blue Sea

As far as I recollect Jeon Ji Hyun‘s top actress success has come without having done a sageuk role in either television or movies. She plays edgy spunky in iconic roles that some only see her ability in that temperament but I like her more when she’s understated and quietly broody. Her mermaid Shim Chung in Legend of the Blue Sea is so far a billion times more fascinating back in the Joseon era, watching her grow up through the child actors and venturing on land as an adult to seek out Lee Min Ho‘s magistrate. His magistrate is also more interesting, I can’t wait for him to fall for her again and remember their childhood romance. The new stills from the drama show them reuniting and spending time together, I can watch their slow burn chemistry any day.


Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun Shine in New Joseon Era Stills for Episode 5 of Legend of the Blue Sea — 16 Comments

  1. The lane where they rode the horse together seems pretty similar to the Joon Sang-Yoo Jin’s lane in Winter Sonata. I suspect Nami Island?
    I like her better as Sae Wa and the Joseon story continues to draw me to keep on watching. Glad that she has toned down a bit her antics as Shim Chung.

  2. Can we please have the story line switched to Joseon dynasty? LOL! I have to agree the plot and even the dressing for the two leads during Joseon dynasty was far more interesting than the present.

    Probably it’s because the roles weren’t so fuzzy and crazy as it was.

  3. The rating is on a downward trajectory as I expected. It bored me. This writer has lost her magic touch and I feel sorry for JJH. She should have choose a better script and actor in the future.

    • I think LMH is good in here. He is normally stiff in comedy but I find him really endearing as Joon Jae. The pacing is admittedly slow though. Episode 5 and nothing much progressing except for the subtle hints and clues dropped in each episode. Just need a little patience.

    • Agreed. Casting is great and I like fantasy genres. But if the storyline doesn’t catch me right away, that’s it. I guess my tastes just doesnt mesh with what Korean audiences are liking these days as I am enjoying weightlifting fairy much more even though it is a simpler storyline with less frills. I guess I’ll tune into the next big fantasy drama Goblin. Maybe I will have better interest in this one.

    • The ratings are slightly lower than last Thursday’s episode but still respectable. I don’t think it’s collapsing in the ratings by any means. It seems to have a steady following. Tomorrow’s episode will probably remain around the same or higher. The main problem is the cast is carrying the drama and not the writing. If not for JJH and LMH I doubt this would break double digits. It’s also lacking in any sort of hype. There’s nothing memorable about it, and it doesn’t generate a lot of discussions either.

      This writer was also not great in her last drama Producer either. Maybe KSH and JJH should have both picked other drama as their follow-up project after YFAS tbh.

  4. It feels weird that PJE took such a long time to set the momentum for this drama and going back and forth between the Joseon and modern setting is a bit tiring. I don’t understand why the pacing is slower than her usual dramas. I still enjoy the drama mainly because of the charming Joseon lovestory and LMH whom I feel performance wise is better than JJH.

  5. I tried until now but the story doesn’t catch me and the lack of chemistry between the actors doesn’t help either . Bye LOBS ! Must wait a long time before watching LMH again. Feel so sad and envious of people who are enjoying this drama .

  6. I’m sure this drama will get 20 percent before too long, its ratings are fairly steady. It just won’t be a DotS-level hit.

  7. I feel there’s much more chemistry between the otp during Joseon era while i find sth missing in the modern story which is just too silly sometimes..
    I’m still not sure about the plot. It’s like the writer has the general first idea but don’t know how to develop from it. For now i’d continue to watch for the Joseon story.

  8. A bit slow but LMH is gold in here. Call me superficial but I have never been smitten with LMH until now. He has good chemistry with JJH and totally balancing her.

  9. Episode 6 is cute. Finally, I am hooked. I could not stop laughing in this episode and for once, I did not feel the comical antics in any way slapstick, the high kick, the drama reenacting, the skiing all gave me a good laugh and LMH made me smiled from ear to ear with his overdose of sweetness. I am on board now. Thank goodness I have the patience to wait till this episode finally arrived.

  10. This drama is very cute and fluffy – not anything substantial but just a feel good. It’s kind of a bummer that the ratings aren’t a little higher for Weight lifting fairy kim bok joo – I’m actually very impressed by its approach of athletics & weight & eating disorders. So far it’s been a more enjoyable experience for me

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