Lee Joon, Jung So Min, and Kim So Yeon Sign on for KBS Weekend Drama Father is Strange

KBS has assembled a rock solid cast for it’s next weekend drama, usually a time slot that generates high ratings, steady CF, and a guaranteed 50 episode paycheck. Currently Laurel Tree Tailors is doing high ratings and will run through February of near year, and taking over will be Father is Strange (Dad’s Weird), yet another strange man lives in the house drama after KBS’s The Man Living in Our House. Lee Joon has signed on as the male lead and the two female leads will be Kim So Yeon and Jung So Min. I’m guessing the love line for Lee Joon is with Jung So Min but with weekend dramas there’s plenty more roles to be cast and stories to be told for all the leads. The story is about a male patriarch who takes in a man claiming to be his son despite knowing it’s not true, so expect cohabitation under one roof hijinks and fauxcest. Directing is the PD of Trot Lovers and writing if the screenwriter of You’re All Surrounded and Ojakkyo Brothers.


Lee Joon, Jung So Min, and Kim So Yeon Sign on for KBS Weekend Drama Father is Strange — 4 Comments

  1. Reminded me of Pinocchio.. that father-son relationship was too sweet.. Usually weekend dramas are better if watched once they’ve finished airing just for my sanity’s sake.

    The cast looks amazing, it will be one to watch out for.

  2. I love kim so yeon and Jung so min. It will be the 2nd week end drama for Kim So yeon. And hope that it will help Jung So Min to take another step in her career , she deserves it more than some idols actresses . Just my opinion.

  3. LEE JOON!! I don’t like long dramas but I might just watch it because of him. He really impressed me with his acting chops in ‘Heard it through the grapevine’.

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