Newlywed Stars Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Share Homey Bliss Making Christmas Cookies

Christmas is a-coming and even celebrities in Asia are getting into the festive mood. Case in point newlywed and expectant parents Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao, sharing with their fans on SNS a homey holiday cookie making and decorating scene. Michelle grew up in the US so making holiday cookies was likely her idea, and it’s cute how her hubby is as into it as she is. Chen Xiao is equally as into creative design as his wifey and for his holiday cookie her went with an East-West hybrid, drawing a Chinese opera singer design that transforms a simple sugar cookie into too pretty to eat. Chen Xiao is growing his hair back after shaving it for a Qing dynasty drama filming while Michelle has been laying low awaiting the imminent arrival of their baby.


Newlywed Stars Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Share Homey Bliss Making Christmas Cookies — 3 Comments

  1. These two are too cute, and I can’t wait to see how cute their baby will be!
    Chen Xiao’s Chinese opera singer cookie though! I am always amazed by his artistic abilities. He totally has the skills to be a professional painter!

  2. Both have huge interest in art,design, and drawing. Chen Xia even published his own manga versions of his dramas. While some fans of one of CX’s co-stars may disapprove of his dating Michelle, I think they both suit each other well in terms of common hobbies that they can share with each other and enjoy together.

  3. I know who that ex co-star. Bu i guess, she was his former ex gf. Shrug.

    I do like this couple too… So cute and i watched them in takr care of the fridge C-version, both were so nice. Cx is still handsome haha

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