Elle Korea Showcases the Modern and Magnetic Lee Jun Ki

It’s pretty ironic to have a career resurgence and breakthrough on a near universally panned drama. But that’s the case with Lee Jun Ki as the sole survivor and conqueror of the hot mess that was the K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Even one of my fave PDs in Kim Kyu Tae failed miserably in directing the drama, and contributed to how narratively bumpy it was, and sadly distance doesn’t make Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo seem more benign in the nostalgic haze. With that said, Lee Jun Ki has to strike while the iron to hot much like Gong Yoo went three-for-three in 2016 with hit movie-movie-drama. Jun Ki’s next movie or drama is going to be even more critical a choice and I hope he does a modern work, both from saturation with his slew of sageuk roles in recent years and a drastic image change from his 4th Prince. Much like this latest Elle Korea pictorial, he can bring the same simmer and sizzle to any modern character.


Elle Korea Showcases the Modern and Magnetic Lee Jun Ki — 16 Comments

  1. “universally panned” I don’t know about that but it certainly was messy. Having said that, would it have been better for him to not play Wang So? Nope, he was the saving grace of this drama so it is only fair to see his popularity take off yet again. He said even before this drama was released he was going to do a contemporary so we’ll see if he sticks by that.

    I think given the fact that he can’t control the writing or what generally really hurts him, the time slot his dramas are given, he should take a role that pleases him as an actor with a consistent writer. I would love for him to join with the writer of Two Weeks again. She’s due for another drama and while she is no guarantee for ratings success (Two Weeks I think went up against The Masters Sun), at least the story will be solid. Oh and that last picture…nice.

    • He said in his latest FM that he received a lot of offers but mostly sageuk and though tempted, he really is determined to do a modern contemporary drama. BTW, his choice of role is always risky and not romance centric which is normally a popular theme, that is why I love him as an actor. He cares more for his craft than about being popular.

  2. wang so is one of the best protaryed and well written kdrama charcters of all time.. that is enogh for me.. and why i should worry about his next role.. drama movie.. saguk or modern.. he is terrfic and will never dissappiont??

  3. He deserves everything that has been happening to him right now , he’s the most hardworking actor I know. He’s also very appreciative to his fans…I’m so happy that he took this project (despite the criticisms), he’ll forever be 4th prince. Also hoping and praying that his next project will bring him more fame and glory. May God Bless him more!!

  4. If there is any actor out there who could rise above the mud, that actor is Lee Jun Ki and he is the only one who could do that. That is to me, the real testament of how phenomenal he is as an actor and even when MLSHR was criticized as falling short from the original version, his version of 4th Prince still remain supreme because he made it so iconic, none of the princes gathered from both versions could ever topped up.
    I wish him success because he greatly deserves it and whatever he brings onto the table next, I know at least from his part, he will never dissapoint.

  5. Well Kim Gyu Tae style is just exactly like his directing in That winter the wind blows, too much obsessed with close up scene without flow, make the actor have little room to act. so even unable to convey a RAW scene perfectly. It’s amazing LJK can deliver with that kind of directing.

  6. LJK is my eternal love.
    I am so happy that he had such a blessed year despite the not so pleasing outcome of K-BBJX. He himself thanked Wang So for giving him the second round of career prime and he made Wang So so iconic.
    While I dislike the excessive close-ups stle by PD KKT, I am still thankful that I got to watch a lot of pretty in LJK. It was so pleasing to watch his shift of emotions and micro-expressions with those close-up shots which sadly meant only for LJK in that drama.
    Can’t wait to have him back on my tv screen.

  7. Love LJK. Wang So is LJK. Can’t picture anyone else in that role ever again. Even when everythg about K-BBJX failed, his 4th Prince is the most memorable one and even Nicky Wu’s 4th is not as iconic as his. Love this ELLE pictorials. LJK with guyliner is beyond sexy. Looking forward to his next project.

  8. First posting i checked on christmas and there…my Lee Joon Gi ????
    Can someone just wrap him and deliver him as my Christmas gift?
    I love MLSHR all because of him. I will take him in another sageuk or a modern drama. Please do a drama with Ha Ji Won. Missing him on my tv screen already.

  9. Lee Jun Ki is ❤️❤️❤️
    Rewatching Scarlet Heart on ONE TV Asia Christmas Weekend Special 20 episodes marathon and LJK still blow me away with his fantastic turn as Wang So. I am missing him so much already and hoping he will sign up for really quality project next year.

  10. I could not believe I missed out on this posting.
    LJK is on fire this year and I could not be happier over his career resurgence. He is so dedicated and hardworking, he deserves this new found success. Wishing a great year for him ahead with greater and successful projects. Love him to pieces.

  11. My love. There is no such thing as saturation over his slew of sageuks. I don’t mind watching him in 10 sageuks in a row. He is too charismatic to be missed and too beautiful not to look at.

  12. There is only one drama that I watched gazillion times. That is MLSHR because of Wang So. I love this character so much that I don’t see even an ounce of LJG on Wang So. What an amazing performance!

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