K-audiences Pick a Goblin and Another Oh Hae Young as Characters Most Desired as Christmas Date

This is the oddest poll ever even in the world of K-ent where anything can become the subject of a poll. With Christmas around the corner, typically polls are about which star the average Joe or Jane wants to spend the holidays with, but this poll takes it one step further to ask which drama character. Forget the star which is already out of reach, go further for the fictional character that doesn’t even exist in reality, lol. The poll was conducted of a few thousand participants and the winner was Kim Shin (aka the Goblin) for the male character and another tvN drama Another Oh Hae Young‘s female lead Oh Hae Young. It’s no surprise tvN swept both genders, the network really does make an effort to create interesting and memorable lead characters. Both are well-crafted and unique enough characters to merit a Christmas date.

Male characters:

1. Kim Shin (Goblin)
2. Lee Young (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)
3. Yoo Shi Jin (Descendants of the Sun)

Female characters:

1. Oh Hae Young (Another Oh Hae Young)
2. Yoo Hye Jung (Doctors)
3. Oh Yeon Joo (W: Two Worlds)


K-audiences Pick a Goblin and Another Oh Hae Young as Characters Most Desired as Christmas Date — 12 Comments

  1. Idk who in the right mind would want to have Oh Ha Young as a Christmas date. She has no shame, has no qualm about making an a** out of herself. Always feel that OHY is a disgrace to an average woman in general.

    • Well, I actually kind of surprise with the result. Oh Yae Young is not exactly a character with a likeable personality. quite opposite. She is petty, full of ego, and full of pride, but with have selfpity issue. Might be her easy going persona that they are really like.

  2. Neither. Goblin is down in the dumps quite a bit and OHY is a bit much. It is obvious to me that the “perfect” answer is Louie. Got to love a man that can shop.

      • Well @ Cathz, i’m going to do the same thing for Happy New Year. Just watching Wang So, even Gong Yoo ( my crush since Coffee prince) can’t beat Lee Jun Ki this year for me! he deserves an award but we know that they go to the rating winners.

  3. Maybe because Oh Hae Young is a good kisser and is raging with hormones (as the drama displayed)? LOL so if things get steamy on the christmas date….

  4. I don’t want to spend with anyone of them lol. Their characters are off. Oh Hae Young is a needy girl and always blaming someone (the pretty one) for her miserable life in the past. I think they like her as an easy girl who can eat the lips and those steamy skinships like no tomorrow XD.

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