Kim Yoo Jung is Melancholy in Mod for December Issue of Singles

Young Kim Yoo Jung has become as excellent a leading lady actress as her childhood talent foretold. Whatever quibbles I had with her casting in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds solely on age alone, the chemistry she exhibited with costar Park Bo Gum and her nuanced grasp of emoting should be celebrated in a era where actresses possessing both¬†visuals and acting are harder to find. I enjoyed but didn’t love Moonlight, and actually was more into her performance and story in her previous drama Angry Mom for the more compelling¬†mom-daughter narrative. If K-ent seems intent on making her grow up as fast as it can in casting and pictorials, the latest in Single Magazine strikes a nice balance at quirky and fun without being age-awkward.


Kim Yoo Jung is Melancholy in Mod for December Issue of Singles — 7 Comments

  1. The thing that makes her stand-out amongst her peers is really her aura and continuous acting improvement with each projects. On another topic, my heart hurts for her, as she’s being witch-hunted. With as much popularity as MDBC gave, it seems as if she also acquired a target on her back by antis and possibly fans of others. I hope she uses this pain to grow and mature as an actress and young lady.

      • As you’ve mentioned, everyone and even other actors have shown unawareness during movie greetings, as I assume due to the relax atmosphere on these greetings (

        As for the reason, she’s a FEMALE actress, successful since she was young, well-loved by her male co-stars (young and old) and they have so much hatred and jealousy in their hearts. And the sad thing about what happened was the demographics of the commenters on her “with-hunting” article, majority are in their 40s. Elderly full of hatred and jealousy to a minor.

  2. She has given us much joy and entertained us with much delight. She has given so much at such young age. I, for one, am very thankful for her work. Good luck and much success to you Kim Yoo jung. You are truly a gem.

  3. I’ve seen the 3 sec gif and I really don’t understand in what way she appeared rude. Some people are really over sensitive over small isuues. The way they bashed as if she kill somebody. Give her a break people. She’s also human and not a robot. Gezz…

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