First Look at 2017 Yoon Eun Hye as Agency Posts New Cover Shots on Website

The new year 2017 has settled in now for two weeks and things appear to be off to a stable start. For once Dispatch didn’t break a major couple dating news on New Year’s Day, and so far no scandals to speak of other than an attention craving former idol spamming her SNS to annoy fuddy duddy Koreans and maybe another idol picking her nose on TV. It’s all good. I hope for better news on the drama and movie casting side, especially keen on hearing what K-actress Yoon Eun Hye wants to do this year.

Late last year her agency announced that she was making a Korean entertainment comeback in 2017 so please let it be a drama. If her Coffee Prince costar Gong Yoo can go from Big to Goblin then Eun Hye can bounce from both Missing You and Lie to Me to something more deserving of her charm and talent. At least her agency Jarmy Entertainment isn’t keeping current year Yoon Eun Hye under wraps, new pictures of been posted on the agency website showing a sleeker look for her.


First Look at 2017 Yoon Eun Hye as Agency Posts New Cover Shots on Website — 80 Comments

  1. I love her, and I have been waiting for a drama worthy of her acting talent. i hope she picks a good project this time. She is beautiful and have been a spoke person for a lot of makeup brands, so why is these picture so bland?

  2. I would love to see her in a romantic comedy again. I loved her in Coffee Prince and Lie to me. I know Lie to me didn’t get much love, but I still adored it. Nevertheless, tvn series would be a perfect fit her.

      • Except Kang Ji Hwan was praised for his acting many times in his latest drama. Also, Lie to Me was a flop in Korea but it was a sleeper hit with international viewers. I got a few people into kdramas through Lie to Me and my mother who is very picky with what she watches still considers it one of her favorites.

      • He might not be your cup of tea, but he and YEH had good chemistry. Lie to Me was just an okay drama imo but the Cola kiss stands out as one of my favorite k-drama kisses not only because of the realness but they used the moment to actually work some things out. It was all done very well. Hope to see her back soon.

    • @Anouar, whether you like it or not KJH is a good actor though. Pairing with YEH they have created an unforgatable OTP & the best chemistry. Bad actor won’t get that far…

      • Absolutely, YEH looks allways the best with actors a bit older than her. Her chemistry with KJH was an explosive one. I may be one of the few people who found her couple with Lee Dong Gun great too.

  3. My Yoon Eun Hye , i miss her so much ! Some articles are saying that her movie with Park Si Hoo is going to be released soon ! Show them what you’re made for !

    • Resting in her laurels !!! Are you serious ! She made bad choices in drama area but she worked a lot . Studying directing in university, Has directed 2 short movies both selected by Busan film festival, she opened a coffee shop, acted in a movie, made a cameo in Ha Jung woo movie,… she must work her ass out to win her bread ! She’s not married to a chaebol !…not to mention that she’s devoted to her church and caritative work ( but she doesn’t brag about it like some other popular actresses!!!) … And yes ! for a long time drama lover like ma she’s still popular in my heart.

      • Like it or not she’s still persona non grata in South Korea. While she’s gone in China her popularity is slowly fading. Koreans (apart from her fans) associate her with plagiarism, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Jong Kook. Articles about her on Naver gather negative comments. She needs a daebak drama/movie to shush her doubters.

      • To @ ferly .Well a lot of people were persona non grata and are winning awards ( lee Byung HUN, Han hyo Joo, Song Hye Kyo, IU, ….) Her pseudo plagia is nothing compared to tax evasion, adultery, bullying, …like it or not! Koreans have nothing to say about the actors who are acting with Lee Byung Hun ??? Or taking photos with him ?

      • @ferly my advice for you, hold your judgment until her movie “After Love” is released. Or she takes another drama project. And see what Knetz reaction will be. Everything can happenned. Just look at Gong Too…

      • Popularity is just a “plus” . I wish her to have a good , solid acting career if she stills like acting. I think she’s underestimate as a person.

      • Off of topic ,when i was refering to others actors scandals it was just as an exemple because i don’t mind about all that .It’s their private life . I still watch their works .

      • They won awards because their movies and dramas did well last year. Song Hye Kyo was branded tax evader, LBH (up to today) is still called Lee Santa. But SHK’s Descendants of The Sun was a major hit. What did YEH do last year? that’s why I said she needs a hit drama. Why are you so defensive though?

      • To ferly and haters…about the plagiarism scandal, yeh actually was blindly accused by the designer and the media also trying to attract publicity by ignoring the truth and they even twisted yeh’s word, causing everybody to misunderstand her and accused her of the plagiarism. And when she denied that she didn’t plagiarized the alleged pieces, netizen didn’t even believe her and accused her of lying and they didn’t even try to understand her explanation about the situation, but they only see a way to attack her by her last word, which is don’t use yeh’s name to promote your brand. The designer accused her of copying his design, which is the frail eventho the frail fashion was a trend in fashion at that time. Even the designer accused her if getting a sponsor outfit from him when actually yeh didn’t even received it and she asked the designer to show proof of record about it but at that time neither citizen or media wanted to know the truth and instead accused her of plagiarism.

      • And the designer didn’t even have the proof of record and he even trying to make people hate yeh even more by posting pictures of some big star like shin min ah, suzy, tiffany wearing his design clothes. And when yeh asked him to discuss together to resolve the situation, he badmouthed her on his blog.

      • I apologize if some were offended by my piece of opinion. I sincerely wish she would have a good drama this year, or at least a good variety appearance that could boost her popularity again, or at least gain a positive image. Hyeri wasn’t a likable figure earlier due to her dating scandal with Tony An and Girls Day dumpling scandal, but an aegyo on variety show boosted her popularity and she landed a hit role in Reply 1988.

  4. What is Jarmy Entertainment and why does it only seem to have two actors (the other one whom I totally do not know)? Is it part of the reason YEH’s gone bust?I liked her in Coffee Prince and Mirae’s Choice, so I’m sad about her career.

  5. The trouble with YEH is she needs to find her ‘niche’ in this competitive industry. She is aging but her acting isn’t comparable to the more respectable actresses. I think herself isn’t too sure about her own direction either. She went to study directing, dabbed in fashion designing. Yes, she has many careers but having one and excelling in it is more important. Maybe she thought she could be the VB of SK???

    • She’s not trying to be “someone” (VB) just like what you’ve said. She’s actually an artist at heart. Before deciding to be a member of Baby-VOX she was planning to go to an art school/college. But because of “economic factor” she brush aside the idea. So in turn she pours out/channeling her passions just now after becoming economically independent.
      But for me, her acting skill interest me the most

    • What do you mean by VB ? I don’t think she has many careers she’s just curious about a lot of things. and in this financial world it’s not a bad thing . One must earn his bread !In my country there’s a saying, i don’t know how to traduce it ” don’t put all your eggs in the same basket ” . You mentioned “aging” , she’s a wise person and is preparing the after. But a lot of older actresses are still in the field so why not her ?

  6. I miss her. Please comeback soon and hopefully this time she pick better project. TVN is good step actually. Many high profile actors join them like Choi Ji Woo, Jeon Do yeon, Kim Hye Soo, Gong Yoo etc.

  7. I like her a lot and hope to see her back, but since she’s been out of sight for a while and there seem to be mixed feelings about her in Korea, should she try for a family drama? This is the way many choose to kind of re-introduce themselves or build their careers. Otherwise I think she should do a cable drama. I don’t ding her for not always choosing the best projects. People make it seem like that’s an easy deal, and I think it is always a roll of the dice.

  8. Yeheeeyyyy Yoon Eun Hye is back! To the millenials, this is the Korean goddess that many of your idols in tweenies copies a lot, her face and style, who knows they have her picture on the lap of plastic surgeons to memorize and photocopy on their cloned faces, lol!

  9. i miss her and wish her luck in her next of the reason why she is finding it difficult to come back is becos she manages herself.i mean she has her own agency.unless you are su
    per well connected it works against you eventually.that is why even ha ji won had to close her agency.that is why jun ji hyun had to sell her agency to powerful cje and m company.that company signed park ji eun, the writer of love from the stars and lotbs ensuring that atleast jjh will have a trusted writer to rely on for dramas.strong agencies helps a lot .

    • Owh i didn’t know about jjh and hjw…but yeah, artists in bigger company will get a lot of acting opportunities and some even get lead role eventho they’re less talented or even didn’t know to act

      • I didn’t know too. she should enter a big company but i think that she wants her liberty and it has a cost ( less opportunities even in an interview a few years ago she admited that the range of actors she can work with is very limited)

      • @ AG if she really want to work with veteran those dramas weren’t her choices. I don’t listen but look at her actions. Most of her dramas focus on her.
        Look at PSH’s choices of drama to compare. Her dramas don’t usually focus on her and you can see she is willing to work with anyone.

        Such a joke to say PSH’s agency is bigger when PSH is the only actress bringing the money the for last 8 years…All the dramas she got because of her name and they have no connection in chungmuro either. The rest is almost in active. What is good to have more when they barely even work. They only got 1 support actor last year and they package him to both her drama and movie. It’s better to be alone so she doesn’t have to deal with package deals. It’s not the other way around…
        But I guess whatever to defend her why she isn’t doing well when others can even they are all in small agencies…. The only difference is Yoonie owns her company so she got the most of money when PSH is paying the fee for people that were with her from the days she was nobody…

        Staying in small agency give them a lot of freedom and probably more money but they don’t have the mediaplay power and connections. It’s all about choices.

        It’s good that you think she doesn’t need to gain her big names nor those bad choices lead her where she is at. But I’d like her to gain back some power with better choice. Luck is playing a role in everything but when it happens more than 2,3 times it might not just luck and coincidence, don’t you agree? Of course the 1st thing she needs to get out and work… instead of hiding and afraid of failure like she has been doing…

      • @AG, some points you stated about YEH are wrong. True that both YEH & PSH came from small agency, but they’re different in handling their careers.
        1) YEH is owning her agency. Therefore she should pay ALL of her staffs with the payment she got (not just her)
        2) Not all of her dramas were aimed for female-centric concept. “Missing You” was focusing on the male character more. So is her latest movie “After Love”.
        3) you can said that she’s hiding or being afraid of failure, but she’s actually doing what she loves right now.
        Managing her agency, studying for postgraduate degree, opening her coffee shop branch in Thailand etc. Acting is not the only skill of her

        I heard before being hit by “scandal” she’s actually planning to take acting project but she cancelled it for obvious reason.
        So I hope she will materialized it this year

    • JJH’s previous agency isn’t her own though…. They have JJS and PMY. CJ merged last year and KES also signed with them too. Hence both LOTBS and Goblin’s writers are both under CJ
      While I agree big agency helps but many work fine under small agency. They just don’t have mega mediaplay and all the connections.
      Some of the biggest Hallyu stars are under small agencies. LMH,SJK,PSH etc…
      But the difference is they know to pick better roles and their projects are doing well.

      • (cont.)
        So I wouldn’t blame it’s on her agency alone… It’s a combination of everything.
        JJH has good relationship with PJE so with or without agency merged I’m certain she would have asked JJH just like she asked KSH for producers. But them being under same 1 agency give them another reason to work together… Working with big agency doesn’t guarantee big hits though… Many can argue that LOTBS fall flat on rating and deliver expectation.

      • Those Hallyu stars I have listed above didn’t have problem working with good actors even they are from small agency… So small agency shouldn’t be the only reason to blame….
        YEH WAS a big name and she’d choose the project that more lady centric- and I’d not blame her since we need more of those. But that’s a reason why her male lead costars were usually less popular and didn’t have the skill that she think would match her…
        I like her but I just think it’s funny when people tried to blame this and that than looking at what caused the result.

      • @haha She said that fans sometimes wants to know why she doesn’t work with bigger names and she replied that it’s difficult and she’s lucky to have the chance to work with anybody. But working with veteran acctors would be great to improve her acting. That’s all !

      • and her agency is smaller than the agencies of LMH, PSH,… who have a few actors Under their belt. She’s the only actress of her agency and others companies tend to sell a “pack” when one of their big names sign on a project.

      • And i don’t think that she made bad choices, one can never predict a hit . Who would have said that RTDK will surpass LOBS ! Or Moonlight lovers would be such a success. A lot of good and popular actors haven’t a big hit on their record Han ji min, , park min Young , kang sora, yoo seung ho,…and they are still working. YEH doesn’t need to gain back her “Big name” she just needs to act .

  10. I like her but I think she’s overestimed. I really love Goong and The 1st Shop Coffee Prince. But her other dramas were so-so. She’s not beautiful like some actresses but she has a lot charm and she is “sparkling” but she’s not young anymore and she really has to find a role that suits her.

    I don’t really like this pictures. They don’t suit her. She looks sick. In my head, she’s someone full a life.

  11. should read what i wrote carefully before insinuating.i wrote one of the reasons.jjh and her company ceo co owned culture depot before selling it.they signed park min young later.she doesnt interfers ,leaving the running of the company to the ceo just like what lee santa does at bh entetainment.that ceo was jjh long time manager, they invest in real estate you know that studio dragon that is cje andm produce lotbs too? many agencies produce their own films and dramas and they choose in house talents to fill the roles eg joo won agency is producing his drama joseon sassy girl.
    nobody is saying big agencies= big ratings but you cant denie the opportunities it brings.i bet you jjh is likely to work with kes now.what ever people say about lotbs it is a hit drama and it is all that matters.
    lee min ho made his own agency too. small agencies can have super well connected staff too.

  12. Some commenters here said that YEH needs to be in a big company to get a meatier role or a good project so she can gain back her “old popularity”. But what if she doesn’t need that ? I mean, yes she loves acting, that’s why she go back to school and taking directing course to improve her acting skill since people used to complained about it. And she’s still taking one or two project (After Love & COTBM) in her hiatus period. But popularity ? Why I feel she doesn’t miss it. She’s already tasted it (with Goong & CP) and it’s like a double edged sword, can give her benefits but also can hurt her. I mean if she really miss her popularity why she takes hiatus rather than jumping from one project into another one, like what most of actors/actresses did these days ?? I heard that a big company has sent her an offer (to be under in their management) before but she turned it down. To me it seems that she’s happy with how her own company direct her career so far. So I don’t think it should be fussed about.
    But yes, I really miss her and want her to take any acting project regardless it will be a hit or not…

    • YUp…i too feel that she’s very happy to be in her own management company altho she’ll be away from those limelight and popularity…anyway, it’s better that way if she’s happy rather than suffering just like what had happened to her before with 8peaks

  13. And for some people here who said that she’s not popular anymore or that she’s aging, why every time her article is posted here it always attract many comments ?? At least she’s still popular in this blog lol :p
    Ha Ji Won, Kim Take Hee, even Kim Sun Ah are older than her, yet they still get offers. So why not YEH ?
    Moreover Kim Sun Ah is also taking long hiatus but people rarely brought up about her “dwindling” popularity or the shortage of offer in her article

    • not only in this blog ! See soompi forums, dramafever,… and she’s aging very well…aging can be an opportunity to have meatier roles…Isabelle huppert 64 years old won the golden globe of better dramatic actress and natalie portman is way younger than her. JJh and sHK are older. Goo hye sun , Shin Min Ah , Han ji min, are about the same age and still getting offers !

    • The site dramafever( legal streaming) listed the top 10 korean actresses for this year , even without exposure during 3 years YEH came in 2nd just after Park Shinhye. Not Popular !

      • Dramafever list won’t change easily… since the list has accumulative over the years.Like the list 3 years ago and now likely to be the same on the top.. It doesn’t say much… besides the fact that fans in dramafever know her because of her old dramas.
        I’m not saying she isn’t popular or not in demand internationally… But the example isn’t accurate.
        YEH is one of the most popular korean actresses and many people still remember and miss her.

      • I hope you understand how they came up with the list… They count the fans that the actresses have… And while YEH doesn’t have dramas in the last few years people aren’t going doing un-fan her… And the order has been accumulative over years so the ones on the top would likely to stay the same for a long time… unless a big hallyu star appear and have a lot of sucessful projects

  14. @lal you allways express well what i fail to convey because of my lack of vocabulary. How i wish to express myself in french.! People wouldn’t misunderstand what i think. I may be wrong but i think she doesn’t run after fame . She just wants to challenge herself ! and like i said ,hit or not ,i just want to see her in a project every year cause am an egoistic fan.

  15. she need to ditch her company. they dont help her land drama for how long now. she need to go to drug yg company so the company can pay pd off to land her role like that guy that cant act yet kee getting lead role in yg.

  16. It’s hard to be a fan of Yeh , i see a casting news with actresses like Moon Chae Won, Shin Min Ah, Bae Doona…and her name is nowhere. She’s opening a coffee shop in Thailand , you can see some photos. “by GRACE”.

  17. I don’t care what others say about her. What I know is, she’s my only favorite korean actress. I hope and pray and see her on tv soon. Nobody’s perfect but YEH is perfect for me?

  18. Glad to see her return home to S.Korea, she does them proud. She is multi-talented, she sings, acts, is fantastic model, and artist. And she can direct too. She needs all of our support.

    I would like to see her work with Lee Dong Wook.

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