Legend of the Blue Sea Drops Down to 18.3% Ratings for Episode 8 as Missing 9 Crash Lands on Premiere

At this point everyone in Legend of the Blue Sea seems to be just going through with the motions, and the same can be said for the too flimsy plot now stretched so think it’s taken the idea of circular fate and made it feel like lazy writing. There was tons of exposition and bad guys behaving so moronically bad as to orchestrate their own sting operation while providing confession ready answers with minimal prodding. Thankfully I detest the stepmother so much for her unmitigated greed and sociopathic ways I don’t care how she got nabbed as long as she’s not swanning off for another episode to count her dough. Episode 18 of Legend dropped down from the magical 20% ratings mark down to 18.3%. but that didn’t mean MBC‘s newcomer Missing 9 did well in it’s debut either. Missing 9’s first episode garnered 6.5% ratings but good buzz for the fresh concept and sleek execution. KBS is still airing a short drama and Chief Kim won’t premiere until next week on January 25th.


Legend of the Blue Sea Drops Down to 18.3% Ratings for Episode 8 as Missing 9 Crash Lands on Premiere — 41 Comments

  1. I have been waiting all day for subs to watch this episode, I think ratings drop because that it factor that makes a drama compelling, addictive is somewhat missing, i like this drama but dont make me go insane waiting for new episodes. Something seems off and i cant point my fingers at what.

      • Hahaha. Ditto

        I was waiting for some combusting chemistry between this two, but yup its zero chemistry…. that is the primary reason that i seem to go through the motion of finding out what happened but detached at the whole drama.

        Secondly, the writing totally feels recycled from YWCFTS, and it is more obvious since you have the same female lead.

        3rd Jeon JiHyun was saddled with a character that feels so passive. For such a rich mythos character (mermaids, doppleganger, reincarnation) her Chung feels so mehh… as compared to her previous Song Chong Yi.

      • Lol let me in.
        i dont hate lmh,but why?
        Cant they paired jjh up with actor with same age
        and yed her character is not iconic as before

      • I actually think both stars are trying very hard to have chemistry. But from close screen shots JJH looks like LMH’s big sister and that puts me off slightly.

    • I can agree with many comments that the chemistry is off, is not sizzling hot is jus more like friends than lovers, plus the story is feels weak has no impact.

  2. Seriously, 6.5% is not bad against My Love from another Star team, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. LOTBS ends soon so episode 2 of Missing 9 decides of it’ll grow post LOTBS or not.

  3. LOTBS has no plot by now other than to stretch the drama to 20 episodes with whatever nonsensical the writer has. I know that they reached 20% last week because of no competition and it is obvious. I am looking forward to Saimdang to finally take over and hope it won’t be a let down.

    • I wonder why the writer think LOTBS should end at 20 eps when there are barely any plot left to cover. It didn’t make any impact to be buzzworthy so I guess they’re in it for the money then.

      And here I am wishing for Goblin to end at 20.

    • Missing 9 is much more exciting than LOBS. The directing is really good. There isnt a wasting moment so far. There are many different interesting characters.

      LOBS is meh meh meh. I still watch it. I try to love it but I cant.

  4. i heard pretty good comments on Missing 9’s pilot. Another drama that has good cinemtography, ppl said it felt movie-like. so optimistically ep2 ratings will increase.
    I’ve gone on hiatus where LOBS in concerned- stuck on ep 8 and hasnt had the urge to move forward. I thk it’s a script and writing problem- it isnt compelling you- there’s no addictive factor for me.

      • well its only the first episode, but so far it makes me wanna catch the next ep.. also five mins in and i was already so angry with humanity (or lack thereof)

      • yes i do. but personally i plan to start next week so that i can have 4 epsiodes at a go. ppl’s comment is that the 1hour passed like a breeze so i would hate watching 1 ep and the long wait for next episode

  5. This only proves my statement that they reach the coveted 20% because no other shows were in the same time slot last week.

    For a pilot from a show people didn’t show any interest to watch, 6.5% is quite good especially if we compare it to WFKBJ. I read they received good reviews from netizens so I won’t be surprise if the rating increase. I just hope LOTBS rating don’t go down cuz that would be sad.

    • Mte.

      I love WF so much and it’s stupidly sad that the pilot episode of Missing 9 is higher than any rating WF ever got during it’s run. Shows how big of a failure WF was in SK – so underrated in its local market, sheesh!

      Though, nothing against Missing 9.

      • Missing 9 has Jang Kyung Ho and Baek Ji Hee, they may not be Hallayu Gods but they are well known faces compared LSK and NJH. I still won’t call WFKBJ a failure, its massively loved and well done show and LSK and NJH finally got the recognition they both deserve through it which means better roles in the future for them. I would also like to say I Love MBC for giving the show a proper chance and letting them tell their story, very few channels do that these days.

      • WF is not counted as a failure in SK. although yes the ratings were vy low but the quality was good overall. And netizens who did watch their comments had been favorable. To the point both NJH and LSK knows there’s postitive feedback on the stroy and their acting. It’s just in SK those who love it were a small niche and not general population ratings hit.

  6. I am laughing more at the screenshot of LOTBS.

    Was Lee Min Ho checking his makeup in the car mirror or did he get shot by his stepbro?

    • Wow! He really was putting on ‘makeup’! Must say he looked so pro at it 😀

      For lackluster writing, 18% is a feat. If it’s not for LMH and JJH, the series won’t even hit 10%

  7. Hey ep18 was pretty decent
    If you don’t even know what the 1st screenshot was u probably didn’t watch the episode.
    the ratings are expected – it’s been consistently around there so it has a core group of audience.
    Look, if i can sit through heirs for LMH, LOTBS is way and I mean WAY better
    So ratings don’t mean quality

      • Heirs was entertaining?!!
        Like what – seeing 2 guys pulling a girl in the middle of the road
        Please! LOTBS anytime

      • @stardust I don’t even like Heirs but the drama was entertaining. That’s what KES’s dramas are known for with her lines and certain situations.
        You can choose LOBS any day but Korea clearly prefer Heirs evidently with the rating. It kept increasing to the end and broke 25%. Not to mention it’s a huge Hallyu hit which I can’t say the same thing with LOTBS either.
        Peace out

    • Kes is another pje.
      actually the reason i dont like them is the they make storyline so boring.
      you got hot actor/actress but the story is flat
      i still remember producer drama,ghj and cth were wasted in that show

  8. I think the ratings are good unless the production paid so much money to the stars that it doesn’t even out. This will be LMH’s last drama before enlisting and it’s a pretty good way to go. Did they want higher, sure but this is certainly respectable. Now I just have to decide if I’m gonna watch it. People seem pretty middle of the road about the drama, and I liked but didn’t love MLFAS.

    • I think it’s ok in a way it’s not a straight up flop
      But I wouldn’t call it a great departure project for LMH. The show is overshadowed by Goblin hype and RDTK ratings.
      You don’t hear much about people fangirling over LMH. It’s all about GY and LDW, Korea or internationally.
      With all the high budget for oversea filming and 2 top stars fee I wonder if they make much profit. Heard that China didn’t agree the price they wanted too.

    • I think you guys don’t seem to realize that they would never lose money.
      It’s doing well in china with high numbers in streaming and topping some tv stations with broadcast rights
      Singapore Phillipines for example
      So yeah they made more definitely
      Gone are the days drama lost money – not with the international market now

      • They didn’t sell rights to China (yet, if they ever could with THAAD). You can’t air in China any drama that wasn’t approved by government, you can’t apply to approvment without having all episodes done in advance, since it’s not pre-produced, they couldn’t do that.
        All other Asian countries don’t spend nearly as much money to by k-dramas as China. No other Asian would ever pay from 250k to 400k per episode. That’s why China was so important to Korea.

      • It hasn’t been aired in China yet. Youku was supposed to have the rights but no words on when it would be allowed to air. Everyone in China is watching pirated Korean dramas now because of the THAAD thing. But so far, I can say that in Chinese-speaking countries and areas, Goblin is drawing more attention among young 20-30 something viewers. I know quite a few people (non kdrama fans) downloading the Viu app just to watch this show.

      • Haha I don’t even think you know what you are talking about
        China didn’t accept their high price so how is it doing well in China?

  9. I don’t know how 6.5% is not good for missing 9, in fact it has done well considering the former show didn’t even reach 6.0%. LOTBS just not good enough for me and I have been waiting for a better show to premiere and missing 9 gives me vibes in its first episode so I will keep tuning in.

  10. “KBS is still airing a short drama” – I suppose that short drama is Naked Fireman. It’s quite a nice drama. Naked Fireman and OCN’s Voice are the only ones I’m enjoying these days.

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