Adorable Posters and Previews for jTBC Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The official drama posters are out for upcoming jTBC drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and it looks as charming as I had hoped. Not just in lead Park Bo Young doing her best petite Hercules impression, her male leads Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo have the best expressions around her lift heavy things like a car and even themselves. Park Bo Young’s tiny frame has always been a noticeable factor in her appeal, the way she packs such a personality and charisma in acting in a small package, so this drama is really capitalizing on that dichotomy. I also like both male leads, especially in their comfort zone of a modern drama. Can’t wait for this drama to arrive at the end of February after Solomon’s Perjury.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon previews:


Adorable Posters and Previews for jTBC Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon — 11 Comments

  1. This show looks so adorable. I can’t wait! I love light hearted shows like this. I love all 3 of these actors so it’s a must watch for me.

  2. I sm totally impressed by Park Hyung Sik because of “Hwarang”. To me, he totally stole the thunder from Park Seo Joon. So, I am so looking forward to watch him in another project, especially here as the leading man. The premise really do sound interesting.

    • I completely agree!! He has completely stepped up again in this drama, completely stealing the spotlight! I only started watching this drama for PHS but I didn’t expect him to be this good in it.

    • I was skeptical of him then because of his acting idol status, let alone doing a sageuk. Then came the underwhelming stills of the “Hwarang” but the moment I cared to check on it, I was totally sold and to me, Park Hyung Sik eclipsed everyone. He is so good in Hwarang. And his chemistry with Go Ara is so sizzling that I suffered SLS severely. Comparing to the Moon Lovers’ princes, he has that regal aura that none of them possess which perfectly fit his role as the king. Now I start to check his other works and loving “What’s With The Family”. He is indeed a promising actor.

  3. It will be the end of Solomon’s Perjury 🙁 I really like this drama ! The young actors are so good !

    I’m curious about this one. It seems funny. I’m happy to see PHS in a lead role because in High Society and Hwarang he stole the spotlight (in Hwarang PSJ is not bad but his character is boring…)

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