Yoo Ah In Offered Male Lead in tvN Drama Chicago Typewriter Potentially With Park Shin Hye

What a big coup for for cable network tvN if this male lead casting is confirmed, and an even bigger coup if the earlier reported female lead casting is also accepted. Upcoming tvN drama Chicago Typewriter is in talks with Yoo Ah In to be the male lead, with the drama heading into production soon as the follow up drama to Shin Mina and Lee Je Hoon‘s Tomorrow With You.

I expect the casting to be firmed up soon so that means we’ll also find out if Yoo Ah In may be joined by Park Shin Hye, who was offered the female lead role a few weeks ago. Neither are confirmed but this drama is from the screenwriter of Kill Me, Heal Me and The Moon Embraces the Sun so I expect the likelihood of these two top stars accepting to go up. Which would be fantastic, never thought about Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye but heck why not? So much pretty and nicely matched in age and experience.

Chicago Typewriter revolves around a group of writers, and involves them being reincarnated from being writers during the Japanese occupation era of Korea. Screenwriter Jin Soo Wan is also quite familiar with that era as she wrote the script for Capital Scandal with Kang Ji Hwan and Han Ji Min. I don’t know if the drama will toggle between the 1930’s and present day but it’ll be cool to see Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye tackle the colonial era.


Yoo Ah In Offered Male Lead in tvN Drama Chicago Typewriter Potentially With Park Shin Hye — 38 Comments

  1. Omg if this works out I’ll be amazed and excited. Kim Soo Hyun’s name was being thrown around first but if Yoo Ah In is taking his “place” I cannot complain. What an amazing pair this could be!!!

    My only issue is that doesn’t YAI need to enlist?! How long has he been putting this off he said SFD would be his last drama but new works rumors keep coming……idk how that works but hey can’t complain about him on my screen

  2. Its not him. He is absolutely stuck. Waiting around for his enlistment notice. He’s been so frustrated as he can’t take on work or dramas and has shaved his head in preparation for a long time now. They kept saying they need to assess his injury suffered onset of Veteran to determine if he can be admitted for active duty or clerical. 6 months postpone another 6 months and postpone yet another 6 months. Its not him, its the defense dept that can; get their act together.

  3. Was just wondrin what ever happened to YAI…been MIA for quite sometime. I like PSH a lot…I mean I adore her to pieces but this pairing to work in my opinion my girl PSH needs to up it up a bit …bring on her sensuality …since YAI is oozing with that sensual vibe. She needs to bring her sexy out.

      • PSH has a wholesome image…Although she’s slowly but surely in my opinion crossing over to more mature roles. She’s improved a lot on her scenes that require some kind of sensual finesse. With YAI ever since I can remember watching him…I see him in roles that are passionate mature roles…As I’ve said— to me he is oozing with sensuality…It’s my wishful thinking that he’ll have the same vibe as his previous roles.Having said that and if that is to be the case PSH will again be challenged to bring out her skills as an actress. Roles that are new to her and roles that will refine her abilities.

    • I think she’ll be able to bring out sensuality. She is capable of acting according to her role. I don’t know if she’ll be in this drama due to her schedules but I really want her to try different roles in good dramas with a reliable writers and production team. Or branch out in movies with different genres and act with higher caliber sunbae actors/actresses. I just feel like she gets wasted in dramas where the female lead is always a candy and male lead is a flowerboy. Sure she gets popularity from projects like that, but I’m just tired of seeing fan wars in her articles, so acting with serious actors in serious project would stop these comments?

      • She has been branching out though
        If anything Doctors is an indication. I’d not call KRW a flower boy
        Also if you actually watch her movies, her roles are rather small but all different and she works with many senior actors like Choi Min Sik in her upcoming movies. It’s not like she doesn’t work with serious actors or in serious projects

        But these fan wars won’t stop. You know why? Because she is popular. Until now she is the only young actress that are equally popular in Korea and internationally. The recent poll said that she is the most popular for US market and her votes is way beyond others. It’s easy for other actresses and even idols to get jealous and hate on her. So those fan wars won’t stop unless she stop being popular. It’s the price.

      • Monica.im agree with u.sometime i wanna be her manager lol
        i think her carrer too slow if she always do drama with mediocre script

      • Monica.i agree with u.sometime i wanna be her manager lol
        i think her carrer too slow if she always do drama with mediocre script

      • @Ana what you said is 100% right. There’’ll always be detractors no matter what and Doctors is a proof of it. A female centric drama with a strong and independent female character and yet some people still came into her articles to comment how BM was soooo much better and an underrated ’masterpiece’ and how *unbearable* her acting was because Doctors was slaying everywhere lmao.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for constructive criticism but most of the ’criticizing’ comments have been like ’she has gotten skinnier now her face looks haggard and old’ or ’her kissing scenes are awful therefore she is a bad actress’ or ’why does she always cry in her dramas’ or ’she is only popular because of her hallyu male leads’. These oppar worshipers are too transparent. One day they say that she is overrated and only popular b/c of her male leads and now that in Doctors she literally proved them wrong, we had to witness the shitfest when Doctors and BM were airing. Some people even went on and said that UF and W are gonna slay even before these dramas started airing. They couldn’t shit on PSH for her character because Yoo Hye Jung was not candy, so they had to make different excuses to down play her success smh…
        I hope someday they’ll mature up but I also do wish meatier and more serious projects for Shin Hye. I know she is capable of serious acting eventhough her focus has always been more on dramas but a girl can wish her to play a lead role in a movie, right? I’m glad she’s now in Silence with high caliber actor, at least there won’t be immature fan wars…

      • Dear @Monica I agree with you for every word you are saying seriously those bunch of immature haters making me angry

      • @ Monica: I completely agree with you and has been wishing the same too
        Therefore I’m happy with direction she is taking in the recent projects ( Pinocchio, Doctors Silence, etc).
        While I hope people could give her a break and the credit she deserves I also accept as long as she is on the top there are still many people jealous and hate on her.

        And we rarely get fanwars during her movies-Another reason I wish she focus on movies more now that she is more than stable in drama land

  4. Park shin he said she will do drama 2nd half of the year so I don’t think she will accept Chicago as she still filming the movie

    • I just read few days ago that she is still busy filming her new movie, “Silence”. PSH has been consistently working with SBS. It’s high time she ventures to other station. This drama seems to pack with solid team – good writer, interesting premise, solid broadcasting station and great actors. My only complaint is the excessive “fantasy” theme this year.

    • Seriously I want her on Tvn with this writer but I don’t think shin he will do two works at the same time she is concentrating on the movie especially her partner the great Korean actor choi min chik so it will be hard

    • I agree!

      There is no news of Park Shinhye having recieved the offer officially according to her agency.when the news first surfaced in December.
      Secondly, she mentioned in her fansign that she would appear in a drama in later half of the year.
      The Chicago Typewriter is scheduled to be telecast on March 31. She is in Thailand for the next 10 days shooting for the MV silence.
      She does not do back to back projects even though TVN, Yoo Ah In and the writer are all plus points.

      Not too thrilled about the premise of the drama or the fact that it’s only 16 episodes.
      Want Shinhye to be in at least a 20 episode drama.;)

    • You are probably the same person leaving the same comment like this in PSH’s articles. PSH don’t usually saying things like this since it only gets her hate.
      Your intention is super obvious and your life is so sad that you have nothing better to do. Such a pity

  5. Well if YAI does accepte I hope that will make PSH accept. I think YAI will be a good influence on PSH and push her to new boundaries. I’m also hoping that the timing works out as she is filming her movie atm.

    • The Military Manpower said it would take more than 3 months (in fact, more than 6 mos) for him to do the 4th physical re-examination. So, if the drama start shooting this month and movie filming next month, I guess he can finish both before enlistment

  6. YAI is really the best actor his generation, and Shinhye though not the best, is extremely talented and charming. Hopefully this pairing comes true!

  7. So after doctor themes, now it’s time for fantasy reincarnation theme.
    I read in another source that YAI denied he will join this project coz he will enlist soon (?).
    He’s already an established actor so i think he doesn’t need another project to cement his career before leaving for military service.

  8. Sad to say that some established actors after MS did not get back that popularity
    , case in point Hyun Bin….Lee Dong Wok had to accept a supporting role to get back to that! His dramas after MS not successful. It takes a lot of luck! Haha!!! Maybe because there is something about PSH that she brings luck to her projects that fans are hoping for this pairing ?
    As her fan, she already proven herself, can carry a drama,etc ….she can transform and as her veteran co actor,KRW stated in his interviews, PSH is one actress that A LOT of male actors wished to act with, who is talked about by his fellow actors…never heard of anyone described that way.

  9. This writer seems to like a lot of hype pre-drama preparation. Enough actors rejected KMHM. This drama could be going the same route.

  10. PSH is definitely name dropped without real possibility. She said so herself and her schedule isn’t free either. They’ve also name dropped KSH – which would be quite a fantastic pairing tbh except he’s quite picky and wouldn’t just pick any random drama. As for YAI, shouldn’t he enlist already? I’ve been seeing his fans talk about postponement due to injury but either he’s enlisting or he isn’t. What’s with this back and forth :/

    • He is trying to enlist in active military instead of going into public service due to a shoulder injury. So he is trying to rehab his shoulder and apparently is now stuck waiting 4 – 6 months to have it re-examined by the doctors. I think he actually thought he was good to go because people are saying he cut his hair. It is actually a very unfortunate situation.

  11. PSH already denied this…. And she said she will have a drama in 2nd half.
    I do want YAI and her to work together but this drama doesn’t interest m, sound like a popcorn chinese movies.
    A saeguk between them would be a better choice

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