Drama Posters and New Preview for Chicago Typewriter Emphasize the Acting Presence of Three Leads

It’s less than week away from the premiere of new tvN Fri-Sat night drama Chicago Typewriter and I’m not getting a good sense as to whether this drama will be a hit or not. I do get a positive strong vibe from the acting snippets seen on the teasers and previews. Yoo Ah In does dismissive arrogant hit writer perfectly while Im Soo Jung doesn’t look a day older in looks or attitude when she’s being charming and offbeat onscreen. Add to the leads chemistry is Go Kyung Pyo who is carving out a niche as the second male lead who isn’t just there to occupy space or be the token rival. The drama posters are nice to look at, the leads gave great photo presence in the character focused ones and the picture within a picture poster presents the 1930’s former lives in a quiet moody tableau. Continue reading