K-actress Hwang Jung Eum Four Months Pregnant and Expecting First Child

Maybe this news will herald the start of 2017 being the K-actress baby bump watch year, what with 2016 being dominated by Chinese and Taiwanese actresses expecting babies. Prolific actress Hwang Jung Eum is four months pregnant and expecting her first child with golfer husband Lee Young Don. The two married in February of 2016 so this isn’t a honeymoon baby but is still pretty quick in settling down into parenthood. I’m thrilled for the low key couple and find that K-ent has been pretty good with actresses having babies and coming back to their acting careers. I hope she can jettison the She Was Pretty and Lucky Romance type spastic role after she returns from maternity leave, I loved her in Kill Me Heal Me when she wasn’t being over-the-top and find her tendency to over emote to be her biggest crutch.


K-actress Hwang Jung Eum Four Months Pregnant and Expecting First Child — 13 Comments

  1. Koala, she was not spastic in Lucky Romance, Bo Nui was a frustrating character but in no way spastic, did you honestly even watch.

  2. I’m one of those people who loved her in KMHM. To me she also carried the first half of Lucky Romance (though the guy is adorable), unfortunately the last 4 episodes….betrayed by the writers again. Best wishes to them both.

    • Thank you for the comment. HJE has turned in many restrained yet powerful performances in the past for example Secret, Endless Love etc yet people keep going on and on and on about how she is apparently always very loud and can’t do anything else. That’s not even remotely true, she does what is asked of her.

      • Yes she is a gem. She is type of actress, more you see more you fall her charms.Personally i love her every drama and she is such a hardworking actress.

  3. Hwang Jung Eum is great. Especially when she’s not shouty. I liked her in Lucky Romance. The character itself was frustrating but her performance there was on point. She was rather calm in that show, although I would really like to burn her outfits!!!!
    Congratulations though!

  4. Congratulations. Love you in Secret, KMHM,She was pretty,Lucky Romance,Endless Love,Can you hear me. You are the best.Happy new year and best wishes.

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