Hu Ge Receives Star-studded Farewell as He Takes Sabbatical to Study Abroad for Two Years

Goodbye, even if just for now, feels doubly bittersweet this past weekend as C-actor Hu Ge was beautifully sent off at the China Drama Awards by his friends and costars. Hu Ge has announced that he will be taking an official sabbatical to study overseas, with his attendance at the awards his final entertainment event before setting off. Hu Ge’s sabbatical will be between 1 to 2 years long during which he will not be acting and won’t have any new acting projects coming up. I’m not sure if he’ll do CFs or brand appearances to maintain his popularity but I’m thrilled for him to embark on this new experience since he started acting in 2002 when he was just 20 years old. It’s especially poignant and one of his most memorable costars Ariel Lin made the personal trek to Beijing to see him off at the awards show since she wasn’t presenting or getting an award. Wishing Hu Ge all the best and I’ll be anxiously awaiting his return.


Hu Ge Receives Star-studded Farewell as He Takes Sabbatical to Study Abroad for Two Years — 12 Comments

  1. i’m a new fan. i guess he is more secured now with his place in the entertainment industry that he decided to do a hiatus. i wish him all the best. hope he’ll still film CFs and endorsements. his fans will surely miss him~ 🙂

    • I hope he can maintain at least some of his 20++ endorsements, but you have to give it to him for willing to part with endorsement income of USD32 millions to further his study.

  2. He is not coming to UK to study…I wish he is. I looking forward to his return. Ariel , took time to study in London for a year too. I bet she is really supportive of him taking this step forward.
    Miss You Hu Ge.

  3. Best Wishes Hu Ge! Enjoy your sabbatical! No doubt you will do very well in your studies. Looking forward to seeing you on screen or off screen as a director in 2019! Jia Yu!

  4. HuGe have been taking sabbaticals since 2013 that fans are pretty much used to it now 😀

    The farewell was really beautiful though, and it shows just how well-beloved HuGe is within the Mainland China’s TV industry.

  5. No matter what Hu Ge chooses to do, I will always support him. I wish him the best!

    I really wonder what and where he’s going to study in the U.S. (Maybe I’ll get a chance to see him in person again… A girl can dream.) He said that he’s going to be working on his English first and that he’ll announce what he’ll be studying afterward. I hope that he enjoys his sabbatical and has a great and rewarding experience!

  6. He is far and away my favorite Chinese actor. Watching him in Nirvana in Fire is what actually got me to start watching some Chinese dramas for the first time ever. He has the ability, looks and charisma to act in Hollywood if his goal in studying is to improve his English….I wonder if that is it? Anyway, I will miss him on my screen and wish him the best.

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