Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee Start Dating After Being Drama OTP in Laurel Street Tailors

The first reel to real drama couple of 2017 has arrived as weekend drama leads Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee announce they are dating after filming wraps on Laurel Tree Tailors (The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop). The drama was a highly rated hit on its weekend time slot and now it has the added good news of producing a pretty new couple offscreen. The only potential sticky point is with Lee Dong Gun just coming out of a two year relationship with T-ara‘s Jiyeon after doing the movie Encounter together, and before that having two public relationships with Cha Ye Ryun and even earlier with Han Ji Hye after they met on the drama Sweet 18. I don’t have a problem with Lee Dong Gun’s serial dating since everyone involved are adults and in a consensual relationship, and if I won’t slut shame a female actress for dating a lot of men I won’t do so with Lee Dong Gun either. If he works out for the long run with Jo Yoon Hee that would be the best and good luck to them!


Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee Start Dating After Being Drama OTP in Laurel Street Tailors — 26 Comments

  1. How I wish they didn’t confirm the relationship it’s still early to confirm the relationship and not only that the guy has already dated 3 other actresses publicy.. I hope it works out for them because if it doesn’t it won’t look good on the guy since has has already been in too many public relationships .. anyway congratulations to the couple ..

    • they was caught by Depatch they dont want th public known. I heart that lee dong gun quit the relationship with his former girlfriend from aearly December 2016. Until Feb 2017 the company announced.

  2. I doubt they would speak ill of lee dong gun regardless of his status, I must say I was surprised and happy at the same time reading that the knetz have fully embraced this couple. I could definitely see him settling down with Jo yoon hee. Chuka to the happy couple

  3. It’s hard to judge the situation since we are all outsiders. He might broken up with Jiyeon for a long time already and they just announce it recently. I think it’s quite normal for guys to have different girls as he did. He was with each for considerable amount of time so he’s not a player. It’s just he picked actresses so everyone knew about it. Maybe he just doesn’t want to get marry. Lol

    • Exactly. I’ve figured out by the time most announce their break up, 9 out of 10 times it happened months ago just we aren’t going to know it.

  4. when men say women are our own worst enemies, it seems true. this guy is on his fourth public relationship and yet knetz and inetz is alright with it.what irk me the most is mostly women are the one praising and congratulating him.
    shk has dated publicly twice in 20 years but she has been shamed all her life for it by mostly women.
    women who by now should have the sense to protect one another are the same who bad mouth,pick point and slut shame each other.
    women serve as moral police but closes its eyes when it concerns men why?
    this is the reason why most men takes women for fools.
    the same yardstick use to measure men should be used to measure women.

    • @ alexghana: You absolutely right. Agree with you 1000%. , women give the men a pass, and if it was a woman , the others women will tear her apart with no merci.

      • Exactly, if the love fits wear it baby and if it feels good put it on if not then just maybe it aint right fit afterall. Same for men or women.

    • @alexghana,agree with you ! We still have a long way to go before sex equality. If it was Ji Yeon who was already dating she’d be treat like a “whore”. That’s so unfair. But when you see that Uhm Tae Woong is returning to movieland after what he did to her wife ? what else are you hoping for ? i’ve no problem with LDG dating, no , the problem is actresses can’t do the same. You right woman are our own worst ennemies . I’ve always say that , even when my friends are not agree.

    • Agree with you 100% @alexghana
      There’s one other annoying thing I noticed that if a female celebrity dates publicly, she’ll get very weird sexual comments. No wonder that a lot of stars, especially women are very adamant on keeping their dating life private. And even after that it’s frustrating to see, that if these women have even slightest rumors with these fangirls’ oppars, they’re either bashed or they get a horde of annoying shippers who comment insensitive things…

    • If SHK dated the less popular actors, I think knezt and woman will be more friendly. I don’t say those actress and idol weren’t great one, but public will be more aggressive towards LDG if he dated Han Ji Won or Park Shin Ye

    • Arghhh….as bad as Go Ara is in Hwarang, I ship her hard with Park Hyung Sik. The chemistry is off the chart and the BTS of the two really fanning it further. That is why SLS is severe for that drama. LOL…. this is off the topic.

  5. All the best and wishing both of them happiness, for me anyway; I don’t have any problem with the announcement. They are consenting adult, in love sometimes it doesn’t work and you need to keep looking till you find the person you will be comfortable with.

    • It is fair that China block K– artists and programs in China and promote their own. Do you see any Chinese artists and programs promote in Korea, even when those are well know and successful somewhere else?!?

      • But China copied Running man. They don’t have their own ideas. China should still give credit to a country that has more artistic ideas then them.

      • China made huge profits out of it as well. Nothing to do with fairness, do you think chinese companies invited kstars just because they felt like it? No one does anything out of charity, both sides gained lots of money, which will be lost to c- and k-entertaiment. And all of this because of some political issues.

      • @Why that? I only want to know if it will affect korean dramas as an Iviewer . A lot of countries have quotas for foreign shows. China is just ( in my opinion) a little extreme , cause they are blocking sreaming sites and the liberty for chinese viewers to Watch what they want.

    • Apologies for butting in. However, this is true. Running man, 2D1N and all variety shows will not be shown or c-subbed anymore. China are tightening control further. I suppose the consequences are less money for Korean shows.

  6. Well, I like that he has always gone public with his relationships, no hiding and no denying. He is a grown man. Who really thinks that actors/actresses/singers don’t date! And I totally understand how you can fall for your co-stars. Working so much together it’s hard to think how can they not fall in love! Just like we do with every drama that comes along comes a new love. That’s why I thought I could never be an actress…I would always fall in love with my co-stars too!

  7. The way I see it is that there is no way that all those other actors, actresses and kpop stars are not dating but it’s just not confirmed publicly most of the time.

    The fact that they confirmed – well I wish him and her the best.

    I agree that breakups probably happen way in advance of them getting announced to the public. K stars are pretty managed on a whole.

  8. In happy together, she talked how she didn’t like LDG type of jokes and the way he treated her, how he was the opposite of her and he made her more “calm”

    LDG in the same happy together talked about his girlfriend, how she didnt like his jokes either, and how boring he was to date…

    Guess females fall for it tbh ”I’ll make this guy happy” ”I’ll fix this bad guy”

    lol or maybe Jiyeon got tired of her BF and he went to rebound with JYH… poor girl. This never works.

    Btw, LDG himself said his girlfriend was more mature than him (and the age gap was huge!)

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