Yook Sung Jae Savoring Grown Up Success for GQ Korea

I feel like Yook Sung Jae has a great agency behind him providing very sage career advice, either that or he’s just a very smart young man who is blending his potential with good decisions. His last performance was a supporting role in the drama Goblin, a fantastic decision on his part to do as something exceptionally memorable trumps doing a lead role in a poorly constructed yarn. He turned down the second male lead role in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, another major hit drama last year, but that role of the typical sageuk stalwart protector was less unique than getting to play the cute puppy bromance third wheel in Goblin. He’s truly fulfilling his scene stealing potential from Who Are You: School 2015 and I couldn’t be happier. This recent GQ Korea pictorial also highlights him growing more mature in his looks and styling, toggling between cute and handsome.


Yook Sung Jae Savoring Grown Up Success for GQ Korea — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve only seen him i Goblin. I hought he was ok, but not someone I would follow to other projects, just because it’s him.

  2. Sung-jae’s so handsome~! He’s got a lovely voice and he’s also a great actor. I loved and rooted for him so much in School and he was hysterical in Goblin. He’s got a LOT of potential as an actor. Would love for him to play a role where he’ll also get to show off his vocals, too.

  3. He is more impressive as a Kpop idol than him being an actor so far. BtoB is a pretty decent group. Idk what’s so special about Goblin that’s got all the high ratings and hype during its run. I quit after watching ep 1. It’s so boring although the cast can act. It’s just me speaking for myself. OK…Fans please don’t tackle me like football players. LOL

  4. I was actually pretty annoyed by him in school 2015 becoz of rabid fans of him hating on Nam Joo Hyuk. When later i saw him in WGT, i saw him as handsome and talented guy. Working on Goblin was pretty smart move.

  5. Im still waiting for the day that he gets to do a project with Seo In Guk. When that day comes I will die happily.

  6. I am so proud of this kid. As a fan of BTOB, I supported him by watching the dramas he was in even if it were small roles (Reply 1994, Monstar, Plus Nine Boys, School 2015, The Village, Goblin) and glad he did so well. He’s a great singer, good actor, handsome and a nice kid too. He’s just a little crazy sometimes but thats his charm 🙂

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