Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Continues Meteoric Ratings Rise to Hit 8.30% in Episode 4

Wow, I was already impressed that cable network jTBC scored a huge win right out of the gate with weekend drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon last weekend, but the incredible ratings rise that continued this weekend leaves me giddy with shock and glee. Episode 3 rose nearly another percent to hit 6.081%, but episode 4 blows that out of the water by rising another 2.22% to reach 8.301%. That this is a rom-com-ish drama makes this even more incredible since comedic romance have had an especially hard time reaching hit status in recent years. I love this drama to bits and a big big kudos for female lead Park Bo Young for being the perfect-est tiny bundle of strength. I’m also thrilled for both Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo in washing away their last failed dramas and adding to the reason this drama is hooking audiences.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Continues Meteoric Ratings Rise to Hit 8.30% in Episode 4 — 34 Comments

  1. I am really enjoying this, so congrats for the amazing ratings. My only complaint is the editing, but other than that it’s great.

  2. My husband and I are totally enjoying this one. Has him laughing out loud quite a bit! And I think he has a little crush on Park Bo Young…I don’t blame him. 🙂

  3. well goblin is a fluffy rom com too and it’s got high rating. so it’s not the first one in 2017 romcom got high rating.

    • With KES penning the drama, Goblin had built up hype right from the get go. Unlike SWDBS, except for PBY, the rest of the actors are not so well-known. And let’s not mention jtbc is not TvN. The station has not had a hit for years. What the drama achieved surely is from its own merits. Stop being bitter.

      • Well, I assume korean really wanting something light in friday – saturday night.

      • if im not wrong jtbc has never reached this high of a number for a primetime drama right? Heck its even way higher than the numbers the current Tvn dramas are pulling in.
        And im sure that while Jtbc ratings are consistently lower than tvn they’ve had quite a couple of well buzzed quality hits especially last year. Ms Temper and Nam Jung gi (MUST WATCH!!!!), Age of Youth, This week my wife had an affair etc.

  4. I love this drama so much, though I feel a bit annoyed that Bong Soon is somewhat dim, thank goodness 0ark Bo Young made her loveable. I love all the casts but I feel that Park Hyung Sik not getting enough credits for his wonderful portrayal. A lot of actors played eccentric characters but PHS nailed it by being subtle instead of coming off OTT and appearing like a parody. To me, he is the one getting me hooked.

  5. The drama is cute and funny maybe that’s why, most of the current dramas that’s airing are heavy drama like defendant, voice, and others, I feel like this fulfill the romcom some of those audience needs

  6. Strong Woman has become my cracker of the week. It released my stress with all the hilarious slapstick. Not only the three main leads, I also love the thugs to the bits LOL. Park Hyung Sik didn’t actually lose anything from the epic fail Hwarang. On the contrary, he gained a lot of fans through his dreamy and mesmerizing interpretation of the king.

    • agree. in fact PHS was everyone’s bias in Hwarang. His character had the most charisma and also better chemistry with the female lead. I like Park Seo Joon but his character and Go Ara’s was hard to like.
      PHS also stole the thunder from the main leads in High Society. He was cute and had gd chemistry with NJH in a weekemd drama. For me he hits a new high in Strong Woman, showcasing his ability as a lead. What stands out the most is he could do subtle acting, he can do comedic without being over the top. Hes really making his mark in acting. I wasnt a fan before (im a Park Bo Young fan) but i am now.
      His instagram account by the way finally reach 1 million

      Because i love Strong Woman so much and its my happy pill too, im cheering on the drama n hope as koala puts it – continue to rise meteroically..

      • @sharreb__you nailed it about PHS i also noticed him in high soceity he is way more better than the lead star and in in SWDBS his chemistry with PBY is awesome…way to go Park Hyung Sik you deserved to be the lead star.

    • Those two thugs trying to recruit Bong Soon are hilarious, I nearly died of laughter at the one struggling to eat his walnut tart.

      Park Hyung Shik has really come a long way, I initially wondered if he could match Park Bo Young’s acting but he’s great and I really enjoy them individually and together.

      You know a drama’s good when there are practically no defensive comments about its actors, people seem quite chill/passive about the few criticisms it does get.

    • Agree. He breaks my heart in Hwarang when his character was thumped down badly in the second half. To me, Park Hyung Sik is Hwarang. And SWDBS just cemented my love for him.

  7. I’m so glad for this little drama. I hope it continues to rise in ratings. The main reason it’s such a hit is because of PBY portrayal. If it had been another actress, we would have found it annoying. She’s so tiny and adorable, who wouldn’t like her? And together with PBY, they make an awesome pair. Jisoo’s role is boring but things may pick up once he realises that he likes her too?

  8. It’s such an adorable drama, the cast is great especially the main leads. Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik have insane chemistry.

  9. Loving this show! I’m officially a fan of Park Hyung Sik. I didn’t expect him to be a very interesting character in this show. They have a cute chemistry with Park Bo Young!

  10. i can’t just with this drama. the way they potrayed the criminal stories is very weak. How come nobody in charge of protecting the victim’s room in the hospital??

    • Haha, if you want a strong criminal stories, i highly recommend u to watch voice or defendant. This swdbs is rom-com, no wonder if their ‘criminal’ story wont be heavy. Even the thugs are hilarious, even the psychopath is so creepy. But cmon, 90% of this drama contains of rom com. Cant blame.

    • I hope they stay away from a crime genre aspect of the drama. They should stick with romcom. I can’t stand the crime, thriller mode aspect they are depicted, It’s just cringe worthy. As long as they kept it funny, I will turn off my brain away and enjoy the drama LOL

  11. I have a huge crush on park Hyung Sik now
    Love it that the character is kinda weird and thinks Bong soon is Cute and sexy. Rawr
    I love that the show makes me laugh out loud – not many do nowadays. And it just makes me happy watching it despite all the plot holes!

  12. Finally checked this out yesterday and wound up watching all four episodes before going to bed lol. Love it so far!

  13. I really like the show even though tone wise it is all over the place. Truly it is getting by on the charm of its lead actors.

  14. Jisoo’s character is so annoying and I’m thankful so no chance of second lead syndrome.

    Hyungsik is a gem he’s come a long way from Heirs….it’s such a fun drama and PBY is a gift to rom-coms I love her so much.

    So Koreans currently are into Defendant — Chief Kim — Strong Woman. Kick start the week with a dark drama, then a real life one, and then a funny crack one.

    • Plus voice. Got 5 for ocn is hugeee success. Defendant and voice are crime thriller with almost zero comedy. While dbs is 90% romcom. And chief kim is 65% romcom.

      Ah dont forget, rebel got high rating too. Koreans’ fave drama nowadays are unpredictable.

    • Agree. Second lead syndrome drove me nuts in Hwarang. Felt so sorry for Park Seo Joon although I like him as an actor in general.

  15. Park Hyung Sik is SO HOT.
    I’ve been smitten, I can hardly see anything else whenever he is onscreen. He is sweet and full of charisma, and boy, he knows how to be sexy.
    Btw, every time he appears on screen I can’t help to study his eyes in order to find out if they are natural or iris-enlarging contact lenses, they are so big, hahahaha!!! Anyone knows??

    Anyway, I am happy for their success. Park Bo Young and Ji Soo also deserve credit because they are nailing their roles and the drama is very fun to watch. Hope the ratings keep going up 🙂

  16. PBY is a great actress. I totally love her in the movie with Song Joong Ki a few years back… She is so cute, so natural & so talented!! And PHS is so handsome. The best OTP in 2017 K dramas so far. I hope they will get lots of acting awards at year end ????

  17. I love this show. The fact that they are both mad just adds to it. He is living the dream – zooming everyone, has an underground game dungeon and independence. Everything one would imagine having as a kid but never fulfilling it. Hehehe.

  18. this drama brought me back to forums, to commenting, to livestream, to livecapping, and to loving kdrama!
    PBY, ah how awesome can you get!
    PHY, my baby… loving his deserved attention and wishing an OST for this
    Jisoo, just be outstanding always, you’ll soon get your lead role. 🙂

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