Whisper with Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon Arrives with a Roar in Thrilling First Drama Preview

Now this is one tightly edited and intensely compelling preview for a K-drama. Well done, Whisper, now let’s make sure the final product is as dark and thrilling as this minute and a half preview portends. Ji Sung is getting closer to exonerating himself and winning over the bad guys which means Whisper is getting ready to take the baton from the highly rated Defendant, which got so close to breaking past the 25% AGB nationwide ratings mark for the most recent episode 14. Whisper has as good a chance to continue the win streak for the network, with the drama starring Lee Bo Young in her television return with a script by the screenwriter of The Chaser and Empire of Gold. Plus the two leads are already in bed in the preview, clearly this is not a drama for the faint of heart, lol. Bring it on with a bang, Whisper!

Preview for Whisper:


Whisper with Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon Arrives with a Roar in Thrilling First Drama Preview — 7 Comments

  1. Oh from the thriller alone, this drama is something that we will look forward to. As we enjoy watching INNOCENT DEFENDANT, this is more exciting I think. It has a good set of excellent actors, and the storyline is amazinb, full of corruption, lies, ambitions and all. This maybe a one pack action, romantic & mystery drama we’re gonna watch for. Waiting for it!

  2. Looking forward for this drama, by the previews looks really good plus I love Lee Bo Young as an actress and her family ir really cute.

  3. I can’t wait for it!!! Loving Defendant at the moment and its the best drama airing atm. That trailer looks fantastic!! LBY is a really good actress but she has never WOW’ed me! Never gripped me like her S/O has but I think thats about to change.

  4. I swear I always love starting these heavy, intense dramas because the acting and story is usually great. But then somewhere along the line I almost always get behind on them and forget to go back lol. I still need to finish Punch. But man this looks good!

  5. UNLIKE YOU CRAZY ABOUT lee bo young AND CANT STAND HER HUSBAND LIKE SERIOUSLY CANT EVEN WATCH HIM they are so different in both acting and personality so dont expect them to have the same fandom

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