Ji Chang Wook and Lee Sung Kyung to Play OTP in Upcoming SBS Rom-com Beware of this Woman

Looks like Ji Chang Wook isn’t enlisting in the military anytime soon, he’s just pulled a huge surprise by signing on as the leading man in upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Beware of this Woman (Be Careful of this Woman). Just the news that Ji Chang Wook is doing a drama that is described as a full on rom-com makes me nervous and giddy at once – nervous that he’s been typecast so often in recent years as the tough resourceful dude and giddy that he gets to do something different and more lighthearted. Already cast as his leading lady is Lee Sung Kyung, diving into yet another drama after recently doing Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. The drama is actually getting announced rather late considering that it is slated to premiere in May taking over for Saimdang: Light’s Diary.

Beware of this Woman is about the romance between Ji Chang Wook’s cop turned prosecutor and Lee Sung Kyung who is former Taekwondo devotee turned legal trainee who becomes the prime suspect in a┬ámurder. The drama is penned by the screenwriter of Protect the Boss and I Remember You.


Ji Chang Wook and Lee Sung Kyung to Play OTP in Upcoming SBS Rom-com Beware of this Woman — 26 Comments

  1. first thg i did was google his height. cz LSK is so tall. He’s still taller though by 6cm.
    I keep waiting to hear news of his enlistment. This is a surprise but im glad to see him in a rom com

  2. I love rom-coms. Never expect this match up, it could be good. I love Protect The Boss, which is so underrated. Ji Sung is always fantastic in comedies too. I Remember You, is it the one with Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum?? Wah, I love that too.

  3. I’m not sure about LSK. Even if she was better in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, she overacts a lot. Honestly she wasn’t convincing in her role of weightlifter.

    I was disapointed the love relationship between JCW and Yoona in The K2 so I hope this time, it will be better.

  4. i like her but i think comedy is not suited to ji chang wook, i dont find him funny and he always try to stutter or act like a nerd when he try to be funny.sometimes it is funny but most of the time it comes as awkward, forced and you get the feel that he is acting.

  5. Weightlifting might not have been a ratings winner, but the fact that its stars have gone on to immediately get lead roles in other productions shows that it was getting buzz.

  6. i’m looking forward to this pair, I like Ji Chang Wook…. I hope Lee Sang Kyung wont overact like in her last drama… I think they will make a good looking pair…

  7. It is quite funny that intl drama sites are positive about the casting but the korean response was so negative. I do think it will be a hoot to watch this drama because of the mismatch but playing a taekwondo athlete again seems repetitive.

    • knetz has always been negative with regard to any female casting, its their nature to nag I guess and these people only represent small number of korean audience. so you can disregard them.

  8. hmmm this would one of those dramas I’d wait it out and start watching when it gets to the 10th episode. This could go either way..tsk tsk

  9. Has this been confirmed? A lot of the other sites are saying both are considering but haven’t confirmed… I’m looking forward to them being paired together.

    • And who can act? Yoona? Suzy? Let them act as Baek in ha and Bokjoo the way LSK pulled it off as well as Dr Seo Woon and come back to me who cant act. You are so salty.

  10. I love Ji Chang Wook, but I also love this writer – Protect the Boss and I Remember You have two of my all time favorite female leads (and the only time I have ever liked Choi Kang Hee). Unfortunately I really cannot bring myself to like LSK; however, if this writer can make me like Choi Kang Hee maybe just maybe she can do the same for LSK. I hope so because it looks like she is getting shoved down our throats all the time by Kdramaland whether we like her or not.

    • Lol She is loved by international fans because she rocked Bokjoo. You are all just salty as you judge her but you have Yoona IU as leads where in LSK is far heaps a better actress than them. Stop being so negative and salty, LSK is talented and she worked her way up hard, starting from the bottom. Besides the drama was offered to her first so JCW can just decline if he wants too. These comments are more from ladies so no wonder they are negative and salty. LSK is lovely, multi talented with great personality but underrated because she was judged by the roles she plays.

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