Signal Screenwriter’s Upcoming Joseon Zombie K-drama Kingdom Based on Webtoon God’s Country

Zombies have taken over for vampires as the supernatural entertainment villains du jour for a few years now, but while K-dramas have done vampire shows there hasn’t been a zombie feature yet. There was Vampire Prosecutor, Vampire Idol, Blood, and Scholar Who Walks the Night, and now the first zombie K-drama is headed our way with screenwriter Kim Eun Hee behind the script. ¬†Kingdom is a sageuk zombie battling drama and turns out Kim Eun Hee is merely adapting it from her own other genre work. Kim Eun Hee wrote the story for the webtoon God’s Country two years ago which was illustrated by Yang Kyung Il as seen above, and that story is about a Joseon crown prince combating a destructive epidemic. Kingdom will be produced by Netflix and streamed exclusively on the portal, which also heralds a new player in K-dramas. Kingdom starts filming in the summer and airs in fall of 2017.

Netflix clearly did its research before bankrolling Kingdom as Kim Eun Hee already has a slew of hit K-dramas under her belt including Sign, Phantom, 3 Days, and Signal. Those curious about Kingdom can check out the webtoon God’s Country, but I’ve got faith in her writing so I’m way more curious about which actors and actresses will land the leads parts for this thrilling mashup of sageuk intensity with zombie fears K-drama.


Signal Screenwriter’s Upcoming Joseon Zombie K-drama Kingdom Based on Webtoon God’s Country — 9 Comments

  1. I wanna see zombie in modern era with the handsome-sexy-cold-timid zombie rather than scary look like. I heard Hyun Bin was offered to play this. If he reject, I hope they’ll offer this to Seo Ji Sub, Eric or Jang Hyuk. They all have this cold mysterious vibes.

    • Wasnt Hyun Bin offerred a joseon vampire movie tho? And I think he is doing that movie

      I dont think any news on this drama’s casting offers are out yet.

    • Seo Ji Sub. I miss him so badly and I thought he never had saeguk drama so it will be interested to see him in saeguk. He’ll be my first choice. Jang Hyuk is great in saeguk but he just finished his drama The Voice. I don’t think it’s good idea to get him too fast on dramaland. Eric? if it’s zombie in modern era, I definitely agree but Eric’s looks is too modern for saeguk. I just can’t imagine him wearing hanbok lol.

      I would like to see Kim Woo Bin. His looks is match with this.

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