Yamapi, Aragaki Yui, and Toda Erika Returning After 7 Years for Code Blue Season 3

What is sudden wave of mid-aughts J-ent nostalgia and can it please continue? Fresh off relieving all of Horikita Maki’s classic hit J-doramas after hearing that she was retiring from showbiz to be a homemaker (though it might just be for a few years and she could return), then learning that Maki’s two costars from Nobuta wo Produce in bromance duo Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya were reuniting in an upcoming romance J-dorama, all I need is a fridge full of snack food and a free weekend to return to the halcyon days of marathoning J-doramas. Now there’s a third nostalgia moment coming our way so get ready for heli-action as the good doctors of Code Blue are returning for a season 3! No joke, the hit medical dorama which had two full seasons and one SP is coming back after 7 years since season 2 finished in 2010, and even better is all three main docs in Yamapi, Aragaki Yui, and Toda Erika are returning. Hooboy!

I legit don’t remember how season 2 ended but likely as whatever as season 1, maybe they all got suspended or fired or stripped of their medical license for all the over the top stuff that happens anytime they encounter an emergency where everything goes wrong. Whatever lacking I saw in the original CB doesn’t even matter anymore, I will be all smiles watching season 3. CB3 airs in its classic time slot as a Getsuku (Mon at 9) come this summer.

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Yamapi, Aragaki Yui, and Toda Erika Returning After 7 Years for Code Blue Season 3 — 12 Comments

  1. Wow! I was so surprised and happy when I saw Erika Toda’s entry at IG this morning. I never thought that they would film Code Blue 3, not to mention getting Yamapi, Gakki and Erika to agree to film it. That’s amazing since all three of them can lead their own series but they are still willing to “return to being” supporting for the sake of this installment. I’m really looking forward to this drama.

  2. YESS!!!!! I can’t wait!! I also saw Erika Toda’s insta today and go super excited!! Even better that the three leads are back!! I just read the plot and sounds like they all we off to different departments….

  3. Both Gakki and Erika have improved acting wise (Erika especially is of these 3 the strongest)
    Yamapi not so much. I think JE are still trying to hard to make him happen when he’s one of the weakest actors, even though he can be charming like in Nobuta.
    I think the channels are still trying to get a huge hit getsu9 but it wont work, it’s not the same as in the 90’s and early 2000 when getsu doramas were huge hits.

    • Maybe they’re trying to at least get some double digits with rebooting old popular show. I remembet the HERO reboot even got 20% avg. The actors are pretty strong too in the rating game; Gakky’s NigeHaji had good rating and the last Yamapi getsu9 drama got 11-something %. But yeah agree not only his acting is stiff he has about zero onscreen charisma.

    • Yamapi maybe not always good actor,it depend on his character but ratings and popularity wise he actually doing well in most his dramas and movies than Gakki or Erika.
      though Gakki also a hit with nigehaji last year.

  4. Ahhh… I’m literally screaming.. Is this for real.. Omg been waiting for so long and now they’re back…. Give it to me now… Ahh…. So happy..yes yes

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