Ruby Lin to Star in New TW-drama My Boy from Screenwriter of In Time With You

This is one short maternity leave but knowing workaholic Ruby Lin I’m not surprised in the least. Ruby made a one-two mic drop on her fans this week, first by reuniting with one of her most famous and memorable costars Alec Su at a movie press conference for Suspect X, followed by the news that she accepted the leading lady role in award winning screenwriter Mag Hsu‘s next TW-drama My Boy. Mag wrote In Time With You, Apple in Your Eye, An Innocent Mistake and many more dramas all the way back to Silence, Mars, and Meteor Garden 2. Ruby said she accepted the role solely on hearing Mag was writing this drama, which goes to show how much clout she has in landing the top acting talent to her works. Filming begins this May with a fall air date, and the My Boy in the titular drama title will be played by rising young actor Derek Chang, who at 24 years old is a whopping 17 years younger than Ruby so you go girl!

More along the same age spectrum, Ruby and Alec Su, both of whom continue the ageless magic that Jimmy Lin also drinks from, attended the movie press conference for thriller Suspect X. Love their color and outfit coordination, so fun and classy at the same time. I would ship these two so hard but for Ruby being happily married to hubby Wallace Huo.


Ruby Lin to Star in New TW-drama My Boy from Screenwriter of In Time With You — 11 Comments

  1. What kind of story it could be? Dont tell me there’s loveline… Hmm.. 17y age-gap.. Heol. Even she looks younger than her age, but then… It would be still awkward. Probably bcuz im not so into noona dongsaeng love especially this number is no joke. Probably my boy could mean her son hehe… Who knows.

  2. wow what trolls we have here!
    Ruby can still play her character in their teen years which basically means most people who are in their 20s still looks older than her! There are real life couples who have much bigger age gaps than 17years, age is nothing as long as they have chemistry and Ruby is a pro!

  3. Dang if only I looked that good as giving birth and I was way younger. I looked terrible – she looks amazing. 🙂 🙂 Go Ruby!!!

    Awww… I like Derek. Glad that he will be working with Ruby.

  4. I love, love In Time With You, but Apple in Your Eye ended up pissing me off big time. Hope this one doesn’t fall apart in the latter half like AiYE did.

    • I agree with you! Unfortunately I’m suffering from Ruby Lin over-saturation. She has done too many Princess / Empress Mary Sue roles for too many years. Along with dozens of C & T actresses like Zheng Shuang, Angelababy, Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Fan Bingbing, Liu Shishi, Hu Bingqing, sometimes Ying Er, Joe Chen, Zhao liying & Ady An. All had appeared in some Mary Sue roles.

      Fortunately Derek is still fresh and hasn’t had a lot of time to do lots of very similar roles.

  5. I’m fine with the premise. They’re both of legal age. And he’s enough years removed from college that he should have a clue as to how to take care of himself. Unless the writer writes him as if he were still a immature boy….

  6. I think Ruby Lin looks great for her age, but 17 years is a huuuuge gap! Haha, I feel like they’re actually enjoying pairing up girls with younger co-stars these days…with bigger and bigger age gaps being the norm!

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