Yoochun’s Court Case for Rape and Prostitution Dismissed for Lack of Sufficient Evidence

Things have come to a close for now with the court case involving disgraced Korean idol-actor Park Yoochun stemming from allegations of rape and solicitation of prostitution. The court case was dismissed this week due to lack of sufficient evidence, which must be a relief to Yoochun as these were serious allegations. The facts of the scandal and court case are well known, and involved plenty of salacious details, but ultimately the fact that Yoochun did frequent those room salons is and will be the taint on his reputation that no court case dismissal will salvage. Like other disgraced K-stars, it depends on the facts of the scandal but allegations of sexual misconduct such as Park Shi Hoo and/or prostitution like Se7en are the toughest to recover from. I know it’s going to be nearly impossible for me to watch Yoochun dramas or movies, past or in the future, without being influenced by his personal predilections.

Yoochun was actually in a movie that came out earlier this year – Lucid Dream with Go Soo – but it was not as the lead so I don’t know if moviegoers went to see the movie or didn’t want to see the movie with him in it. He will be finishing his military service this year so it’ll be wait and see on how his career fares going forward. On his rape allegations, one accuser was found guilty of false accusation and blackmail while her accomplices were also found guilty of blackmail, which means the police found that Yoochun didn’t rape the girl who accused him of rape, but he did sleep with her and it was either consensual and free or he paid for it but it still wasn’t the rape that she alleged.


Yoochun’s Court Case for Rape and Prostitution Dismissed for Lack of Sufficient Evidence — 44 Comments

  1. he is still a pervert and am glad that everybody knows his obsession with toilet.
    this entitled korean actor thinks that he is doing these girls a favor by sleeping with them thus refusing to pay them.he is cheap, arrogant and disrespectful toward women and i am happy that like park shi hoo before him,it has become near impossible to make a comeback.good riddance.

    • Replying to your comment, so that others can be aware of the updates to the case. So many of the information that was released early on, have been debunked by facts released during the case, via witnesses, the alleged victims testimonies, and recovered evidence, i.e. the deleted messages that led to the arrest, conviction and jailing of the first woman.

      Woman A: Who accused him of rape. Later admitted to following him, unasked to the restroom. There was no lock on the door, nor force used. They had consensual sex. Then she got upset with his manager, who was the one who was actually a member of the establishment, and not Yoochun as erroneously reported previously. She got upset with the manager, and then hired a known gangster, who had a previous history of fraud activities, and together decided to threaten Yoochun. The evidence from the CCTV, her deleted messages, and other discovered evidence, is why she was sentenced to 2 years in Jail, and her accomplice to an even longer term.

      Woman B: came out after A, after hearing news that woman A had been given a large sum of money (another false reporting that has been debunked). She didn’t go to the police, instead gave a TV interview – that interview and episode had to be retracted and the show is now also under investigation for biased reporting. Woman B is the one many people believed, because she claimed she had reported at the time the assault happened. However, the police investigation found no evidence of said report, nor did she go to counseling like she said she did. And the last report mentioned that she was upset with him, because he had promised to help her with her music and he didn’t. She has recently also been charged and her case is pending.

      Woman C and D: never filed charges, and disappeared once people started pointing out holes in their story, like how on the day the alleged assault happened, Yoochun was not even in the country, the changing dates, etc.

      Of course, this sounds like another oppa didn’t do it apology. But this case is not as open and shut as some are trying to make it seem. Yoochun wasn’t even charged with prostitution, because he never agreed to pay for sex. So the reports that he didn’t pay, or cheated sex workers is also another, now debunked, false reporting.

      If the sex was indeed consensual, then what he did would be similar to other international stars that sleep with groupies. Tawdry, dirty even, but is not illegal, and such a huge part of the entertainment industry, and yes that includes South Korea. Do people really believe that this grown men and women, are remaining chaste and celibate like is depicted in Kdramas. Let’s get real! Even Korean movies expose the true nature that SK is not as conservative as it pretends to be.

      Sorry for the long post, just wanted to update people, who were not aware of the full details of the case, as many international sites, stopped translating, when the case turned out to not be as salacious as initially thought.

      • Thank you for explaining the details. I haven’t been paying attention to this case since it first broke. I feel sorry for him because he is a good actor. Enjoying non traditional sexual activities such as sex in bathrooms is OK if both agree. Why do people consider that perverted? It’s really hard when men are accused of rapes they did not do. For everyone who is a victim of rape, it makes it harder for them to go public and pursue their rapists because it increases disbelief in their claim. As a feminist, I would like to support “the victims” in these cases but, particularly against male Korean stars, there is often an underlying matter we are not aware of which comes out only after the person’s reputation is destroyed, such as in this case.

    • Agree with you, get real.It’s show business. The differences between Yoochun, Seven ect ect with the remaining of KPop/film industry is that they get caught (or maybe certain people make sure they get caught). Working in those industry, it will be very hard to live a celibate life.

  2. Firstly, like everybody else on the planet, whatever his/her personal or sexual preferences are, it is no ones business but their own. With the caveat that a)It is not illegal b)It is not unethical c)No one hurt physically or emotionally in the process.

    I find that although the case was dismissed and this may be a relief to Yoon Chun, I also wonder if this is any better that having his day in court and having a solid verdict. Unfortunately, the impression I get with this is ‘he may well be guilty but we haven’t got enough to prove it’, which will be forever something he’ll have carry around with him, whether in his personal or professional life.

    I have rewatched his drama ‘Sensory Couple’ since this scandal broke and like Koala, I just can see him in the same light anymore. This probably speaks more of my moral standing than his.

  3. I think it can be very difficult for idols to have a love relationship. And I’m not surprise that he prefers this king of relationship, it’s easier because there are no attachment. I don’t care about the sexual life of people. They are free to do what they want (in the respect of the law of course) and it’s not fair that his intime life was exposing like that. I’m not a fan of him but he didn’t deserve it.

    I’m more angry with those women who lied for money when there are true victims…

    • I completely agree with you because of his fame they tried to get money from him and now his image is tarnished I feel bad for him and I think that if he were a normal citizen doing that nobody would bat an eye

      • Of course “nobody” would bat en eye if he were a “normal” citizen; nobody would know him. That wouldn’t mean it would be accepted. Think about it, if you would read in the papers about some guy that did the things PYC is accused of wouldn’t you think negatively about that person? You probably won’t go on a blog to post about it, but your reaction would be the same, right?

        And if a normal citizen was facing a trial, etc. their live would change as well. Something like this always has an impact, whether deserved or not.

        Saying that nobody would bat an eye if he were a normal citizen is being dismissive of every day trials of normal citizens that either are the victim or the wrongly accused party.

      • I agree with many of comments said, I personally dont care of sexual preference of one individual as long is not illegal and no one is hurt physically and or exceptionally. But i think the comments about he was a “normal” citizen no one will had care, i think is not that no one will had care but the case would had not been covered the way that his cases was, it was more for rating and sensationalism due he is famous and to a certain degree it felt like it was push to the media to cover something else, during this time he was not the only one accused of rape. I don’t believe in coincidence. I have not seen any of his drama since the scandal broke up but it was not done to his case more like i was not in the mood to watch his previous work, if we come back later with a new project, knowing me i will just judge him on his acting not on his personal sexual life.

        What is bad on this case and many other cases is that true rape victim will even tougher time to come forward and be taken seriously, now that is the sad thing.

      • He should have known better that he was a celebrity and consequences are bound to happen if he does those type of things. But oh well. No one is perfect.

  4. It’s his private life but unfortunately it’s revealed in this dramatic manner. Actors need their reputation and image and I like him as a actor but if he wants to be continue in this industry, he has to take on alternative roles. I shudder to think of him as a lovelorn, sauve, devoted lover in future dramas. Don’t even talk about kiss scenes.

  5. From what I’ve figured out, I think he went to these establishments and sometimes would not pay. So now he is paying a much larger price because I don’t see how he comes back to dramas….maybe movies eventually. I do feel for people who were huge fans of his because there is an ick factor (the whole bathroom aspect) that even if you don’t believe the worst, it still is not a good situation. For me though, if he came back in a project that I found interesting, I’d probably give it a go.

  6. When you become a celebrity in Korea it’s like you give up your love life you actually commit to your fans and in a way marry them. This is unfortunate and no one knows what happened between them but themselves so saying he is disgusting is a bit much. This is between two people. In the end if proven not guilty then he’s not guilty.

    • Koreans are nothing but hypocrites, trying to be too conservative when look at their drama, it has all the elements of sensuality with kissing scenes. besides, this guy PYC did not grow up in hyprocrite sexually deprived Korea, but in Westen liberal America so get used to it. You are even getting your funding in your KPop and entertainment from the Western world, your nation is nothing but a Western kiss butt, that’s why you cant do anything about THAAD, so learn to embrace that liberal culture who feeds you, nuff said, same goes to this hypocrite Koala who’s also a sexually deprived human being, what a sour loser!

      • What’s with this comment here? All your accusations can be sued for defamation. Do you know Ms Koala personally to bash her like this? PYC only spent at the most 5 years in the States since age 12, how would the Western world influences one’s moral standard over such a short period? And not all Westerners are as liberal as you think!

      • What I’m curious is that why are you even on this site? Aren’t you the hypocrite one here?

      • ALL nations, whether conservative or liberal are filthy. It’s not a “korean” thing. Back when America was thought of as puritan, they experienced the same “hypocrit” title because of their stars. Now it’s of course out of control. Anyway, bottomline is, human beings are filthy by nature. Some arabic countries forbid alcohol yet the youth gets wasted like nobody’s business. How ? All that is hidden eventually comes to light. Again, it’s in the human’s defect DNA. Authentically conservative people are a dime a dozen. We all need Jesus.

    • No one knows their self better than their own self. Even if prove not guilty doesn’t mean it’s not guilty and vice versa.

      • @HN What’s your point? even if its proved not guilty doesn’t mean its not guilty? then what’s the point in fighting in the first place? any person will fight if they believe they are being treated wrong or sentenced with insufficient evidence. Not guilty means Not guilty and i already said he was in the situation, he will understand the full details, we as the outsiders are only watching and criticizing from the outside so its easy to bash anyone.

        @White Queen…Flabbergasted with your comment there…I lived a short time in Korea and yes its not as conservative as one would think but which country is now a days?

  7. fact he have sex with a prostitution. didnt even have the gut to pay her to. if he wasnt so cheap his toilet sex would never make the news.
    only reason he get off free is he rich. or he would be in jail by now.

  8. Ifans always criticize korean’s double moral. But they’re do the same. Judges korean celebrities with korean mentality. While continue support western celebrities no matter their personal life.

  9. So, I’m a bit confused… Kim Hyun Joong hit (that’s confirmed) his ex-girlfriend and had baby (also, confirmed) with her. We find out ex-girlfriend lied to whatever degree. KHJ is returns from the military to a hero’s welcome. Mick Yoo Chun had sex with some girls in a bathroom and didn’t pay. The girls and their boyfriends lied about the encounters. MYC’s career is over. I don’t understand the difference.

    Is MYC’s situation worse because he was in the military while this happened? I know that was part of the problem with Se7en. To me, KHJ situation is much worse but he’s coming out fairly clean. I just don’t understand how one scandal is worse than the other.

  10. YooChun is not a saint he is human that may commit mistakes and have his share of bad choices but why do some people dont give him a second chance that I think he deserves?

    • I think the main issue is whether or not any investor would put money in casting him in a movie, unless he plays a villain or a rapist (pardon my humor)… I believe any chance of a rom-com will be out for a while given his tainted image right now. He won’t fit into any of his past drama characters… I like his acting, I think he is very talented, but who will cast an over-30 actor with a much reduced k-fanbase. Be real. Maybe songwriting which he is also good at?

  11. It’sad but some people will never accept the not guilty verdict. Since this is a court’s judgement, and they had access to the facts, labeling someone a rapist despite the ruling is prejudicial and horrific. My personal GUESS is that yep, he had sex, and it was consenual. Bathrooms are one of the few places that are safe from cameras (blackmail videos, anyone?) and while it’s tacky, it’s not like he’s taking advantage of groupies. He’s a 30 year old man and not an underage child so isn’t it unrealistic to expect him to remain chaste?And he had the misfortune to be with a woman who used the threat of rape for money. I don’t know if this was her intent at the beginning, or whether she got busted by her boyfriend and claimed rape to get out of being in trouble with him and then couldn’t stop the lie once it started. Your GUESS may differ than mine, but neither one of us knows what happened. The courts have found him NOT GUILTY and she’s spending two years in prison, so we have to trust that.

  12. It’s funny how some comments here harshly criticize him… Like they won’t watch his dramas, movies or see him in the same light again all because of one misdeed! Come on nobody is perfect- at least not you!

    • just curious if you have rewatched his dramas lately? I have and it is just not the same, I have deleted all his dramas (which used to be my treasure) from my computer. Human minds are too complicated to understand, some pre-conceptions or misconceptions or images are difficult to erase. So before you do the same, please do not criticize other readers here. Even if you can see him in the same light, others may not!

      • … and I want to add… there are so many new actors out lately, why go back to watch him? This is entertainment! When a person no longer entertains, audience will move on. It is cruel, but it’s true. We are not talking about family here… be honest, it is difficult to give second chance to a stranger.

  13. he can forget playing good guy drama. when people know he a cheap guy who dont even pay for sex. all he have to do was pay the woman. now his image is ruin. he even bring bad image to his group to.

    • Paying a woman for sex makes him guilty of soliciting for prostitution and is a crime by itself. Dunno if money talk was exchanged prior to the sex or not, but if he was asked for it afterwards, it wouldn’t be surprising if he said “hell, no!”and walked off. The whole situation is a mess and I freely admit that he was stupid to get involved, but wouldn’t not paying for services mean that she’s in the business? And wasn’t she supposed to be a server or something? So why would he expect a bill?

  14. lol his fans are really trying with all kind of suspicious sources saying ” all of them lied!! ” when the truth is one of FOUR, lied (or tried to get money out of it)

    The other 3 got scared of being jailed or not had how to prove it (because no matter how much they say they got raped, to court they need evidences which is hard, and since they were women and prostitutes the court would never be in ther side (since korean law always let the girls suffer more in rape cases)

    his fans can try but I know just one of the cases was ruled.

    Since the girls usually have the mobs controlling them, no surprise would be that she did get raped, but her mob and boyfriend tried to get money out of it and they all went to jail.

  15. it is always like this: k stars get accused of something, they start with their dirty media play, by releasing so many articles about it, with opposite/confusing facts or even lies, fans who want to grasp at something get this article and use it until the end to protect oppa.

    Just a excuse to fans use and still can stan him. Fans will buy anything.

    Example of it: PSH (the girl did kit rape AND had video of her drunk being carried by PSH friend and him) PSH started to media play she was after money, started to get her name and her family name to media and fans, and after so much time, she was forced to drop the lawsuit.

    KHJ did the same, he released so many articles that some fans believe he has no baby LOOOOL some still deny the baby was born. KHJ himself confessed of beating the girlfriend but fans decided to ignore it and say she ”lied about everything!!!”

  16. So much chatter, so little truth. I am sure he didn’t set out to be a role model in romantic sweetness and purity. Us fans watch his shows, get caught up in the characters or the selection of characters he chooses and assume we know more about themthan we do. Some poet even wrote a poem about him that was “Thank You PYC”…look it up on youtube. I watched it and thought to myself, wow, what a set of standards that he now has to live up to. I felt sorry for him and that was way b4 all this happened. He’s a great actor, I loved him in all his parts I’ve seen him in. I searched for more to see more. I still feel sorry for him. He put himself in some situation or relationship that ended up snowballing into an obvious “pile on” set of accusations . I spent a little bit of time reading thru all the press/commentary carefully and was relieved to see that his lawyers broke it down piece by piece and got it all thrown out and/or have a couple of them being faced with prison for lying. There’s no question he’s been taken advantage of. I could care less if he had sex in a bathroom. I am just happy he is having sex as a young adult male. I hate reading about many of the top stars who never go out, stay at home, hang with only their male BFFs, have never had a real girlfriend, and so on. I wouldnt wish that on anyone. After some period of no dating, then people are writing articles about them being gay (when they aren’t). Its a never-ending trial for these big male stars. And yet we pine for kdrama after kdrama from them. I just wish in Korea there was the ability to bounce back more from negative press versus a black and white career-over result. Even this article starts out casually referring to him as “discraced Korean idol-actor PYC”… I hope he’s hired a great PR person and gets thru this. I’d like to see him spending more time relaxing after out of the military, getting his health and body in shape, and moving forward with some planned projects.

    • Disagree. I am sure he set out to have a clean image by acting in mostly romantic k-dramas (except in 3 Days). Starting out as a k-pop group idol, I have watched lots of his interviews, he was groomed to be someone he is not, i.e. hiding his real identity of having one-night stand with strangers. Without a clean image, he would not be able to be casted as a male lead in all his previous dramas in S Korea (unlike Hollywood). Just read all his past interviews & promos, it maybe his agency’s media play, however a K-celebrity just cannot have the best of both worlds. To gain fans support, he must behave appropriately, which in this case, he has totally failed. He can continue to enjoy life, but his career won’t be the same, at least in S Korea for the next little while.

  17. only thing he did is making his group look like a bunch of cheap people. i hear his other member was heap like him to by notr paying for his employee. even hear his fan want him to rape them to. only thing he didnt go to jail is he pay the police jude off.

    • Did you even bother to read the info? Junsu left the care of the hotel to inexperienced family members and when he found out the situation he used his own personal income to pay the employees. NO fan wants rape and you’re deciding he’s guilty on what concrete facts? The police, who have been carefully monitored throughout this case,are paid off? Your comments are ridiculous and don’t deserve a response but I did it anyway just’cause someone might actually believe you.

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