Gintama Live Action Movie Releases Final Character Stills of Yagira Yuya Leading Shinsengumi Three

Being a manga fan since the dawn of my consciousness means that I will never get too old to not be excited with a live action adaptation, especially when Japan does it and goes all in. Recent years have seen successful adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin and the widely panned adaptation of Attack on Titan, so the two extremes will forever exist and sometimes separated by a thin line since making the over-the-top on paper work in human form is a delicate artistic vision hard to pull off.

This summer comes the highly anticipated live action movie take on hit shonen fantasy samurai manga Gintama (Silver Soul), starring Oguri Shin, Suda Masaki, and Hashimoto Kanna as the leads, the movie has been teasing by dropping lead posters and the final batch arrived this week with the Shinsengumi three of Yagira Yuya as Hijikata Toshiro, blond Yoshizawa Ryo as Okita Sougo, and gruff commander Kondo played by Nakamura Kankuro. The movie drops this July so check out the full line-up below including a side by side comparison of the spot on human versions of the manga characters.


Gintama Live Action Movie Releases Final Character Stills of Yagira Yuya Leading Shinsengumi Three — 6 Comments

  1. While always a fan of manga I never truly ventured to Japanese dramas (preferring Korean, Chinese and even Taiwanese dramas) so I don’t really know who’s who in the j-acting world but so far I’ve been impressed by most of the cast for their ability to convincingly sell their character without going over the top, especially these three here, so it’s a shame they are being left down by the styling. The clothes look cheap, Okita’s gun fake and I have no idea why they gave Kondo such spiky hair and highlights o.O Either way I remain cautiously optimistic about the movie.

  2. hijikata … kakkoi..
    gorila looks fine too and shuga..
    but noone beat Oguri hehe.. cant wait this movie to come out..

  3. I’m so looking forward to this movie even if it’s once again the benizakura arc. Perhaps they can do a back to back instead of a single movie? Gintama wins in its wacky slice-of-lifeness and I do hope to see each of these characters get their deserved screentime.

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