K-movie Version of Cheese in the Trap Holds First Cast Meeting and Readies for Filming

The reboot or continuation of K-drama Cheese in the Trap has kicked off as the movie cast gathered for their first production meeting. The only returnee from the drama is male lead Park Hae Jin, while the rest of the well-cast drama leads Kim Go Eun, Seo Kang Joon, and Lee Sung Kyung are all out. I don’t have a problem with recasting for the drama but it feels like these three were thrown under the bus for the wacky second half of the drama that threw Park Hae Jin’s character under the bus. I hope the movie hews true to what made the first half of the drama work by staying true to the webtoon narrative, and newly cast leads Oh Yeon Seo, Park Ki Woong, and Yoo In Young are surprisingly great potential matches to the original characters. Directing is the PD of Wonderful Radio and Queen of the Night.

Also attending the first cast meeting with the earlier cast leads are recently cast supporting leads Sandara Park and Kim Hyun Jin.


K-movie Version of Cheese in the Trap Holds First Cast Meeting and Readies for Filming — 13 Comments

  1. I have never been a fan of Oh Yeon Seo, i have seen some of her drama but i just dont get that feeling, i would have preferred if they keep Kim Go Eun but that’s just me!

  2. I’m curious because some people said that story is not about college life but after… So it could be interesting and the casting would fit. But if they follow the original story, I really don’t understand the need to make a movie and the choice of the casting, who is too old in my opinion.

  3. I miss Kim Go Eun’s Hong Sul. she was so unconventional and quirky as the always doubtful Hong Sul, and I don’t get that vibe from OYS at all, who’s more like your typical kdrama heroine. If they wanted to make a movie, I feel they should have gone for a younger lot, all 20’s and newbies, would have been more close to the original webtoon I guess. They got the writing right this time, but not the cast.

  4. if it’s a remake, i think the actors are too old to be playing college students, no offense to dara, still think she looks way too young for her age and she’ll most probably can still pass as a college student with the right styling.

    now, if this is a sequel, i can understand the casting choice. i still prefer to see the original cast though. kim go eun was just perfect as hong seol and chemistry with park hae jin was really good.

  5. casting dara is bad she old why not cast the old one even if she bad at acting pretty sure her acting cant be worst then dara.

  6. I liked the original cast. Parkhaejin looks good as the male lead, but looks too old to play student. Kimgoeun was perfect as the lead why didnt they pick her instead. I mean its not her fault Parkhaejin was snubbed in the drama I think their being extremely unfair to the original cast since it was the directors and writers fault that Parkhaejin didnt come out enough. I just hope this movie doesnt blow up in Parkhaejin face in the box office because then he will lose face. How embarassing? Anyway cant wait for the movie and I hope its not a sequel to the drama because the ending sucked, but I hope its a sequel to the webtoon cause its almost gonna finish and Im anxious to see if they stay together or not.

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