Sooyoung and Other Twenty-something K-stars Explode with Floral Cuteness at Marc Jacobs Event

I find age appropriate attire such dressing requirement yet the distinction can sometimes be a fine line to toe. Thankfully the right batch of starlets were out in force at the Marc Jacobs event in Seoul this week, showing off lithe figures and fresh faces decked out in a mix-and-match variety of flower print outfits. Sooyoung goes for the baby doll dress with boots while Son Dam Bi and Goo Hara pull a jacket over their flower dresses and do different hosiery pairings with mary janes. One model even completes her outfit with a rainbow thigh high socks and sky high platforms and manages to look adorable. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun fashion parade, heralding the spring presence with tons of cheekiness.


Sooyoung and Other Twenty-something K-stars Explode with Floral Cuteness at Marc Jacobs Event — 12 Comments

  1. I have to confess I’m a lot tired of this “mini” skirt look with all the thighs showing. I’m wondering when Knee length dresses will make a comeback? One actress that doesn’t follow trends and rocks the knee length, longer skirts/dresses look is Yoo In Na, I found her wardrobe choices in My Secret Hotel and Goblin to be entirely appropriate.

    • What is so inappropriate about bare thighs or skirt that goes above the knees? Those dresses in this article aren’t remotely mini skirts. It’s ok if you don’t want to wear dresses that are this short. However, to call them inappropriate because they are too short to your standards is a bit too much, especially since this is for a fashion show and designed for casual wear, not for church/mosque/synagogue/temple visiting…

      • I was referring to them being appropriate for Yoo In Na’s roles in her dramas. I never referred to those mini dresses being inappropriate. It’s OK for you to have your preferences for mini skirts and bare thighs, just as it’s OK for me to admit that I am pretty tired of seeing pictures of them, in dramas and magazines. To each his own…

  2. Sooyoung has such a great body. These SNSD girls are never shy of showing off their thin thighs. How many fanboys of SNSD have been drawn to the idols because of that!!!!!!!! LOL

    LOL @ the fashion!

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