Park Yoochun’s Korea and International Fan Sites Release Joint Statement Pledging Continued Support

The fall from grace for Yoochun has been steep and dragged out for the last year, which is long for a scandal but rather short when it comes to typical criminal investigations and civil complaints. He was cleared from all criminal investigation earlier this month while one accuser and her accomplices got jail sentences for making a false claim of rape and also attempted extortion – in essence a prostitute at a salon had sex with Yoochun (which he admitted) but either he didn’t pay her or she was just pissed and afterwards she accused him of rape and also tried to get his company SM Entertainment to buy her silence. While Yoochun isconfirmed not a rapist in this scandal there was so muck muck revealed from this investigation, along with other women who came forth and claimed Yoochun forced sex on them. In the end his fans have stayed with him and this week released a joint statement of 117 fan clubs across 22 countries pledged continued, unconditional, and unwavering support for their oppa.


Park Yoochun’s Korea and International Fan Sites Release Joint Statement Pledging Continued Support — 33 Comments

  1. lol good luck his career in korea is gone now that china ban korea actor wonder were he will go. there no way korea will even bother to wath his drama. not like he a good actor. he just as bad as LMH in acting. he dont even have LMH look to. he look like a grandpa in one of those police picture.

  2. I am glad he has been cleared from all charges since he is innocent. But I can no longer look at him without feeling creeped out by his personal preferences. At any rate, good luck dude.

    • He wasn’t cleared ? It’s just that the victim couldn’t get evidence since she was raped long ago by this monster

      You should look at the statement released by the police

      • You need to update yourself, before correcting others and inadvertently, spreading the wrong information. He was found not guilty, not for lack of evidence, but for actual evidence found from the alleged victim’s deleted messages, witnesses, CCTV, etc. Did you miss the part where two people are already in jail for extortion and another was just recently arrested. A good place to start would be to read the actual police statement – that exonerated him.

    • He was cleared of all charges, but as for him being innocent, still some question about that in the public’s mids. He was accused by 4 different women. The first woman was found to have been guilty of blackmail, which is the case talked about here. The others the police said that they couldn’t bring charges because of lack of evidence that force occured because it was he said/she said. So it might have happened, but just couldn’t be proven.
      Regardless, his behavior of regularly having sex in bathrooms with prostitutes has majorly damaged his reputation in Korea. His acting career is probably over, and he can forget about any CFs. Looks like he can still have a music career since the international fans are supporting him. I do wonder about JYJ-how will his scandal affect them?

  3. Jeez, how can anyone support him? This is Cosby all over again…so they hate Kim Hyun Joom but will support this guy??? I can never understand K-fans…..

    • Perhaps, because Yoochun was cleared of all charges and the accusers are found to have colluded together and 2 are already in jail? Having one night stands can be looked upon badly, but it is far from rape.

    • Not K-fans, so far I’ve seen almost all of the K-fans are disgusted by him, it’s mostly the international fanbase who’s still crazy for him

    • IKR? I wonder how people here can still support him? It’s sad that perpetrators like him are out in the open air and then there are these fan bases who have no qualms about him involved in these type of activities. Doesn’t matter whether he raped or not, that he took part in this, already speaks volumes about what kind of person he is. As if world has lack of better people now, why support a creep?

  4. Industry is full of better looking, much more talented and nicer idols/actors, so fangirls.. do yourself a favor and love yourselves and stop getting a headache because of this guy

    • Agree. Aka park hyung sik, park bo gum, song joong ki, lee dong wook gong yoo, the list goes on. Bad boys are sooo yesterday. Gimme wholesome anytime.

  5. Maybe he could act as a bad guy or someone with a strange fetish in dramas or movies. It would be great. Easy for him and us.

  6. @ting. Must you mention lmh. Why are u so pissed about him. Plss get a life and leave lmh alone, some people can be so annoying.

  7. Its their choice, please stop questioning one’s choice. I am a die hard cassieopiea before thus I know how much those fans must have felt to continue their support for him. We don’t know the whole story so I’ll leave it at that. Whatever it is, I just hope Micky learns a whole lot from this mess. Neve

  8. While what he did was a lousy cnoice, it was not rape and I think he’s already gone thru enough hell. He’s a 30 year old man who has worked many years to build his career only to have it destroyed because he partied too hard and had consenual sex. He’s not married and doesn’t even have a girlfriend,so give the guy a break. People who expect their favorite idols/actors to live up to impossibly high standards are unrealistic and doomed to suffer disappointment. And may I add, be sure your own life is pure before you condemn others.

  9. no normal humen being will ever look him the same way, they will alway be remind of his sex in the toilet with a proustite without paying her. who know how many time he did this without getting caught.

    • As you said, no one knows what happened. And I’m sorry to be so blunt about this, but it was a private place with no cameras and this wasn’t a romantic encounter but a quick hookup. Wasn’t she described as a server there and not a prostitute? If he paid he would be guilty of solicitation and could be blackmailed. They tried it anyway. Having casual sex in a bathroom is not a good idea, but not a crime-as the courts ruled.

  10. I thought I read where some fans were smacked by two of the threesome? Then he goes into the military police, and seemed to have way to much freedom and time on his hands. Did he show any concern for anyone but himself, doesn’t seem like it. Alice and Table have described what has been reported, more accurately, in my opinion. I won’t be watching him, being a icky is easy, having dignity and honor…. takes pride and honestyand hard work. I also renowned being an idol isn’t easy, they start out by letting the fans believe they own them…get popular, and all of a sudden are upset with the fans, because they do not need them like they did before, and want their lives back. The business which affords them, the money, attention and lifestyle they have chosen…doesn’t seem to work like that. Their livelihood depends on their fans, handle fans in your adult and you will be paid back with respect and love.

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