Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won’s K-drama Criminal Minds Scheduled for July 2017 tvN Late Night Broadcast

I’m actually relieved that Lee Jun Ki isn’t doing a rom-com or romance based K-drama as his next project, let’s keep him out of fan shipping cross hairs for the time being. He’s confirmed for the upcoming Korean remake of hit US procedural show Criminal Minds, and so is his leading lady Moon Chae Won. I’ve never envisioned this onscreen pairing before but now that it’s here I can’t unsee how potentially electric and fun it’ll be. I’ve never watched the original Criminal Minds but I’m sure the K-version will adapt it to Korean situations to make it feel organic to the audience. The drama is now heading into the final casting confirmations with a scheduled filming start in late April, hitting the smalls screens on the tvN late night drama schedule for a July summer airing. Can’t wait!


Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won’s K-drama Criminal Minds Scheduled for July 2017 tvN Late Night Broadcast — 29 Comments

  1. Why late night? Difficult to get higher ratings. The only TvN drama at late night that ever reached 10% was Another Miss Oh. And somehow I could see why they put that drama in late night. Too many intimate scenes and kinda adult drama. Will be better if it’s on weekend at prime time. Aigoooooo… ..

  2. I wonder who’ll play whom? I’m a huge fan of the US series (been watching it since Season 1) and a big part as to why its still there until now is because they work well as an ensemble despite the many cast changes through the years. My guess is that Junki will play a character inspired by either Reid or Morgan.

  3. I love the US version. I think it works well because of the writing and the personalities on the team. Looking forward to see what they can do 🙂

  4. Even though late night slots are not favourable for ratings, it’s kinda understandable for Korea. They even blur out knives on primtime TV despite everybody and their grandmas knowing its a knife, so well …

  5. This came about in mid of last year. They released an info about casting offers in January this year. Finally, they’ve released the confirmation this month. I have been waiting for it since forever.

  6. his nice image is gone everyone know he a lying man now. he lie about not having a gf on a show just so he can get money.

    • OMG! Just get over it! the backlash he & his gf get right now is the exact reason why he kept it under a wrap.

      for whatever reasons, we have no right to judge his decisions on his private life.

    • You considered him lying because you are such a fool to believe and expect celebrities to reveal everything and to be up front over their personal lives. He has every rights with whatever ways he opted to safeguard his personal life from public scrutiny.

    • Which part of the show did LJG lie? Clearly you have not watched it.

      FYI, The Candy in my Ear show was about confiding Worries between strangers over the phone. It was not a a dating show. LJG and PMY just so happen to be well connected and their chemistry was amazing. It was also clear during scenes where they had serious talk, LJG treat her like a sister and giving her advice. As Junior PMY kept going back to formal tone and LJG kept assuring her that t’was ok to talk informally as it’s the rule of the show. Also, Their episodes we’re inspired from Movie so it was edited similar to the film so it came out very romantic.

      So, Why did LJG become a liar by appearing on that show? People’s mindset have gone downhill, quite frankly.

      • Yes people dint know what they were actually talking LOL. this was the dumbest controversy i have ever seen. romantic my foot it was the coolest friendship i have ever seen on the show.the episode was ruined by the viewers who kept on imagining romantic things instead of listening to what they talked.

      • So what’s the difference between him doing a regular romance drama and this particular program (Candy in My Ear) – there is no difference so just move on.

  7. Glad that LJG is back to my tv screen real soon. And so happy that finally he is getting a credible lead actress though CM is actually about ensemble cast. I don’t care so much about the rating, my concern is the quality and hopefully this drama will be an acclaimed one which will merit the many huge talents in the amazing line of casts.

  8. I’ve been watching CM since season 1 and one of the most important things is the case developed in each episode. So the casting of the criminals, victims … it’s very important too !

  9. This is going to be amazing. I love the original CM and with lee joon gi playing one of the characters in the remake I know I am gonna love it.

  10. I’m really looking forward to this and I’m hoping and praying that there is no romance or love triangle. I don’t mind having hints of relationships but as long as it doesn’t take over the plot.

    Now I want to know who the writer will be! People will have really high standards for this so I hope TVN finds a talented writer.

    • I also hope that romance isn’t a major player as well. At one time it was reported that the station was having an open script contest for the adaptation (via Dramabeans)but that was before it moved to tvN. I think they should just hire the writer who adapated The Good Wife because he or she did an excellent job.

  11. This is one of my most anticipated drama for 2017. I have not really seen an authentic procedural drama in K-drama land. It maybe the first so I am so looking forward to it.

    I hope they would not ruin it would those foolish romance as they normally did in most of action, war & procedural dramas. Flirtations and insinuation of romance would be ok to add a bit of diff colour but not those useless love triangle. I still have trauma with Road No. 1. I thought it would have been an epic war drama without too match emphasis on the romance or romantic melodrama tone.

    Looks like Criminal minds has a strong ensemble and strong actors in the line up. I am so looking forward to it.

      • Signal was ok except the walkie talkie part. I like that right drama too. The diff, the filming approach of Sign was more serialised than procedural which was common to k-drama of this genre. I’d expect that CM would be authentic procedural drama. So I am really excited about it.

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