Former Running Man Cast Member and Rapper Gary Announces Surprise Marriage to Non-celebrity Wife

Hoo boy, the K-ent relationship reveal train just keeps on chugging along, with the second one this week taking it one step further from just dating to married. Gary (Gary Kang) of Running Man and his rap career fame announced via his SNS account that he up and got married. Yup, just like that, when before this there wasn’t even an inkling that he was dating. Gary’s new wife is a non-famous non-celebrity and he asks for well wishes from his fans explaining that he married the woman he loves. Congrats to Gary and his wife, if it wasn’t for Running Man and the way audiences shipped him with costar Song Ji Hyo as the so-called “Monday Couple” this news might just be 100% positive. I’m glad he left RM last year before the whole cancellation and then not-cancelled mess happened, and gave him space from the Monday Couple shippers so this marriage news seems overall to fall with a happy landing.


Former Running Man Cast Member and Rapper Gary Announces Surprise Marriage to Non-celebrity Wife — 13 Comments

  1. Congrats to Gary and his wife!!! Wishing them a blissful wedded life.

    But I thought she was a non-celebrity women/normal citizen. Not a non-famous celebrity.

    • every celebs in south korea are single, until they announce their relationships themselves, or dispatch out them.

    • Oh my god. First, Lee Jun Ki was accused of lying and now Gary? Just because he played along with the “Monday Couple” shipping and saying that he was single, so he was lying?

      Come on, this is 2017. People are supposed to be smart enough to understand that celebrities are human too and telling white lies are their ways to protect their privacy. If he told the public that he is seeing someone, the tabloids will surely hound him to get some juicy scoop and he would have lost all his private space and could jeopardize his personal relationship.

      For once, just be happy with whoever they ended up with. We are not supposed to govern how they are to live their lives and whom they are supposed to be with.

      Congrats, Gary. Wishing all the happiness that this sweet gentleman greatly deserves.

      • @Emilie, 100% agree. I can’t believe there are people who think that their oppa and unnie are inexperienced virgins if they aren’t in public relationship. I saw in Lee Jun Ki dating news article, there was a commenter who wrote that ’It’s about time oppa started dating, he is 30 yrs old healthy man after all’, they really must have thought that he was inexperienced lol.
        And anything they disclose about their personal lives (e.g that they are not dating at the moment) must be true because that’s what they said to the press, and when they get ’caught (ugh, hate taht word in this context), they feel betrayed.
        Also, these delusional shippers and fans really think they know everything about their oppa and unnie, when in fact they only see their public persona. These delulus have a real hard time accepting the fact that celebrities have P R I V A T E lives and that they don’t owe fans any information about THEIR private lives…

  2. I saw this headline and my eyes got so big my sister asked if something was wrong. While extremely shocking, this is FANTASTIC news!! Congrats to Gary and his wife!!! <3

  3. I do wonder if he might have left RM because he wanted to get married. Even the “Monday Couple” had ended prior to him leaving the show, news of him dating would have been a mess. Though, Song Jim Hyo was in a long-term relationship while on the show and wasn’t too bad.

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