Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won Freed From Mediocrity and Attends Criminal Minds Drama Wrap Party

The wholly underwhelming run of the K-drama remake Criminal Minds finished this week, freeing the talented cast to do bigger and better things, or at least snap back to life from their somnambulant state of being for the last 8 weeks. To know that K-dramas is planning to remake Suits next just has me sighing over the pointlessness of doing something in a completely forgettable way. Even having big name leads like Lee Jun Ki, Son Hyun Joo, and Moon Chae Won plus a big budget did nothing to elevate CM into being as decent as the US show or adding a worthwhile K-drama vibe to color the proceedings uniquely. All that’s left is watching the show as a Jun Ki fan for the sole purpose of checking out how visually impeccable he looks these days, and hoping both him and Moon Chae Won pick better projects next time solo or teamed up again. Continue reading

K-remake of Criminal Minds Passes Midway Airing and Drops to 2% range from Premiere Ratings High of 4%

Things are not dire but is certainly disappointing as tvN‘s high profile and big name casted K-drama remake of Criminal Minds hasn’t really resonated with the local audience. Episode 1 did a promising and high for cable 4.187% AGB nationwide … Continue reading