Nam Ji Hyun Beats Up Poor Ji Chang Wook in New Teaser for Suspicious Partner

Slapstick looks to be the dominant element in upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Suspicious Partner, or at least that appears to be the case judging by all the previews so far. There was the election dance spoof and now there is a beat up the poor besotted male lead moment first teased as a romantic moment. At least female lead Nam Ji Hyun isn’t styled like a rough and tumble tomboy, instead juxtaposing her toughness with her first time playing a pretty and stylish character rather than a country bumpkin. Male lead Ji Chang Wook looks adorable whether falling into a swoon or getting the bejebus kicked out of him, slapstick looks good on him just as thriller intensity does.

New teaser for Suspicious Partner:


Nam Ji Hyun Beats Up Poor Ji Chang Wook in New Teaser for Suspicious Partner — 7 Comments

  1. CJK in a suit is nice ! :p

    I really love the beauty of NJH, she’s different of other actresses.

    Can’t wait for this drama !

  2. Loving the teasing and looking forward to a new romcom. I really liked Nam Ji Hyun and Shopping King Louie, so she is my main draw to this drama. I now Ji Chang Wook me from healer, which I just finished last week as a warm-up to this. I wanted to know what to expect from him in this. I liked it well enough, but it left me a bit cold.

  3. I love this drama… I love the lead stars and I am looking
    forward and so excited to watch it. Cheers!.

  4. I read where it was not easy to get the type of reaction she wanted from JCW. I would imagine he has a lot on his mind before heading out to serve his military time, especially now with the border tensions.

    Wonder if he is dating P!Y? Not wishful thinking, just something he said about tea and not drinking alcohol.

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