K-ent Reports on New Leading Men Battle on Mon-Tues Nights with Park Seo Joon, Kim Young Kwang and Joo Won

The Mon-Tues slot is about to get a much needed refresher but sadly it won’t be my favorite battle to the death when three new prime time dramas premiere at the same time. Next week comes the first showdown between Fight My Way with Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won against Lookout with Kim Young Kwang and Lee Shi Young, and the following week Joo Won arrives late to the dance with his My Sassy Girl Oh Yeon Seo. ┬áK-media is wondering which of the three leading men will win the ratings battle, and hilariously doesn’t reference their leading ladies almost like the women are afterthoughts. I’m actually most interested in seeing how Oh Yeon Seo does her take on the sageuk version of the sassy girl character Jeon Ji Hyun made iconic, otherwise it’s probably the cute friends turned lovers bickering romance of Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won in Fight My Way that I want to watch for the story and chemistry.


K-ent Reports on New Leading Men Battle on Mon-Tues Nights with Park Seo Joon, Kim Young Kwang and Joo Won — 11 Comments

  1. Joo Won! He’s the best, out of three. Plus Oh Yeon-seo there, it just getting better. The only problem is, I already made a vow that I won’t watch this drama, because of Kim Joo-hyun’s case…

    • SAME.
      Joo Won is the only actor on the list that has multiple hit drama. Some people might argue about Park Seo joon but in all his drama he isn’t the lead character (kill me heal me) or the character that the audience enjoy and continue watching the show for (she was pretty). His most recent drama also didn’t do so good… however I hope he creates a miracle like his costar hyungsik did.

  2. As if Kim Young Kwang is in the same league as Joo Won or Park Seo Joon.

    I don’t think he’s leading man material, even Yoon Kyun Sang managed to steal that show in Pinocchio and came out ahead with two well received sageuks, while KYK has had two shots at lead since then and neither of them worked.

  3. I think lookout is gonna be interesting, i like the storyline, will check this out. No feeling for my sassy girl partly due to casting fiasco, but I will be surprised if it turn out to be a rating winner. As for fight my way, meh… seriously this plot has been played like a million times already. i’m bored.

  4. At the end of the day, I think the drama with the most appealing plot to K-audiences will win out. Lookout has, on the surface, a more interesting plot, but a lot depends on the execution, but even with a brilliant execution, it may end up with ratings as high as W’s, since it will only appeal to a younger demographic; if it’s executed badly, it will be another Missing 9. Fight My Way’s plot has been done to death, Park Seo Joon isn’t a very charismatic leading man; (although I love him) so I predict a middling to low success. The ratings winner is most likely Joo Won’s My Sassy Girl: first it is a Saguek, so more broad based appeal, then Joo Won’s a ratings hit magnet, the only challenges for this drama is comparison’s to the original, and its execution. If it is too slapstick, it may lose its audience.

  5. If My Sassy Girl is done right like Moonlight, ratings will def soar. I am most excited for Fight My Way though, for both leads, but romcoms don’t normally get high ratings like saeguks do?

    Will be paying attention to Lookout for Kim Seul Gi, the leads don’t interest me and though I always enjoy thriller, we have a bit too much of it lately. Will watch if the reviews are good!

  6. joo won all the way.sassy girl will definitely be the winner with its initial episodes because of the star power of joo won after that,the drama with the best storyline will win in the end.

    joo won doesnt have the best record when it comes to remakes so heres hoping sassy girl breaks that jinx.

  7. I am fond of the gal in My Sassy Girl, but am also happy to see Kim Ji Won in the lead of her drama. I agree with others that MSG probably has the best hit potential but if good buzz on one of the other dramas erupts, this could all change. Nothing beats good word of mouth.

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