Pregnant Kim Tae Hee Beaming in First Public Appearance at Skincare CF Event

There are certain Hallyu fan daydream goals and as a girl it may be carrying Rain‘s baby and a dude may wish he snagged Kim Tae Hee as his baby momma. That these two popular stars are actually each other’s life goals now just make me happier for them, rising to the top of their professions through hard work and managing a relationship in all the right step ways to make even hyper critical K-netizens rooting for them. Kim Tae Hee made her first public appearance this weekend at a skincare brand CF event since the announcement of her pregnancy earlier in the week. She’s 15 weeks along so about 4 months, enough to seem a tad rounder but no noticeable baby bump yet. She’s radiating so much maternal glow I need sunglasses and I hope the pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far. Happy to see her out and about and looking forward to meeting their little bundle of joy in 6 months.


Pregnant Kim Tae Hee Beaming in First Public Appearance at Skincare CF Event — 20 Comments

  1. Radiant! Absolutely beautiful! Also glad to see her in sensible shoes, high heels with sturdy supporting heels n not the sharp pin -point killers!

  2. she’s even prettier putting a little weight suits her.. ur right koalas, “managing a relationship in all the right step ways”.. ideal celebrity couple

  3. She even wear sensible shoes. So beautiful n glowing. They r not just celebrity couple goals but i admire their lowkey courtship n even simpler wedding.

    • It’s just a matter of personal taste. I do agree that she is the most beautiful girl in korea. I think koreans have great taste. I find myself always agreeing with their choices of handsome and beautiful actors/actresses.

    • no it’s not just you. I feel like some people were brainwashed to think she’s pretty and young looking when actually she’s not and looks even older than 37 y.o.

      • I found KTH beautiful from the moment I first saw her. No I was not brainwashed by media because our country is hallayu wasteland and I don’t follow Korean entertainers and I’m not even East Asian.
        But I’m not going to bash the people who don’t find her beautiful because it’s all about the preferance.
        I think for a 37 years old her skin is great. Aging is not a sin. Everybody ages not her fault. Good that she got pregnant because age is not going to do any favour to her. Congrats to her.

  4. Some people just don’t know how to keep it classy.. even if you don’t find her beautiful so what keep it to yourself..she’s pregnant for god sakes therefore she is radiant and beautiful. In her own way.. jealous people makes me sick to my stomach

  5. Their relationship is an ideal type for an Asian. Lowkey for 5 years and having baby after getting married. Good for them.

  6. I think she is one of the most beautiful woman and lovely and the best to be able to accommodate all kind of ups and down that. Come her way . Lucky person as well . Wishing them a good baby otw

  7. Who cares if people thinks she’s most beautiful or not? Let’s talk about the ruffle swap meet skirt from 2003 and the toilet paper inspired shirt.

    • Cute tho! I’ve always hear the public perception of her being the most beautiful woman in south korea and i definetly cant fault that. She is pretty ☺

  8. She is pretty… not sure if she should be the most beautiful… there are always younger and more beautiful girls in K-dramaland. She has a lot of eye wrinkles, this is natural and she looks happy in the pictures. I like her clothes, looks very comfy 🙂

  9. is she doing a beyonce fake pregnancy….where are the pics of her and her baby belly? these two have been in hiding since they got married and mostly announced their pregnancy…

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