Rain and Jo Jung Seok Strongly Deny Magazine Rumor that Each is Having Affairs with Female Golfer

Welp, be ready for legal consequences either way, when a publication says something it better be true or don’t spread it. A Korean magazine published an article that two married top stars with wives who are also famous is having an affair with a pretty female golfer. Netizens linked it to Rain and Jo Jung Seok and both actors have immediately and strenuously denied the allegations. They are reportedly furious and will be taking legal action. Rain is married to Kim Tae Hee and have two kids together, and netizens think the female golfer in question actually resembles Kim Tae Hee. Jo Jung Seok is married to Gummy and they have a kid together. This is the stuff to ruin marriages if not true, and it sucks that the original rumor said enough to try to identify the married stars in question but did not name names. Go figure it out in court then.

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K-ent Discusses Who is the Next Top Classic Korean Actress of the Decade After Kim Tae Hee in 00’s, Kim Hee Sun in 90’s, and Hwang Shin Hye in 80’s

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Kim Dae Mi, Kim Hee Ae, and Park Bo Gum Lead the 2020 RACOI Values for 2020 Buzzy Actors and Actresses Combined with Drama Ratings

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K-netizens Wonder Which Top Actress Would Have Been Visual Center if Debuting in One Idol Group

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K-netizens Discuss South Korea’s Top 10 Beauties Which Remain Unchanged Since the Early Hallyu Days

A poll and post has been making its way through K-netizen ranks and it’s relatively consensus driven on who is considered one of South Korea’s top 10 beauties here in 2020. It’s like the same list since 2005 if you … Continue reading