Posters and Teasers for KBS Variety Drama The Best Hit Premiering June 2nd

The upcoming KBS drama The Best Hit got on my radar when it cast cutie Yoon Si Yoon as the male lead, and has increased my interest thanks to cute teaser stills and now a set of fun drama posters and previews. The drama airs this coming Friday June 2nd in the same time slot that KBS aired the first variety drama Producer to mixed ratings and reception but was a successful attempt in my books. Coming back to star and direct this hybrid genre is Cha Tae Hyun and he hands the younger stars Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Min Jae, and Lee Se Young the reins to be loud and out as we see their characters navigating the dreams and travails of entertainment stardom. I even see new stills with Jang Hyuk making a cameo appearance for good friend Cha Tae Hyun so I’m expecting lots more special pop ups as the drama airs.

Teasers for The Best Hit:


Posters and Teasers for KBS Variety Drama The Best Hit Premiering June 2nd — 4 Comments

  1. I can’t wait for this Drama I love Yoon si Yoon and well since Laurel tree tailor I became a fan of Lee Se Young.

  2. This has ”HEIRS” allover it. Long time since I have seen a drama thema that reminds about that. HEIRS type shows are bonfida for teenagers and young-adults of that particular generation. Just imagine how savagely popular HEIRS got. I actully don’t recall a drama getting to such popularity like that. So I expect big things from this one

  3. This is so not my type of drama but I hope it does well with it’s target demographic. Apart from the typical pretty faces, it’s something kind of different.

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