Lee Se Young and Bae In Hyuk Confirmed for Sageuk Romance Time-travel Drama Park’s Contract Marriage Story

Oh this looks so promising for me cuz I love both these cuties! Lee Se Young and Bae In Hyuk are confirmed for the sageuk romance time-travel Park’s Contract Marriage Story (The Story of Park’s Contract Marriage) with the drama slated for the second half of 2023. The drama is a time-travel story of Joseon’s most virtuous widow who is the daughter of a top court official and on her wedding day her new groom dies leaving her a widow. She time-travels to the present and works hard to go back to her life in the past. Awwww girlfriend, stay in the present and find new life with a hottie, which may be what happens when she encounters Bae In Hyuk’s character. I think these two stars would be fantastic together and am looking forward to this.

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Junho, Kim Tae Ri, Squid Game, and D.P. are the Big Television Side Winners at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards

The annual Baeksang Arts Awards was held this Friday night in Seoul and the 2022 edition totally dropped some surprises and some expected wins. In a first, the winner of the Popularity Awards Junho and Kim Tae Ri also won … Continue reading

K-ent Discusses How Currently Popular Stars are Doing Back-to-Back Dramas Including Ahn Hyo Seob, Lee Se Young, Song Kang, and Kim Se Jung

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