Lee Se Young Picks Next Drama the MBC Time-travel Romance Park’s Contract Marriage Story

I’ve long since put Love by Law (The Law Cafe) in the rear view mirror and neither leads Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young have come out worse for wear with, I just chalk it up to wrong roles in a lackluster story. I’m ready for whatever each has in store for 2023 and Lee Se Young has just picked a drama that sounds totally interesting. It’s adapted from a webtoon called Park’s Contract Marriage Story (The Contract Marriage Tale of Female Martyr Park) about a woman in 19th century late Joseon era who time-travels to the present day and tries to get back. She’s the daughter of a high ranking official who became a widow on the first day of her marriage and this becomes a legendary figure spoken about in the capital city. Time-travel typically goes back in time so this coming forward sounds super interesting and I can’t wait especially with Lee Se Young in the female lead role.

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K-ent Discusses How Currently Popular Stars are Doing Back-to-Back Dramas Including Ahn Hyo Seob, Lee Se Young, Song Kang, and Kim Se Jung

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