My Sassy Girl Premieres Second in Ratings as Fight My Way Nearly Doubles to Take the Lead

This Monday was the real test of the late spring prime time K-dramas, as time slot leader Whisper concluded last week and the successor drama premiered to compete with the two new arrivals from last week. SBS aired the sageuk adaptation of My Sassy Girl today and the drama premiered to 8.5% AGB nationwide ratings, putting it in the middle of the pack as KBS finally got out from the ratings slump and took the lead for the night with a nearly double increase for Fight My Way as it broke double digits and took in 10.7% AGB ratings. Rounding out the rear is MBC‘s Lookout as it remains mired in low ratings with 5.6%. It’s a doubke surprise that My Sassy Girl didn’t take the lead and to see Fight My Way go from third place on its premiere episode to leading the time slot by the third. From all accounts all three are enjoyable in their own way go have a go at whatever genre tickles your fancy for the next 8 weeks or so.


My Sassy Girl Premieres Second in Ratings as Fight My Way Nearly Doubles to Take the Lead — 41 Comments

  1. No, both Fight My Way and Lookout are really good. Fight My Way is a touching story and I think female viewers will connect more with it, so I can almost see it topping the ratings in the weeks to come. Lookout is a good drama, the cast is so great but Kim Young Kwang is such a stiff actor.I just can’t warm up to him. Both dramas are very enjoyable but My Sassy girl…not so much. The humor is forced and it has all the makings of a disaster judging from the first episode

    • Liked everyone except Kim Young Kwang, annoying actor. Look forward to seeing Shin Dong Wook, is he playing a priest?

  2. “My Sassy Girl” is horrible. Oh Yeon Seo overacted and not helping is that her character is such a bully to the point that she is plain annoying. I like Joo Won though but I am definitely not going to check episode 2. “Fight My Way” is ok but it doesn’t click to me and the friendship between PSJ and KJW feels unnatural, thus I don’t enjoy it either. Guess I’ll just pre-empted my Mon-Tue timeslot for the next interesting drama to come along.

  3. All dramas are fun. And oh yeon seo character being a bully is how the original My sassy girl movie started. In the movie, the guy is even weaker.

    • I know since I watched the original movie (not that I enjoyed it either). The thing is, this is 2017. Since the brought the setting to Joseon, why can’t they reinterpret the term “sassy” as well. I totally root for strong feisty kick-ass female character but I really cannot tolerate a bully. Her character was ridiculous right from the get go. I was even more irritated that she kept throwing things at him when he sought to explain himself but she did not dare to stand up for herself in front of the scheming queen. Now, that’s so much of sassy-ness we talked about?

  4. The thing about My sassy girl is the intro sucks. Even in the movie it sucks too. You dont start to like it until the characters begin to connect. They wasted the entire episode on how popular the male character is while in china only for him to move to Korea where girls dont fall on their knees for him. So I really didnt get the point. If they wanted the audience to know he was popular they could have just had one character comment on his popularity.
    Also confusing is the girl’s story line. Did her little brother die?

    The writers should have cleaned up the first episode nicely.

    • I don’t like what I see so far. I did not plan to check the drama initially but it was aired same time as Korea on cable tv, so I decided to give it a try. The moment Joo Won appeared with his dog and sunnies, the set-up already feel like a cross between modern and sageuk but I still could accept it because I think they tried to add the “zany” feel but after that, everything seem nonsensical. And with the princess always a trouble-maker, I truly cannot accept the action of her bodyguard to have Joo Won being charged as an attempted rapist when she knows all along on the hassles that she has been creating. The costume is great but apart from that, the first episode failed to inject any interest to follow through. And yes, I agree with the comment above, I don’t like OYS’ character. She is a lunatic bully.

  5. damn who thought joo won will be beaten by psj.sassy girl is also the drama with the most extreme negative feedback from k-netizens in a while.i guess his hard luck to remakes continues unabated.

    i am soo happy for kim ji won, with the success of this drama she will be given many opportunities as a main actress as she deserve.

  6. damn who thought joo won will be beaten by psj.sassy girl is also the drama with the most extreme negative feedback from k-netizens in a while.i guess his hard luck to remakes continues unabated.

    i am soo happy for kim ji won, with the success of this drama she will be given many opportunities as a main lead actress as she deserve.

      • Slice of life dramas tend to not do well in their premieres, but ratings increased thanks to positive buzz. Hitting 10% is an achievement considering the premise, as well as the general average ratings of KBS M/T dramas post-Moonlight.

      • 10% is good especially given the increase happened on positive word off mouth and against a hyped drama with a celebrated male lead actor. Hope it rises more.

      • yeah it did get lower ratings when it premiered against whisper which was close to hitting 20%, kinda expected, but it had good word of mouth that made it go from last place to 1st place,that too a youth drama, which i wasnt expecting along with other people.

  7. is it just me or does oh yeon seo somewhat resemble kim tae hee in some angles in “my sassy girl”?

    for some reason, i kinda like the drama and am looking forward to the next episode.

  8. Disappointed in My Sassy Girl. Will wait for 2 years to see Joo Won’s next project.

    Can give all the 3 Mon-Tue dramas a miss.

  9. I love my sassy girl~i miss this kind of simple rom-com.
    The cinematograhic is beautiful and i love crazy female leads lol

  10. I didn’t expected it but i like Lookout and Circle the most ! FMW doesn’t click to me, no chemistry at all between PSJ and KJW ( but she seems to be a pretty good actress). I didn’t Watch yet MSG but i have a pretty bad feeling about it. Recently i didn’t have a good rom com to Watch… My fav genre!!!

  11. Fight My Way is a fun rom/com, and I like the friends to lovers story. I find myself laughing out loud multiple times per show. Most romantic comedies aren’t really funny so nice to find one that is. I am so happy for KJW finally getting a lead and she’s doing great so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably give Circle a try when it’s a little further into its run.

  12. There’s something off with Oh Yeon Seo’s portrayal. Not sure if it’s the makeup but she looks so much older when next to other characters especially Joo Won.

  13. I knew that Sassy Girl may not deliver on the expectations. Firstly, the original movie wasn’t perfect but JJH has charm and it was fresh concept back then. Secondly, K-netz hold grudges. If y’all remember, the casting process was a mess. They auditioned a whole lot of actors to choose the female lead, only to demote her to second lead later which she refused to accept. Add those two with mediocre story line and exaggerated Sageuk plot line and it results in lackluster affair. Too bad, Joo Won doesn’t deserve this.

    • Yeah, I remember that whole deal and it was a mess and not well done at all. Why have a competition and not live with what is decided? I will say though that Joo Won appears to have been involved with this drama from the get go including the wacky audition process so I agree he doesn’t deserve it but neither do other actors involved in the production. I just wonder if these type lead characters (bully girl/timid man)can work these days especially in a historical setting.

  14. KJW shines in Fight My Way, her acting is so good and I like her character, very funny… PSJ’s acting is a bit disappointing… overacting and his character is not appealing at least for now… the second female lead is horrible, luckily she does not have much screen time. I will check Lookout, thanks.

  15. Wow I just saw the netizen reactions for MSG and they are kind of brutal. Maybe the zany wil tone down once their romance starts to bloom but I think most initial viewers would have bailed by then.

    Isn’t this Joo Won’s last project before enlisting also?

  16. I didn’t finish the movie My Sassy Girl because I can’t bear this kind of character, so I have no intention to watch the drama. For Fight My Way, I watch two episodes but I was not convinced… The lead is a little dumb or simple… After Hwarang where his character was boring, I hoped for a character more interesting. I’m going to watch the episodes of this week maybe it will be better.

    For now, there is only Suspicious Partner who make me very happy 🙂

  17. My sassy girl just aired her first episodes, & its receiving this kind of bash? What will happen if it disappoints your negativity & breaks records. Hope you all will be here to say your nonsense. You could at least waited till like the 6th episode before you type whatever.

    • We’re International audience. We don’t decide anything. If domestic audience warms up to it which they have yet to do, good for them.

    • Yes I watched the first episode and damn, it’s like they don’t bother to do a research on China’s history and clothing. The timeline is concurrent with the Qing dynasty but the emperor’s dressed in hanfu and the chinese ministers’ clothing is all sorts of wrong too. I rolled my eyes at the banquet scene, this is the first time I see a chinese emperor sit so close to his ministers and subordinates.

      • Lol. I noticed that too. The men in Qing Dynasty are supposed to have half bald heads.

  18. Slice of life youth dramas don’t tend to do that well in ratings so for FMW to be top ahead of MSG means it’s probably getting good reviews in Korea.

    I’m hearing a lot of positive feedback about Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won especially.

  19. I have already expected Oh Yeon Seo’s character to be like that since she was first cast. However, I was wishing that she would fine tune it to the Joseon era style a little bit to suit the era. To be honest even Joo Won was a little off maybe it was just his tone of speaking. Saguek is not easy indeed.

  20. Something is happening and 2017 Korean drama has been going from mediocre to insufferable. Only a few are good. Too few. There are too many channels, too many dramas, and the result is that dramaland is starting to look cheap.

    The best one so far this year was “Tunnel” (and even “Tunnel” had some plot issues towards the end – especially, how they solved everything in the future, when it all should have been done in the past; or how they kept trying to make the killer to confess, as if that had been crucially decisive for the case to be sent to prosecution-, but at least the characters were very well written). Chicago Typewriter is not bad, but it’s too draggy, and they repeat too many scenes (it’s like the writer doesn’t have enough imagination to fill 16 hours).
    Out of the many and redundant new dramas that started, “Circle” is the only one that I like. It doesn’t feel much like a SF, it’s more like a human drama, and I love that.

    Oh, my long comment doesn’t really have anything to do with this article. Anyway, just saying. I hope they do something about this drama crisis.

  21. I love fight to my way…it’s amazing . especially,the chemistry between PSJ and KJW… .I love them soo much… cute couple

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