Hu Ge Looking Dashing with Silver Hair for New Chinese Cellphone CF

It’s harder for the male stars to change up their looks, there is only so much a guy can do differently with hair cuts and colors, and most often it’s the younger idols experimenting while the actors aren’t are daring. C-actor Hu Ge has been in the US studying for the past few months but recently returned to China for work and was caught shooting a CF sporting a startling new look courtesy of a major hair color change. It’s the silver locks that other stars like Crystal Liu and Rainie Yang tried out in the recent year and I find Hu Ge looks as good as a silver wolf as the ladies did doing the silver fox aura. I hope he’s enjoying the studying sabbatical and continues to advance his career and personal growth.


Hu Ge Looking Dashing with Silver Hair for New Chinese Cellphone CF — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve missed Hu Ge so much! It’s great to be able to see him again, and he looks good with silver hair. I wish him continued success with his studies at NYU.

  2. @ockoala

    It would be nice if you write more Chinese entertainment news and when you do – they are often late news. Silver hair doesn’t suit Hu Ge very well. Hopefully you will bring us more Chinese entertainment news & much faster. Thank you!

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