Big Bang’s T.O.P. Charged with Using Marijuana and Issues Apology for Transgression

Things are looking dicey for idol-actor T.O.P. (Choi Seung Hyun) who has become the latest K-star to get into a scrape with the law. Unlike the messier relationship scandals that have sunk the reputations of stars such as Yoochun, Park Shi Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, and more, T.O.P. was under police investigation and now has been formally charged for using drugs. More specifically marijuana, so he was caught smoking pot during a few instances back in October 2016, with a female co-participant in tow, and the police nabbed them by doing tests on their hair strands. Setting aside whether recreational pot smoking ought to be legal and is in reality already widespread, it’s still illegal to do any drugs in Korea so T.O.P. is going to have to handle the aftermath and hope his fans are more forgiving of this type of transgression.

T.O.P. has admitted to the pot smoking and his agency YG Entertainment has released an apology. Reportedly he denied it initially claiming it was e-cigarettes but the female caught smoking the pot with him admitted to cops it was marijuana. Further conspiracy theory has it that disgraced and impeached for South Korean President Park Geun Hye was shielding YG in the past from drug scandals involving G-dragon and Park Bom because her confidante Choi Soon Shil was an investor in YG, but now with both out of power T.O.P. is the first YG entertainer to face the law for any drug infractions.


Big Bang’s T.O.P. Charged with Using Marijuana and Issues Apology for Transgression — 22 Comments

  1. I can’t speak to the domestic Korean, or Asian nations, audiences but I don’t think this will jeopardize TOP or Big Bang much. Maybe it’s because the group was shielded but I feel like Big Bang and it’s members have had much larger scandals before. Seungri and his random fetishes seem to be much more controversial than this.

    • I think that I should amend my previous statement in light that news of another member of Big Bang may also be abusing drugs.

      The involved female said she smoked with TOP in October BEFORE he enlisted. BUT, the police tested him by hair follicle which can show drug use out to 90 days. TOP enlisted in February so depending on the results; the general pubic can’t tell how recently he actually used. I’m sure the police WILL know.

      Next, it appears Big Bang, and universally all music industries, have a drug problem. G-Dragon had a marijuana scandal in the past and now TOP. We don’t know who the new scandal is about. I don’t know how forgiving Koreans will be about this. Or, if they will make Big Bang the poster child for anti-drug use. Time will tell.

  2. As stated above I think Bigbang will be fine since they all have stable solo careers and he can just focus on acting. Even as a group they have been through more scandals than any other Idol group and they still came out on top so im sure they will be fine. VIP’s are pretty defensive, protective and incredibly loyal. Which I am starting to question if its a good thing because Bigbang members are starting to feel untouchable and they need to remember what struggle is and get their shit together. I wonder how YG stocks are faring though.

  3. I think this scandal will affect non-fans and also some not-so-hardcore-fans and of course sponsors. Look at Kai Ko (a Taiwanese actor). He was really popular before but after the marijuana scandal his popularity has hit rock bottom and it would probably never ever going to be the same again. Asians are really strict with drugs and they are also very harsh to those who in their eyes are bad-influence to their people. So Big Bang would most likely suffer some blow from this,which I think is reasonable because TOP did violate the law and deserves some punishment. Yes, he is human and human can make mistakes but as a public figure he should know that he is a rolemodel to a lot of his fans and this isn’t something he should encourage others to do.

    • I bet you’re in your late 40s-50s. Housewife or have a stable job that follows a routine? May I know if I’m right?

  4. Perhaps the fans are more used musicians doing that sort of thing.

    What worried me more than marijuana (although illegal, it is not harmful to anyone else but the user) but he lied about it until his partner in crime admitted to it. If you are doing something illegal, you have to be ready to face the consequences.

    The political relations regarding the protection etc. are more interesting to me than the incident itself. Thanks for pointing these out Koala 🙂

  5. Even though YG may not have the political clout now they still have money power. I think even if TOP gets into trouble Papa YG will ensure BB members will be safe.

  6. I think he tried other drugs.
    He has the aura of wondering how high can i get if i tried this one. Or this one. Or this one.

    • Don’t be so judgemental. I am not a fan but part of my job is asking if anyone has taken recreational drugs. And judging anyone by their appearance to validate your own prejudice is very narrow minded. This health professional will tell you people of all ages, shapes,appearances, educational levels do drugs. Judging by appearances is what peeves me off about society.

      • I am not judgin his appearance.
        I said he has the aura.
        Humans are curious creatures.
        I didn’t say his addicted to them.
        I said he tried it.
        I know people who tried but not addicted to them.
        Im not judgin him. I dont know his struggles. Life is hard.
        Maybe i was wrong. I am sorry.

      • Serving in the police unit..but still taking drugs…if this is true..then his punishment should be more harsh. Not exactly a fan of him or BigBang..but the group seems to have a lot of scandals..

  7. Im not Korean, but Dude, you’re forgiven…

    I still like his music and his acting works…
    I’m from the US and they are legalizing weed/pot/grass in some states…

    Relax, I understand its illegal in Korea so he should pay legally…

    • US the country that’s currently fighting against opioid addiction. It’s is a warning for other countries not to follow suit.

    • Why don’t you write about the amount of people with hallucinations post post usage and the burden on the mental health system

    • It is a very big deal in Asia. D law in ur land is urs. D law of our land is ours. Respect it. Dont say dat we need to grow up n b at d times. Its highly disrespectful. Ur looking down on us.
      Law is law n he broke it. That’s the point.

  8. All of Big Bang was tested in April for multiple drugs and Seoul Metro announced they were clean.

    Ya’ll are very presumptuous. The girl was from Jellyfish and was supposed to be in Gugudan. This was her second offense.
    She was also smuggling and revealed TOP after she was caught. Do you think all of Jellyfish should be tested?

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