Park Min Young Sultry and Sophisticated for Grazia Magazine

It’s hard to believe that the present day Park Min Young looking drop dead ravishing in the pages of Grazia Magazine is the same teen girl I first watched in 2006 K-drama High Kick. She’s turning 32 years old this year and with it tackling a very mature role as the titular Seven Days Queen in the upcoming sageuk costarring Yeon Woo Jin and Lee Dong Gun. She’s done many sageuks most successfully with Sungkyunkwan Scandal but this drama feels more robust and serious akin to Jamyunggo, but this time she’s not playing the antagonist second lead and will incur all the audience love and support as the tragic queen. She looks amazing in this pictorial, from the hair to the outfits and especially the poses, all evocative and softly sexy.


Park Min Young Sultry and Sophisticated for Grazia Magazine — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t like the second photo. The colour of her dress and her pose accentuate the sagging breasts. PMY is a fine actress but I like her better before the too much work done on her appearance as in Jamyunggo. The PS kinda bothersome as when I watched her in My Ear Candy.

  2. I think she has the most beautiful transformation of all the actresses that had similar work done judging from photo before.

  3. I would love to see photos of these people who are so critical of PMY. I dare ya. She is beautiful, and to be so cruel and snarky…you two must be raving beauties without flaws? Or are you just geeks who sit behond putter screens?

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