Park Shin Hye is Fasionably Lady of the Manor in New Vogue Taiwan Pictorial

It’s a complete change of mood for Park Shin Hye as she goes from the glittering beaches of Maldives to the ornate furnishing of a lady of the manor photo shoot. Park Shin Hye is on the cover and in the pages of the June issue of Vogue Taiwan, a country she’s visited often for fan meetings and even spent a long stay there filming manga adapted drama Hayate the Combat Butler. The various couture outfits seen in the spread are less wearable than her recent summer pictorial fashions but pair nicely with the English manor house interior backdrop, with plenty of velvets, florals, and lace. Her figure also allows her to pull off the heavier fabrics without being weighed down or looking frumpy. Vogue did her well, this spread is another winner in her modeling collection.


Park Shin Hye is Fasionably Lady of the Manor in New Vogue Taiwan Pictorial — 42 Comments

      • Always same expression in all she does, that’s why her dramas are unwatchable to me.

        But it is a great point that maybe they edit out her smiling photos.

      • She has plenty of them and what’s best, you can find them on Koalasplaygound. I know, it’s crazy right?! InStyle (2017) had plenty of smiley pictures and so did her last year Singles. Her upcoming Allure shoot also seems to have smiling pictures or whatever you wanted to see. This is a fashion editorial shoot and the pictures that the photographers and editors want to have on Vogue must fit their image and concept. She can’t decide the theme on her own.
        @Judy, wow.. I didn’t know that the various (4) photoshoots she had in different magazines with different target demographics and the editors’ choices define her acting skills!! Good to know, seems like you learn new things everyday! /s

      • @Maknae and @Adal, agree with you . In the Maldives or elsewhere she has always the same expressions. But the league of PSH are going to say that you’re idiots, because it’s not her who decides the concept but the photograph, and blablabla…. So don’t mind them !

      • And yes ! i’ve seen her works since more than 10 years now . I like her as a person but as an actress she’s overated ! And yes i ‘m a YEH “fan” but i’m not blind and can say that she’s not the best too !

      • @Maknae, the eye expressions are different, the people here commenting they are the same can’t read a photograph properly. Also, the only same thing is her not smiling.

      • @cahill, you are so biased. I know you are jealous. But, what to do. If your dearest YEH was passionate and hard working enough about acting she would have acted in a drama. YEH wasn’t an actress in the first place, she got lucky with her two dramas so she is just a two hit wonder.

      • @Abc
        Good one 😀 Now that I realise, that Cahill truly is Yoon Eun Hye bias, judging by her other comments on here. As if she is any versatile on her photoshoots lol. However, I don’t want to pit them against each other, therefore I’ll conclude this comment with a statement, that both of them are gorgeous and good actresses with merits. Both have weaknesses too, but no one is perfect at everything anyway. Peace.

      • @Abc yes i’m found of YEH since she was the 1rst actress in my 1srt drama. but to say that i’m biased ! you haven’t read all my comments in other posts. If it was the case you’ll know me better. If jealousy is to have a different opinion.So yes i’m a jealous person. And YEH is a baeksang award actress(24 years old!) and PSH with her amazing carreer is what.Oh! I know! a baeksang award popularity.
        @To gilgit Peace as a lot of ivewers used to compare the 2 actresses. Go see “YouTube”

      • @cahill, don’t throw the weight of Baeksang actress around. I know YEH won it for coffee prince but so what. After winning, she lost momentum and steam. I think it’s a good thing PSH has to work hard to win her trophies. YEH isn’t the only one that has won that award and not had a hit since. MGY is actually more talented then your YEH

      • (Comment cut off before I could finish)
        MGY also won Baeksang actress and hasn’t been able to get another hit drama since but she is a proper actress and came back to act in dramas and do a musical. @cahill, every single new drama thread here you promote YEH and you say you are not biased and not her fan. Wow! That is first degree denial at its best!!!

      • Sorry to chimed in, I can’t help but to say something in this discussion since it’s dragging YEH name. I agree with some of PSH fans that both actresses (PSH & YEH) are so different. They’re differ in acting style, the way to stardom and managing their own career. So IMO, it’s useless to compare them despite they have something in common which is they both are actor.

        @cahill, I know you mean well, but I think it’s better for you not making any comparison (except in a good way) when posting some comments. Especially when you compare an actress to YEH since it can show her in a bad light. It also will lead you to animosity. No hard feeling, just an advice from a friend 😉

      • @ Lal ,i agree with you and because of my pretty bad English some can misunderstand me. Sometimes i’m too emotive and after writing some comments i regret it later. So your advice is a very good one ! But to @Abc i would like to make some things clear.
        1 – I found her comment about the idol thing elitist and contemptuous.
        2- i should’t have talk about the award because i think that awards doesn’t mean a lot ( A Hitchcock never gain one !!!)

      • 3- Fan is an extreme term that i really don’t like ! I’m found of her and if i speak a lot of her is because i miss her in dramaland.
        4- I don’t need to post about the others actresses i like because they’re in a project every year ( Gong Hyo Jin,Seo Hyun Jin, Lee se Young…)
        5- I apologize sincerely if i hurt the persons who like PSH cause i sincerely think she’s a nice person .
        6- It was my MEA CULPA.

      • @cahill, apologies if you took my comments as contemptuous. I truly believe they are two very talented ladies. They represent their country in a very good way.

      • @Abc thank you for your kindness . I know that i went a little too far. Maybe i’m unconsciously jealous of you because you can see Psh more often( Off of topic but i’ve watch all of hers dramas since “Tree of heaven”). Peace.

    • The concept of the session is not to smile seriously people there are damn photographer who is taking photos for her with the expression he wants .
      Every time writing stupid words to show stupid thinking.

      • @Nilechocolate
        It’s pointless to argue with these people, who don’t even check Park Shin Hye’s whole filmography before commenting on here. Her expressions are COMPLETELY different in all four of her cover issues in this summer. Completely different aura and expressions in InStyle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Allure shoots.
        Those who say that she has only one expression, are truly ignorant and have not watched her films and dramas aside from her most popular works, which were You Are Beautiful and The Heirs. They already have a perception of her and it won’t go away, no matter how much she will improve and widen her range. No matter how her acting gets praised by seniors.
        I think they probably write these comments because she has acted with all their ’’hot’’ oppas and they’re just jealous.. 🙂

    • Show me an actor or actress who *doesn’t* have ’’pretty much similar expressions’’ in their photoshoots though. Plenty of actors here have the same boring concept and expressions but pretty much everyone salivates over them on here. At least she has more unique concepts. You can drop her anywhere and she will just blend in like in her paris photoshoots. And she really can pull off sporty and fresh, innocent and sultry looks. This was just Vogue editors choice to have these shots as other commenters have mentioned already.

    • I don’t know about the other magazines but in this vogue photo shoot.Its true.her facial expression is the same in 5/6 photos.look to the camera with your mouth slightly open.

      Except photo three where she changes her pose and facing sideways where it’s slightly different.or maybe we can blame the editor here for choosing photos that show her in different outfits but no variations in her face.

      I know vogue models usually have the serious expression all the time no need for the smiling.But she can still vary her serious expression.she can look to the camera and have her eyes turn slightly to the side, pretend to look at something outside the windows, look down at her shoe etc etc..and maybe she didn’t connect well with the photographer because her body language and posing seem to me that she was feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

      I liked the Maldives shoot though, she looked absolutely gorgeous.I think she suits the softer, more feminine types of concepts and she should stick to magazines like marie claire, cosmopolitan and maybe allure and her face fits catalogue magazines.These high fashion couture editorial types are a no no for her.

      • Hmm.. but she doesn’t ’’stick’’ to any magazine.. she is literally offered these photoshoots. She has done Vogue too and Vogue Taiwan at that and since when Marie Claire isn’t high fashion couture? I can’t believe that she seems to be the only one to get ’’one expression’’ comments when plenty of other actors and actresses don’t even change their poses.. at least it shows that she is as relevant as ever when fans of other actresses, who think that their bias should be more popular and get more ratings to their dramas, and fans of ’’rivaling’’ ships come and have to put her down in everything she does…

      • errrr, Marie Claire ISN’T a high fashion magazine. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        Vogue, Elle, W, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel etc are considered high fashion magazines, the kind top designers send couture to.

  1. she probably smiling a lot during the photoshoot but it was editor who picked the same expression. same goes to kissing scenes in drama, it was pd who choose bad angle to aggravate awkward kissing.

  2. She should totally act a heiress type or an espionage. Or a smart independent working woman on top of the work place hierarchy. The last and second last pictures totally give off that aura.

  3. interesting discussion on whether or not to smile. Most top models in European fashion magazines and runway models do not smile, in fact, they all put on a blank face, NO expression! The focus should be on the clothes, not the model’s face… Now, is PSH here to promote the products (ie. fashion) or herself?

  4. I like how we can talk about acting via a few photos…

    It’s always PSH can’t act…

    I think she can act fine, just certain facial expressions might not satisfy everyone. She doesn’t make me feel drawn in as much as MGY but I think the girl can act for what’s required of her.

    Anyway, I’m not fond of older style clothing. I think PSH is too young for this and I quite like her summer photo shoot better.

  5. PSH isnt lacking you haters as fans. She is doing fine. Stop dragging YEH here like YEH is competing agains PSH. I love both actresses, but YEH isnt getting roles and losing fame arent PSH’s fault, people.

  6. There are a lot of actors who are much, much better actors, seasoned and experienced, who haven’t won Baeksang award yet or only won the popularity award. Remember that winning an award doesn’t always indicate that they’ve deserved it and not winning an acting award doesn’t mean that they are bad. Remember when Suzy got MBC excellence award from Gu Family Book? Yeah… that was a real wtf moment. She didn’t deserve that award, not at that time. Maybe a rookie award would have been more appropriate…
    YEH’s only hit was Coffee Prince and maybe Goong. After that she lost her momentum, and in my opinion, she truly was just one or two hit wonder. Her acting and dramas have been flat and boring ever since. Either Go Eun Chan character suited her and the PD was excellent, or her acting skills just ended after Coffee Prince. She just needs to comeback in a good drama and show that she’s still got that ’’it” factor and that she still is a good actress. Before that, I can’t consider her as a great actress only because she won a Baeksang for Coffee Prince.
    In my opinion, it’s good that PSH hasn’t won big acting awards yet. I want her to challenge herself more, especially in movies, and show that she is not ’’just a plain drama actress’’, but she is capable of great and memorable performances. Doctors was a good start and her upcoming Silent Witness seems to be a way for her to challenge herself even more. I hope she continues that path and then eventually get that recognition.

  7. Those Vogue pictures look mysteriously beautiful, elegant, classy sexy . Indeed, Park Shin Hye knows how to market herself very well, reason why big national and international companies are after her to be the endorser and ambassador of their products, she is totally open a new concept of visual in upper level of models in international arena of high fashion magazines picturals. Love it , love it. Golden girl all the way. God with you , and fighting. Women in the world should be proud of you, because there is a phenomenon happening in front of us all, but many are blind by ignorance and jealousy. Keep working hard in your fighting, in building and opening the door of opportunity for normal women around the world.

  8. I like the cover, the print of the chair and the patterns on her skirt make for a really luxurious, cosy image. Good pick.

    Also YMMV on her as an actress, but she makes a great model – she really seems to embrace all concepts and enjoy herself. (koala, on the subject of models – can you post a few photoshoots of Lee Sung Kyung? She makes a very striking model and I’d like to have a little bit from her to liven up when feels like an endless string of ‘Suzy stands’ ‘Suzy breathes’ ‘Suzy does a photoshoot’ posts.

    • (no disrespect meant, btw – it’s your site and you are free to post what you like, just pointing out the string of somewhat non-event posts about the same person)

  9. I like how PSH handle her career considering belonging to a smaller agency she gets all these offers……cover of magazines, muse of Chanel, Bruno Magli, VISA endorser etc. She has a knack for choosing the right project and in between knows how to give back by donating from the beginnning ALL proceeds from meeting fans plus the merchandise to the hungry and opening centers to benefit underprivileged children. This is why I follow her and the more I read about her generosity the more I like her. Her generosity extends to her co actors is another reason for my support…..reading articles about senior actors praising her….and younger ones just loving her….is publicity one can’t buy. Just happy to see photo shoots since Park Shin Hye seems to choose projects sparingly……why none lined up after her very successful drama, I wished she is more greedy! Haha! Coming from a fan.

  10. On another note……We as PSH fans should be proud that others always use PSH as comparison to other actors……it means something ,isn’t it? As Park Shin Hye said in interviews, there will be a time when a new face will be IT, we should just enjoy these moments! Right?

    • Totally agreed with you. I really enjoy watching her acting, singing, pictures everywhere, fan meets , supporting her country and products she endorses on the events, dedication to her many charities causes to make the world a better place for all, the way she support her costars, and other artist she has faith on, her humble personality , how much she loves and cares for her family, friends , fans, and the world . Reason for such beautiful and strong aura. What not to love about her?!? Golden girl. I want her to enjoy life more, go out with friends , travel, the right time to find that other half that will fulfill her, if she wants to share with us good, if not good too. I love this girl to pieces. May God continuing to bless her always. Move into doing movies, your fans will always be by her side.

    • Agree to disagree. PSH is unique in every way. I am not saying she is the best at everything (which is the most common comment I have seen from other actress’s fans) but I don’t think there is a constant need for comparison. We, ourselves are our own worst enemy.

  11. PSH looks so gorgeous and classy in this pictorial yet people are here to ruin the beauty of it. I wonder if your favorite actors have a thousand faces in their photo spread since you claimed her only has 1 face and can’t act because of it? At least she is giving different feel for each of her photo spread last month and this month.
    Someone asked what PSH has in her career as her biased actress got a baeksang award. PSH has a long lasting career with consistent hit after hit under her name and remains her popularity in and outside of Korea almost a decade. I like both actresses but what does YEH have right now after winning a baeksang? MGY is even a better actress and won a Daeksang but her acting career isn’t great after it either.If I had to choose, I’d prefer PSH getting her awards later on so she can keep trying and improving herself. There are also many good actors and actresses never won big awards. Does that meant they are not good? Many can say YEH is overrated as well with her 2 only big hits CP and Goong but I guess you disagree? But how is PSH overrated if she didn’t win any big acting awards and only won popularity? Such a contradiction!

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