K-ent’s Biggest News Story of 2017 Breaks as Descendants of the Sun Costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Confirm October Wedding

Thank god today is July 4th and not April 1st otherwise I would take major convincing that this isn’t a prank. As America celebrates Independence Day, Korean entertainment will now celebrate what is arguably the biggest reel-to-real romance happy ending of the Hallyu era. Mega hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, following on a week of entertainment news and tabloids reporting on their reported Bali vacation together, have confirmed through their agencies that they are getting married. Yes, you heard that right, the Song-Song couple are not only really dating they have set a wedding date! The nuptials will be on October 31 making them a likely swoony romantic bookend to the great K-ent wedding bonanza of 2017 which kicked off with Rain and Kim Tae Hee heading down the aisle. Congrats to the happy couple and OMG I need to take a billion deep breaths still.


K-ent’s Biggest News Story of 2017 Breaks as Descendants of the Sun Costars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Confirm October Wedding — 118 Comments

    • Can I ask ( besides the obvious being in love) why didn’t they date longer than marry? I am only asking cos’ he is really young as a Korean male actor. To marry so young that’s all.

      • He’s not that young. He’s 32 and completed his army duty already. Perfect time to get married. And they probably have been dating awhile.

      • I thought she was a few years older than him and believe they’ve been friends for a while…and well if you want children, you really can’t wait forever.

      • She isn’t that young anymore if they want children. And as far as I concern he is actually the one wants to get married early too.

    • Song Hyegyo is 1982, Song Joongki is 1985 ~
      Three years is nothing. She’s not old. She’s just in the industry longer; in her teens to be exact.

    • Same. I’m shocked they are getting married so quickly. I didn’t see explosive chemistry on screen but it probably happen in real life. I’m happy that they found each other. How I envy the shippers.

      • they. have great chemistry. the attraction is there based on their gaze of each other. but I relly though, well they are just acting anyway haha

  1. Congrats!! this will put an end to all the rumors. They will have beautiful babies with good features and great skin 🙂

  2. ? congratulations! I guess, I loved the drama not so much the chemistry between them, I didn’t get “OMG they should make babies” but what do I know.

  3. They look happy together. Song Hye Kyp is not getting younger and they Song Joong-ki is known to be a mature and sensible young man. Congrates.
    T=If the next news is of released her being expecting, that will not surprise me.

  4. Oh. My. God.

    This is really the most shocking news ever.

    Congrats to the SongSong couple and also to their shipper!

  5. congrats guys. I feel the bali news probably didn’t change their plans much to announce if the wedding is only months away. though they might have waited until after his movie. still, though I’m so happy for them.

  6. Wow…what a news to wake up to…now i need to finish watching that drama DOTS, just to see their chemistry…

    Congrats anyway..

  7. SO SHOCKED. The delusional shippers were right for once. I really thought they were just friends since I heard Song Joong Ki had a long term non celebrity girlfriend! Eh I guess I believed in the wrong rumours. Congratulations to them nonetheless!

    • Happy for the delusional shippers who were right and get their revenge ! “Reporters” are going to find another target ! Live in fear dear celebs ! Close your windows cause you could be the next target of invaders !

      • Seriously, who can beat such couple ? I didn’t finished DOTS but i’m sincerely happy for those who were rooting for them.

    • Ku Hye Sun and her husband Ahn Jae Hyun displayed zero chemistry in “Blood”, so it’s not surprising if some can’t see their chemistry even when they were in love when filming Dots.

      See, I expected a lot would rejoice over this news. But I must applaud these two for outing themselves with a bang. Congrats.

  8. Congrats to them! Let celebs release this info in their own time…I’m still disgusted and weirded out by that MBC special.

    • Same. Great for them, but MBC… disgusted, repulsed, you name it, I was it.

      I just fear that this’ll make the papz feel righteous-fury and that they’ll be even worse.

  9. Don’t kill me guys but I always SJK to be too perfect to be straight. Guess I was wrong. I’m glad Song Hye Gyo ended up with someone nice and not sleezy guy Lee Buyng Hyun. That was her young days and I’m glad she’s over it.

    • Lols. That’s how I feel about Park Bo Gum, but I never got that aura from Song Joong Ki. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bo Gummy, but something about him gives me the gay-vibe when he’s not being all swoony in his characters.

  10. I’m happy gor Song Hye Kyo. She got too much hate on past due to her publuc relationships while her dating partners got nothing.
    SJK is much much better choice than LBH and HB. I hope she gets happiness.

  11. Wow. Never understood the hype of Dots but am happy they are getting married! Been waiting forever to see who SHK would marry!

  12. Lol I remember their fans saying their wedding News Will come soon (2weeks ago!)

    How both did wedding photoshoot already And got close after sjk liar his actor award.

    Plus their new york dates etc

    Guess jang nara And park bo gum must be dating too, so many dating rumors about them

    • Jang Na Ra vehemently denied dating rumour with Park Bo Gum and she seems pretty pissed off (and that couple doesn’t make sense anyway). Song-Song only denied it through their agencies despite heaps of evidence about their dating while they always played coy about it whenever being confronted about the rumour.

      • I can’t understand why people still talk bad about Jang NaRa… Let her live her life.

  13. omgggggg I am crying tears of happiness!! I have shipped them together ever since the start of DOTS and its still so unbelievable that they are getting married! Huge congratulations to both of them and I am so happy for them!!! SJK & SHK <3

  14. Wow!! I am not a shipper but I just have to say “Way to Go!!!” Very happy that they found each other. I had a feeling since MBC dared to air that segment that it had to be either baby or marriage.. .something bigger than just dating. Someone knew something.

    Congrats to them. Hopefully things settle down now. Both are in their 30s. It’s not like they are idols or anything like that.





    My ultimate ship visual goddess and god, omg I’m so happyyyyyy

    IM SO HAPPY FOR SHK, I’ve been a fan for more than 7 years, I’m so happy she achieved ultimate happiness now. I can’t contain the feels!

  16. Where is the girl that keep denying this couple and PSH-LJS dating?
    Here is one 1 wedding to confirm it for you. Let’s see if the other couple could make it.
    Congrats! They manage their relationship well with Dispatch’s help.

    • You mean me? I didn’t deny them though. I said, let them be in peace. LJS and PSH stated they are only friends (I think they had something but it’s irrelevant because my opinions aren’t facts). You can believe what you want, but it’s annoying that in every article someone has to bring it up and say ’’Dispatch this Dispatch that’’. Why can’t people just let them be?

      People can ship in shippers threads and asianfanfics instead of bringing it up in unrelated articles. If they are truly dating then may they have happy dating. But since they have no desire to announce or admit anything, people should let them be. PSH herself was saying again in her latest fanmeet that she has no boyfriend at the moment. And she has said many times that when she will marry, then she will announce it. People should respect their desire to not to be linked romantically. Why forcibly try to bring up that two year old thing again and again, when they stated they were only friends?

    • Also I never denied Song-Song couple. I only sad it’s beyond outrageous to stalk and write trashy articles. People should stop glorifying Dispatch. DP is like glorified sasaeng, which is really disturbing. I also shhipped Song-Song/KiKyo couple, but I as a fan should know my limits. They are real life people and unless they self confirm anything, I should not support that stalker outlet that invades others privacy.

      • I’m not either but I don’t act like a fool and deny the obvious.
        After all I’m not Dispatch.
        It’s normal that people date and there is no big deal about it.

    • This is the first time I’ve seen Dispatch acting so ethical! It must be true that Song Hye Kyo is in good terms with them. Right after their announce, Dispatch released a series of pictures from their date(s). I am baffled that they had them all this time and didn’t release them, not the Dispatch we came to know. Lol.

      • Yes she does and people around her is beneficial from it as well.
        They knew all along but denied it time after time until they came out. Then they showed all the prepared proofs

  17. I didn’t watch Dots, could not even get passed one episode because of KES’ cheesiness. But congrats to the Song-Song couple and the Song-Song shippers.

    Am not a fan of SJK but I always find him to be a really level-headed guy and he is good at maintaining his good boy image. I mean, good project selection, clean record and getting married in a decent way. I just know that he is not the type to allow fame get into his head and reluctant to get married at the prime of his career.

  18. So the cat’s finally out of the bag. Congratulations to both Songs! I’ve been eager to see who Song Hye Kyo would end up with. Song Joong Ki’s an excellent choice. He seems like a genuinely good, mature and level-headed guy. Happy for the both of them.

  19. When read the news I was in shock, needed to read full article, so happy for them, everyone deserve to find happiness, just a little mad that reporters couldn’t respect their privacy and needed to reveal that they where in Bali together, via pictures and interviewing people, could they had wait until they decided to tell the world that yes they are in love, dating and getting married.

    I think they just came out with the marriage news because all the noise, gossips that not only affects them but their families and friends.

  20. I totally just gasped out loud at my Fourth of July get-together when I saw the news. Still in shock. But happy for oppa!

  21. I knew they were dating from the moment they appeared at the drama awards forgot what it was called. It was classic Brad and Angie, obvious they are into each other but trying to play it cool.

    I wonder who else is dating??

    Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye???
    Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin???

    All the Goddesses from the 1st/2nd generation are getting married now!

    • Jo In Sung and Gong HyoJin!! They had real chemistry in IOIL and if they get together, my ship will finally be real (although I also shipped JIS and Song Hye Kyo during WTWB). Can’t help it, JIS is so shippable with his co-stars.
      I’ve got no opinion on LJS for obvious reasons but even if I were never into LJS or his Dalpo character (I couldn’t get into Dalpo, sorry to his fans), he was okay with Lee Boyoung in IHYV. Makes me think he is more compatible with older women…?

  22. I am shook! I thought I was getting tricked when I saw this on tumblr so I came to check your blog. Holy heck! I’m happy for them and wish them happiness but whoa, I was not expecting it! Good luck and best wishes!

  23. Maybe they’ll get married in Bali and was checking out the resort as their destination wedding. There were comments above that maybe she’s pregnant – I think so too, but nothing wrong with that, but it probably speed up their wedding plans 😉

  24. I’m in total shock. Words can’t express how surreal it is to watch my teenage crush from a few years back announce his marriage. I’m no fan of DotS, but still, congratulations. Best wishes to both of them!!

  25. Haven’t watched DoTS but congratulations to them! Marriage/dating news just keeps coming for 2017 🙂 Which is great!

  26. They really delivered one of the biggest news. Their marriage announcement took the world by storms and making headlines everywhere. Im glad Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo found love in each other. Here’s to their future together. Dispatch was actually nice n professional about it without exposing them earlier. MBC tainted their image with that expose- its one things to be news and quite another to be so direspectful to the actors n quoting from crazed fans n a friend’s betrayal.

    • i guess the “world” does not include where i live… only K-drama fans are concerned IMHO… please don’t blow this up out of proportions!! They are really not that big a star… chill…

  27. Apparently, they got caught by Dispatch in Japan in January. Bet you they had to confirm it or else dispatch will release the photos. Dispatch just released the pictures of them in Japan just now. LOL

      • exactly!
        songsong must have some sort of arrangement with dispatch, otherwise the japan dating pics would have been dispatched much earlier.

        anyhow, congratz to the happy couple, and to their shippers as well.

  28. Congrats to the couple! I’m surprised as well by the news. Couldn’t enjoyed Dots that much but happy for them to finally find each other. #SongSongCouple become a no 1 trending topic in Indonesia (the country where Bali is located)

  29. My immediate reaction was the same, is it 1st April? This news is a shocker but a pleasant one. Congrats to the lovely couple.

  30. Saw the headline at Yahoo Singapore but didnt read the link. Am so shocked , the news is confirmed here! I ship them, happy shipper here! Hehehe

  31. Wow list of hot guys marrying noonas keeps expanding. From earlier generation to later
    Cha Seung Won-wife,
    Jang Hyuk-wife,
    Rain-Kim Tae Hee to
    Song Joon ki-Song Hye Kyo
    And many more…..
    Looks like noona-donsaeng marriage or oppa-dongsaeng marriage with huge age gap is a trend in Korea.

    • LBH is trash….Karma is already serving him real sweet already…he can get all the acting gigs he wants in Hollywood, he can win all the awards they can give him for his movies, he can have all the money in the world.He can image clean all he wants with Kim Eun Sook but everyone knows his true colours so it’s pointless.

      He sure is a great actor.He will never buy class, respect that the public gives Song Joong Ki and SJK will eventually morph into a great actor if he continues working hard.At last Song Hye Kyo has a reliable man on her side and well deserved.A beautiful exemplary woman like SHK deserves to marry a man with class.

      PS: I am not even Song Joong Ki fan but we have to give credit where it’s due.

  32. Woah… congratulations to Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki.I guess they got tired of MBC making money off their private affairs so just released the good news!!!This is much better as I’ve consistently said.Confirm Marriage or a relationship only when it will lead to the altar….?????

  33. dispatch apparently has been trailing them since early this year but they have better dignity than mbc. I hope many more couple would declare their relationship after this …*cough LJS-PSH

    • This is only yours and many ‘fond shipper’ wishes. I highly doubt any couple who aren’t sure they will be going to the alter will openly admit their relationship. Also, LJS is not SJK and PSH is not SHK. Both PSH and LJS is still too young to talk about marriage. SJK has completed his military and SHK is marriage age. If PSH wants to throw her career down the shoot then yes, maybe she will admit some romance but observing her for a good few years, she is a smart and cautious girl. No way will she jeopardise her career and status in the industry.

      • @abc ditto you have said it all my dear friend..after seeing the harassment
        Lee Min Ho and Suzy have gone through since they admitted their relationship and Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung.Its better to keep quiet and date secretly if there is no definite proof by paparazzi unless the relationship is headed to the altar like the songsong couple.

        These and Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk are still very young and still building their lives and careers…relationships can break up…shippers are nosy as hell they won’t stop harrasing the couple on their accounts and the future female costars of the man in the relationship.

        Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho and Nam Joo Hyuk all have alot of rabid delusional saesangs fans who still haven’t woken up to the fact that their oppa has feelings and has the right to be attracted to women and date.

      • Well, I think they should declare they were dating.Korean mindset is weird as dating secretly is considered a scandal. this mindset need to change as actors are human being also with similar need like other people to fall in love and to be loved. PSH and LJS are not young, they’re already in their late 20’s.

      • @analogy
        Just a possibility. Maybe, just maybe if they were never dating (flirting and getting- to -know -stage is a whole another thing), then why should they have to admit anything? It’s a private matter and not everybody wants to publicize everything about their lives. After all, dating and romantic relationship is quite an intimate thing to share. Unless it’s marriage deal, some celebs may not want to ”come out’’… I see a lot of people on this website believing that these two are together or something, but why is that even important or relevant? Will it make someone’s life better if they were real deal… ? I agree with some of the comments here that private life is private for a reason and that celebs don’t owe us anything… Also, I haven’t followed LJS closely so I don’t really care but I find it ridiculous how people are still hung up on that thing…

  34. At first, I thought shk is much older than sjk but it’s only 4 years difference and people talk as if is like a 20 or 30 age difference lol
    Anyways, congrats to them. They’re kids will gonna be cuties ?????

  35. oh my God am so so so happy.being shk fan for 17 years,i was always waiting for the day she get married.having witness the heartbreaks from past relationships and severe ridicules by jealous,bitter and delusional fangirls over the years,i always wonder if dating an actor again is a good idea for her but the lord almighty being soo kind has other plans for her.

    the lord prepared someone who really deserve and love her so much considering he is marrying her still at his peak of fame and i am over the moon.shk really deserve hapiness,sjk is the man and am really proud of him.

    i wish them long lives filled with good health and happiness.for once the shippers were right,congrats to the shippers.

  36. No wonder we were enjoy their chemistry on Descendants of the Sun…Happy for them and it’s about the right age for them. Song Hye Kyo 35 and Song Joong Ki 31…instead of become Dongsaeng for Song Joong Ki..now is Oppa 🙂

    “Happy Song” for both of them…Congrats!!!

  37. Oh my God congrats to both of them. Not only are they visually stunning but very compatible too and I lowkey shipped them during DOTS. I can’t help thinking that they decided to straight up announce their marriage instead of just dating so that SHK would receive less hate comments. Song Joong Ki is a real man and very protective. All the best of them <3 (also, hopefully media will leave them alone and let them date in peace instead of writing trashy articles)

  38. They began filming DotS in July, 2015. I believe that they had enough time to get to know each other well. SJK has an old soul and she’s quite cheerful.I wish them luck with the public’s eye.

    • Well 90% of them are. One or two ships (like songsong and namjoohyuk-leesungkyung couple) becoming real doesn’t change that fact. 🙂

  39. I love this couple, really very happily news they made for each other i love shi-jin….. you are the most handsome person.Dots####

  40. Not really a shk fan but more of a sjk fan and i am really happy for them! I enjoyed DOTS bec of him being serious, cute, able, capable and just by smiling prettily *swoon* awww wish them the best!

  41. So happy for the couple! This is really a big surprise. Never thought SJK would settle down so soon since he’s at his career peak right now. It just goes to show what his priorities are – family. I wish this couple a lifetime of happiness. Looking forward to little ‘Songs’ in the future.

  42. I’m very surprised. They are visually stunning couple. Makes sense that he recently purchased an expensive home. Must be for his upcoming nuptials.

    • Why are they getting married in October then? Pregnancy takes 9 months, her baby belly would be quite big by October.

  43. I am one of those very happy ‘delusional’ shippers. He worships her. The proposal took place in Tokyo in January and no, she is not pregnant.

  44. Waaa. My heart, i cannot. I have been waiting for this news for so long. I was about to give up as sonsong shipper, then this came out. What a big gift this year for me.. I am so happy for them.?

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