Japan Reportedly Planning 2018 J-dorama New Adaptation of Hana Yori Dango with Female Lead Hirose Suzu

There will likely be not just one but two remakes in 2018 of the hit shoujo manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers), and it’s going to be from the two most successful versions out there. Taiwan’s own producer of the 2001 Meteor Garden is remaking another Taiwan drama adaptation next year and just the potential casting call alone is garnering tons of interest. Now comes news that Japan is planning a new dorama adaptation of HanaDan scheduled for Spring 2018, which would be an intervening thirteen years since the mega hit version aired in 2005 with Inoue Mao, Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota, and Abe Tsuyoshi.

Unlike the 2001 TW version which looks so dated and hard to rewatch now, the 2005 HanaDan remains adorably fun to rewatch so I’m less clamoring for Japan to launch a new version. With that said, all the leads have grown up, Shun is married and has two kids even, so it does hit home how much time has passed and perhaps a new generation can have their own HanaDan. The 2018 version of HanaDan has reportedly already selected as female lead super popular young actress Hirose Suzu best known as the lead in the Chihayafuru movie series and also the romance movie Your Lie in April.

I’ll always love HanaDan 2005 but don’t think its so sacrosanct that it a new version can’t ever match up, or that I can’t one day like a new version for different reasons. The male leads names being tossed out for the 2018 F4 include currently popular young male leads Yamazaki Kento (love him!), Suda Masaki, and Nomura Shuhei. Early from Japanese netizens leans towards negative reaction with this news, seeing Suzu as not grounded and down to earth as much as Inoue Mao perfectly captured Makino Tsukushi’s attitude, and also not seeing the need for a remake as the 2000’s HanaDan ended on a super happy ending for the OTP with the wedding in the SP.


Japan Reportedly Planning 2018 J-dorama New Adaptation of Hana Yori Dango with Female Lead Hirose Suzu — 36 Comments

  1. And Kento will play Tsukasa?
    Nope, I can’t picture it.
    Just hope that it will be better than HanaKimi remake.

    And far away in a dreamland, suddenly Matsujun and Mao announce their marriage plan. Well, if k-net can get SongSong couple, k-net can dream right?
    But when it happen, I’m sure that I’ll be more interested and wonder what’s possibly something wrong happen in JE. After all, it’s too good to be true!

    • I think Dhuhei Nomura is best fit for the lead role. Yamaken just doesn’t have that bad boy vibe as much as shuhei

  2. I really love this actress ! She’s great and she’s so beautiful ! I love her natural side.

    For the remake why not, they did Itazura na Kiss and it was a success.

  3. Can people please stop with this Hana Yori Dango with its various remakes? The Korean one was so terrible already. I never want to see another F4 again!

    • Have you tried both japanese and taiwan version. They are no.1 and 2 respectively. Chinese Meteor Shower is also ok if you prefer mandarin. The korean version is the second worst among the 5 version after Indian ver(Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan).

      • Oh I completely forgot about the cringy overacted indian version! I don’t even have any expectations for indian dramas anyway with their melodramatic overacting and bad editing. The japanese version made me love Matsumoto Jun. I also liked Meteor Garden a lot, but never liked the Korean version.

    • hahaha… funny that you mention the Korean version which is the worst in my books (sorry I have not watched the Indian version). The Japanese version was very good! Maybe you should try watching and it may change your views 🙂

    • Saaaaaaaaaame…

      What’s so great about this childish story that it gets remakes over and over again like Itakiss? OMG, just stop already I beg you…….. aren’t there other stories to tell?

  4. As Koala mention above, I would like for the taiwan remake solely because of the video quality and if possible, japan would change their mind about the remake. Japan don’t have actor befitting the main lead, Tsukasa and they should chose another actress as Tsukushi. Hashimoto Ai,Matsuoka Mayu, Yoshimoto Miyu or Komatsu Nana suit the character more.

  5. Why would they remake every single classic when they have so many animes and mangas? I’d like to have them in Kaichou wa Maid sama or special A. That would have superb. Really.

  6. As Koala mention above, I would like for the taiwan remake solely because of the video quality and if possible, japan would change their mind about the remake. Japan don’t have actor befitting the main lead, Tsukasa(Jun is the best) and they should chose another actress as Tsukushi. Hashimoto Ai,Matsuoka Mayu, Yoshimoto Miyu or Komatsu Nana suit the character more.

  7. Yawn……it’s almost like the Chinese Condor Heroes……each generation gets their own Hana Yori Dango. No inspiration from the the new writers? Japan have recently released their version of I’m sorry, I love you also.

  8. My favourite HYD is the Japanese version. Everyone suited their characters. I can see Suzu as the female lead but I can’t see Kento as one of the F4. If I must choose then I think he may be able to play Rui.

  9. I don’t know any of these actors so I have no opinion of them, but I’m always excited to watch another Hana Yori Dango remake. I like seeing how new directors & screenwriters put their own spin on a well known and overdone story. It does seem a bit early to be doing another Japanese remake but I’ll watch it regardless.

    • Just my opinion, but I think Kento is a better actor than Sota.

      On a more general note, before I watched HanaDan I thought Matsujun wouldn’t suit the role, but he nailed it. So both Kento and Sota could surprise us/me if either of them decided to take the role.

      • Yes Kento is bit better in acting… but I miss Sota, he has no drama this year, his last drama Omukae Desu is not good but I watched it anyways. Koinaka is good… Matsujun is great… They are all cute 🙂

      • Matsujun played Sawada in Gokusen before Hanadan, and it’s a good basic for Tsukasa character.
        As for Kento, he play too many shoujo prince role so I can picture him as Rui but not as Tsukasa. Nothing wrong in playing Rui (look how Oguri become now), but if he want to challenge himself he should try Nishikado. Fine, he tried different type of character in Jojo movie, but still . . .

  10. Love Kento but he’s soooo freakin cute!!! Idk….way too boyish for me. And WHY!!!!!???? Leave HYD alone!!!!! T_T

    • May be they wait until it’s complete or almost complete and I think it’s a good decision.
      We don’t want it to have same fate as it’s anime, right (especially if we end up like it).

      • I never watch the anime. but I read the manga. But didnt finish it 🙁
        how it end??

      • @zee
        The manga is still ongoing (and no sign that it will end anytime soon) so they end the anime few years ago since it already catch up with the manga while the manga’s pace is getting slower (worse, it’s once a month release now not twice a month like before).

        My suggestion is to wait for another, say, 5 years may be if you want to read it again. Just to avoid from being tormented by cliffhanger every month.

  11. I would like to see a fresh face as Tsukushi( no offense to Hirose but she’s everywhere)as Suzu I don’t think she’s a spectacular asctress. Also I think lookwise she was miscast in Chihafyaru (the manga and anime are great)
    The same for the male leads. Kaku Kento is in everything, it would be nice to see some new faces for once especially for a production like HYD.
    But Ido love the Jdorama version, after seeing the terrible kdrama version and the TW version the Japanese one is still my favorite.

  12. imo Suzu is a tad *too* pretty for the role of Tsukushi. Inoue Mao was also pretty herself but she had a certain plainness that made her pull off her character well, especially considering that Tsukushi wasn’t a very attractive girl and Domyouji himself has pointed that out on more than one occasion.

  13. Im not a japanese but im super excited to watch another remake of hana yori dango im actually devastated that it never crossed in mind here in the philippines. We all knew the super success of the previous remake why not give support for our new generation today to lead the roles they will definetily nailed it.
    I live to watch kento for the lead role i know he will give justice about it in this own styles and uniqueness. We should not compare them because they are totally different.

  14. well, I hope they give it up but if they do it, my dream cast would be Mackenyu as tsukasa domyouji ( need more mackenyu hotness in my life and he has shown that he can do comedy very well), nomura shuhei as hanazawa rui and mei nagano as makino. Seriously enough with kento and suzu, I find kento to be a very bad actor and not so hot either, his casting in jojo is bound to ruin the movie

  15. Its great to hear . But I bet Masaki Suda for ( Dak Ming Si ) and Yuki Furukawa for ( HuaZeLei ) Nomura Shuhei ( Mei Zou ) Kento Yamazaki for ( Xi Men )

  16. Guys what if this . I think they suit for Boys Over Flower. But if you want to re select Yui Furukawa it’s okay coz I think he’s already 29

  17. I like Mackenyu Arata to be Rui
    Then Kento Yamazaki as Tsukasa
    Then I agree for Suzu Hirose as I watched her movie let’s go Jets , I love her spirit ☺☺ then I also like her eyes in Chiharafu and also YLIA

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